Curse of Tamerlane

Wrath of Timur the Lame

Genghis Khan was the infamous conqueror and first "Khan" of the Mongol empire that later became the largest empire, outside of the British, in human history. He violently ravaged, raped, robbed and plundered much of Eurasia. His proclivity towards rape is evidenced in the fact that 1 in 200 men living today are direct descendants of his and many more are indirect descendants.

One of his female descendants, Aljai Turkanaga was the first wife of Tamerlane. He was a brilliant military tactician responsible for the death of around 17 million people. One of his many abominable acts was to build a pyramid in Northern India out of 70,000 human skulls.

On June 20, 1941, archaeologists from the USSR, under orders from Joseph Stalin opened the tomb of Timur. It bore a frightening inscription: “Whoever opens my tomb shall unleash an invader more terrible than I.” other versions state that the inscription read “When I Rise From the Dead, The World Shall Tremble”.

Three elders, which included Muslim clergy warned the scientists about the wrath of the curse, they warned that the curse would go into effect within 3 days from whence the tomb was unsealed and that the curse would be imposed upon the country of those who dared to open it. The elders were ignored, probably because the wrath of Joseph Stalin was deemed greater, or possibly they were shrugged off as superstitious old fools.

Curse of Tamerlane Stalingrad

Two days after Tamerlane’s tomb was opened and the remains shipped off to Moscow, operation Barbarossa commenced. It was a massive invasion of Russia and its subjugated lands by Nazi Germany, it came without warning [unless one considers Tamerlane's curse a warning] or any formal declaration of war. Russia was nearly beaten into the ground by the Nazis but Old Joe [Stalin] ordered Tamerlane's remains be repatriated to his tomb with full Islamic burial rights on December 20, 1942. The plane carrying his remains back from Moscow made a huge deviation from any sane flight path and flew directly over Stalingrad before turning toward Uzbekistan and Tamerlane's tomb.

Shortly thereafter German forces at Stalingrad surrendered and the Red Armies drive towards Berlin began in earnest. - But of course this is all one big coincidence - right ?

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