Extra Terrestrial Anomalies

Imagery From Space that indicates Life and Intelligence

Alien Activity and Related Conspiracy Theories

For as long as man has been gazing at the stars we have seen things that defy explanation. As we venture into the cosmos we are finding a growing library of mind boggling anomalies that challenge our conception of the universe. There are multiple anomalous objects on the moon and mars that seem to point to life beyond our blue planet, either in the past or present. Not only life but intelligent life.

Venus and Mars

Structures on Mars That Suggest Intelligent Design The hypothesis is also proposed that perhaps, even to this day that a civilization exists beneath the dusty red surface. This page chronicles some of the photographs that appear to suggest intelligent design.

People on Mars - Image Gallery of Human Like Images from the Rovers.

Birds on Mars - On a number of occasions flying objects have been photographed by the Rovers. Some believe them to be UFOs, and in some instances that may well be the case. On other occasions, they bear the hallmarks of being biological in nature.

Egyptian Statue on Mars - The 'Egyptian statue' photographed on Mars by the Opportunity rover, was first discovered by blogger Amanda Reilly. The image is from the interior wall of Victoria Crater which is believed to be billions of years old..

Petrified Lizard on Mars - What appears to be an Iguana like lizard crawling on the Martian surface. It is 'posing' in a fashion nearly identical to that of Earth Iguanas. However, it does not appear to be organic in nature, quite possibly fossilized.

Another Martian 'Lizard'

Martian Rodent - Looks like a Squirrel. The shading or coloring of the alleged rodent actually does not match its surroundings perfectly - it has shading and light and dark spots exactly where you would expect to find them on such a creature, and it appears to be foraging, exactly as such animals do on Earth.

Book on Mars - What appears to be a book has been photographed on the Martian surface.

Life on Venus - Images sent back to Earth by the Magellan probe seem to show what appears to be buildings at some locations. Is there now, or was there once life on Venus and was it intelligent life capable of building the apparent structures that seem to pop out of the magellan imagery ?

Lunar Anomalies

Lobachevsky Craters Alien Moon Base - "Anomaly on the Moons Lobachevsky Crater resembles intelligently designed structures. Could it be an Alien Outpost ?

Who's on the Moon - Did somebody get there before NASA ? - During NASAs missions to the Moon, Astronauts orbited and took pictures of various features on the lunar surface. Conversations of the Astronauts while on the command module were recorded, but not necessarily scripted as were their conversations with Mission Control in Houston, a fact admitted by Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon.

The unscripted private conversations were taped and later transcribed after the missions, and were not released to the public for over a decade. It is unknown what, if any portions were edited out. Assuming portions were edited out, a few of the elements that slipped through lend some insight into why perhaps we shy away from further exploration of the Moon.

Zeeman Crater Anomaly - The Anomaly is what appears to be a structure of apparent Intelligent design on the craters rim. NASA - in later imagery attempted to censor the image via obfuscation, as is evidenced by the image released years later.

Chinese satelites later photographed the area and the following conversation was translated from a Chinese article that was later quashed : "found a mysterious object similiar to what NASA have found. Said to be some unbelievable object. The internal committee had a big disparity over this and those important national leaders have all came and viewed it. It is freaking/#ing astonishing, finally know what the # the Americans are afraid of."

Conspiracy Theories

Extraterrestrial Officers - Gary McKinnon back in 2002 perpetrated the greatest hack of US military data in History. McKinnon was accused of hacking into nearly 100 US military and NASA computers. The US government, not Mckinnon, but the US government, claims that he deleted critical files from military operating systems and shut down the US Army's Military Washington network for 24 hours.

In an interview McKinnon made the following Claims... "I found a list of officers' names...under the heading 'Non-Terrestrial Officers'."

"I found a list of 'fleet-to-fleet transfers', and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren't US navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet."

"Non-Terrestrial Officers. The spaceships. 'The whole world thinks it's cooperating in building the International Space Station, but you've already got a space-based army that you refer to as Non-Terrestrial Officers..."

America' Secret Space Program as per Whistle Blower Michael Gerloff - In 1978, Michael Gerloff a USMC recruit on his 2nd day of bootcamp claims he was solicited for a secretive space program known as “20 and back”. He vividly recalls the intake process for his recruitment into this program - the “Space Marines”, but only has partial recall of his service durring his alleged tenure in the 20 and back program. The 20 and back program, assuming it's for real could be what another whistle blower Gary McKinnon discovered when he hacked into Military computers.

Uncensored Recordings from Apollo 14 - Apollo 14 Astronaut steps on the Moon first thing in the Morning and states We've had Visitors again last night - really ?

Secret Missions to The Moon - The last documented human on the moon was Gene Cernan of Apollo 17, on December 11, 1972. In 2007, a person identifying himself as William Rutledge uploaded several controversial videos to YouTube claiming they were footage from Apollo 20. The low quality grainy videos were transferred from 16 mm film and show the inside of the alleged Apollo 20 command module and what appears to be the intricate architecture of a defunct lunar city.

UFOs and Alien Activity

What are 'Blue Avians' - Blue Avians it is claimed have been guiding mankind throughout History. Some of the depictions of ancient Egyptian deities such as Ra, the Sun God and Thoth his side kick were depicted as having bird like heads. They had several creation myths, one states that when dry land arose from the sea of chaos, the first deity to appear was a bird like deity known as Benu, a blue avian, actually a heron but close.

UFOs Monitor Earthbound Nukes - Some of the most irrefutable and noteworthy UFO sightings occur in the vicinity of Nuclear facilities. It is no coincidence that the current surge in UFO activity that began in the 1940s coincided with mans early experimentation with Atomic weapons in the Modern era.

It is also no coincidence that some of the most irrefutable and noteworthy UFO sightings occur in the vicinity of Nuclear facilities. The infamous Roswell, New Mexico is only a stones throw from where the first Atomic weapons were detonated

Benevolent Aliens Seek to Prevent Nuclear War - Edgar Mitchell, An Apollo astronaut who once set foot on the moon claims that aliens regularly visit the Earth and that they even witnessed the first test of an atomic weapon in the Modern era. The 84 year old Apollo 14 veteran is claiming that aliens saved Earth from a nuclear holocaust.

Did Nikola Tesla Speak with Aliens - Some on the fringe say Tesla was from Venus and it is possible that he believed or claimed to believe at the very least that he came from there. Others state that he either had contact with or claimed to have had contact with extraterrestrial beings. In a 1901 interview he stated: "The feeling is constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greeting of one planet to another. A purpose was behind these electrical signals."

Homeland Security UFO Video

Alien Radio Waves - 40 years after the WOW signal SETI detected 15 fast radio bursters. they are rapid pulses of radio energy that have been traced to an object known as 'FRB 121102'. Fast radio bursters have been deteted before but as singular one time events from scattered locations. FRB 121102 has erupted at least 15 times. The repetitious bursts are viewed by some as a sign of intelligent design.

UFOs have been around as long as humanity - perhaps longer. Our legends and folk lore will frequently refer to them as oracles, stars, and so forth. Their occupants as gods, angels, star people or sky people. Their trail goes deep into antiquity, this page covers the period 60 CE [AD] to 1271 CE.

UFO Chronology 45,000 BC to 9 BC

UFO Chronology 60 AD to 1271 AD

UFO Chronology 1322 AD to 1704 AD

Oxford Professor claims aliens are breeding with humans to create a Super Race - Oxford University professor, Dr Young-hae Chi believes that aliens are breeding with humans and creating a hybrid species. The Korean instructor at Oxford’s Oriental Institute anticipates that this new species could potentially save the Earth from annihilation via 'climate change'.

MT Tech professor: UFOs are time machines from future - “The [UFO] phenomenon may be our own distant descendants coming back through time to study us in their own evolutionary past,” said Dr. Masters.

He has authored an interesting book, Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon, which explains his theory and delves not only into the UFO realm but the related field of time travel.