Hitler was Hypnotized

Adolf Hitler acted under Post Hypnotic Suggestion

Not long after being awarded the Iron Cross in the first World War, Hitler was blinded in a mustard gas attack. He was taken to a military hospital in northern Germany where he was diagnosed as suffering from 'psychopathic hysteria'. and was consequently placed under the care of Dr. Edmund Forster a psychiatrist.

Under the care of Dr. Forster, the suppressed psychologically and spiritually frustrated introverted little man known as Adolph Hitler died and the beast was born.

Hitler under hypnosis
The Man Who Invented Hitler

Hitler's Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich

Whatever was done to Hitler under Dr. Forster's care will never be 100% certain, in 1933 the Gestapo seized all psychiatric records related to Hitler's treatment and destroyed them. Forster 'committed suicide' the same year - the official cause was listed as suicide anyway.[*2]

The mystery of what was done to Hitler at Pasewalk military hospital is accentuated by some of Hitler's own statements. According to Hitler, he experienced a 'vision' from 'another world' while at the hospital. In that vision, Hitler was told that he would need to restore his sight so that he could lead Germany back to glory.

An April 1939 article in Cosmopolitan Magazine [*1] quotes Hitler as saying ...

" and as I lay there [recovering at pasewalk hospital] the realization came to me that I would liberate the German people and make Germany great."

Psychohistorian Dr. Rudolph Binion suggests that Hitler's visions may have been deliberately induced , as a means of helping Him recover from his blindness which was thought to be 'psychopathic hysteria'.

Dr. Binion cites a book completed in 1939 entitled, Der Augenzeuge The Eyewitness, written by a Jewish doctor Ernst Weiss who was acquainted with Hitlers psychiatrist Dr. Forster. Weiss fled Germany in 1933 and committed suicide in Paris when the Nazis arrived. "It is a thinly fictionalized account of Hitler's "miracle cure". - William Bramley, Gods Of Eden

The Eyewitness tells of a German corporal named "A.H." blinded during a mustard attack and treated by a psychiatrist at Pasewalk. The Corporal is described as a patient with an Austrian accent , this corporal has received the Iron Cross, loves the music of Wagner, and hates Jews.

The psychiatrist hypnotizes A.H. and suggests that he must recover his sight in order to lead the German people. The doctor knows that A.H. thinks of himself as a natural born leader, and thinks this is a way to encourage his recovery.

"Perhaps you yourself have the rare power, which occurs only occasionally in a thousand years, to work a miracle...Jesus did it. Mohammed. The saints? You are young; it would be too bad for you to stay blind. You know that Germany needs people who have energy and blind self-confidence" this is the vision' from 'another world of which Hitler spoke.

The Hitler that was released from Pasewalk Hospital was not the same frustrated introverted little man that had been admitted only months before. He had a mission along with a burning drive inspired by a "vision from another world".


Footnotes and References

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2. "September 11, his wife Mila found him shot dead...at his feet lay a pistol which none of the family ever knew he possessed...was it murder as Forster had predicted, or the suicide of an honorable man driven to despair by the Nazi inspired campaign of vilification." The Man Who Invented Hitler By David Lewis