Psychics, Prophets, Soothsayers

Psychics who foretold the Future.

Prophecy, other than its religous aspects, is the ability to to see, or 'fore-see' future events, days, years even Centuries before they unfold. No prophecy will ever, has ever, or can ever be 100% correct, Some are just more accurate than others.

Historical Psychics and Prophets - There are five categories of Prophecies.

1. Those derived from psychic abilities
2. Those relayed to a Human from a supernatural being .
3. Those derived from deciphering , or finding "hidden" meaning in divine / ancient writings. This type of prophecy is purely hypothetical, as it has never been convincingly demonstrated.
4. Forecasting can also be considered a form of Prophecy, as it is a prediction of future events based entirely on the use of our intellectual capacity, devoid of any claims of the supernatural. (weather, business conditions, etc.)
5. Last but certainly not least would be Horse feathers and Balderdash. Unfortnately far too many 'psychics' fall within this final category.

Brahan Seer - The Brahan Seer, Kenneth Mackenzie (Coinneach Odhar in Gaelic )lived in the 17th century, worked as a laborer on the Brahan estate, and is attributed with foretelling many local events. His primary tool was a round blue stone with a hole in the center, through which he would stare. His predictions dealt almost exclusively with the local areas of Scotland with which his cognizant self was most familiar.

Catherine of Sienna - Saint Catherine of Sienna. Catherine di Benincasa, known to us today as Catherine of Sienna had purported psychic supernatural abilities.

Mathias Stormberger - Very little is known about the 19th Century Bavarian seer who was able to visualize with great accuracy the events that would take place in the 20th Century, most of his writings were destroyed by the Nazi's in 1934 as he had predicted Hitler's defeat

Moll Pitcher - Moll Pitcher was an Irish woman transplanted to Colonial America she was a prominent seer of the 18th century. She played a role in the American Revolution ,both the American and British forces are said to have consulted her.

Nathaniel Hawthorne mentions Moll Pitcher in his Literary Classics The Blithedale Romance and The House of the Seven Gables.

Mother Shipton - Mother Shipton born Ursula Sontheil was an English witch / soothsayer, known as the Yorkshire Sibyl. She is supposed to have been born at an ancient well with mystical powers somewhere around the year 1486 - 1488.

She lived during the reign of Henry VIII of England and predicted his victory over France in 1513 . She prophesied the Dissolution of the Monasteries. She was an early archetype of the stereotypical witch that you see adorning modern homes around Halloween.

The Sybils - The word sibyl is derived from the Greek word sibylla, meaning prophetess. The Sibyls of early antiquity, who are known through legend prophesized at holy sites, generally under the influence of a particular deity. Later in antiquity, sibyls wandered from place to place.

George Washington Prophecy - According to an 1880 article appearing in the National Tribune, during the American War for Independence, at Valley Forge. An Angelic entity bearing similarities to the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to General Washington and transmitted a somewhat cryptic, prophetic and to this day accurate vision of America's future.