Terrestrial Vortex Sites

Earthbound Vortex Locations

In physics, a flow of liquids and or gases around a central axis is a vortex. In meteorology, such as weather this can be observed in tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons which flow around the eye of the storm which serves as the axis. A more powerful and concentrated version would be a tornado or even a dust devil. The flow of water down a drain or when you flush your commode is a simple vortex of sorts.

Delving outside of basic physics and into geophysics, there are geomagnetic anomalies which can also be considered a vortex. Geophysical vortexes [vortices] are a highly localized variation in the Earth's magnetic field. Delving deeper into theoretical science, other forms of a vortex include Black Holes of course but more interestingly the time space vortex. On the Earths surface there may also be highly localized space time vortexes. Space Time vortices or even quantum vortices would be highly localized variations in the Earth's magnetic or space time field.


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