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Mystery of the Ubaid Lizardmen Figurines Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitors in Ancient Sumer

It is the scholarly consensus that Human civilization began in Mesopotamia, the region of current day Iran and Iraq around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. One pivotal period of civilizations embryonic stages was the Ubaid period - which spanned 6500 - 3800 BC, roughly 8500 years to 5800 years ago.

The name Ubaid is derived from an archaeological site where a large amount of material from the period was excavated - Tell al-`Ubaid. Among the artifacts unearthed were what has come to be known as the Ubaid Lizardmen. They are humanoid figures with reptilian characteristics.

The actual definitive genesis of the Ubaidian civilization is a mystery. They are known to have lived in villages scattered about the region. They were acquainted with basic architecture, they paved their streets and built admirable structures - considering the time period in which they existed.

They were also accomplished in the agricultural sciences. They were perhaps the first to use a relatively advanced irrigation system. Some of the larger buildings and temples they created became focal points of the later Sumerian civilization.

The Al'Ubaid site was first excavated in 1919 by Harry Reginald Hal whose team discovered both Male and female lizardman figurines in varying postures. Nearly all the figurines appear to be wearing helmets and shoulder padding. Some of the figures are holding scepters. Female figures are depicted holding infants that appear to be suckling milk. Suckling is a mammalian trait - reptiles do not suckle or produce milk. Both the parent and child figurines are reptilian - lizard like.

Ubaid Lizardmen figurines

The figurines do not appear to have been of any ritualistic significance, but do however appear to have been important to their creators.

Ancient Alien theorists have speculated that perhaps theses lizardman figurines depict an ancient race of star people who came to Earth in the Ubaidian Era. Nay Sayers point out that the Ubaid civilization practiced skull modification whereby the skull was manipulated from infancy to deform to an oblong shape.

This would explain the head shapes. The almond-shaped oval eyes are a common primitive stylistic rendering of Asiatic features, and less pronounced examples have earlier been found around the region. But why the two features were merged together on one genre of sculpture is a mystery in of itself.

Reptilian Statues fro Horyuji Templa in Japan

The Ubaid themselves were not Asiatic, had they been there would have been a more realistic depiction of the eyes - which is evidenced by ancient oriental art.

Artifacts of Lizard-like creatures have been found in the in the middle east and many other ancient civilizations spanning the globe.

Hindu mythology tells of The Nagas, an ancient reptilian race that dwells In a Secret Underground World. The word Naga is derived from the Sanskrit word for snake. As per the tradition their underground cities of Patala and Bhogavati, are well-hidden and impossible to locate.

The Hopi Indians of the American Southwest refer to a reptilian race they call the Sheti, translated as "Snake-Brothers", who like the naga live underground.


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Scattered mythological and archaeological evidence lends credibility to the theories of an ancient reptilian race. Possibly extra terrestrial in origin and possibly of Earthly origin that may have pre-dated or even coexisted with the Human Race. The Ubaid Lizardmen are an example of Reptilian People. These artifacts however, lack an extant civilization or mythos to help explain them.

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Los Angeles California hosts a local legend that came to light in the 1930s. A Mining engineer named George Warren Shufelt was searching for oil, or other lucrative minerals deposits when he claims to have stumbled upon the tunnel system with hid high tech gadget. In a conversation with Little Chief Green Leaf of the Hopi Indians [AKA L. Macklin] Shufelt learned of a native legend regarding a lost civilization deep under Los Angeles. It was said to be one of five possible such cities in the Western USA. A second possible candidate lays under the Colorado.

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The Hopi creation Myth describes a global cataclysm, the end of the Third age that brought us into the current 4th age, members of the Hopi tribe were led by an odd-shaped cloud by day and a moving star by night which sounds amazingly similar to the cloud that led the ancient Israelite's during their 40 year sojourn of Exodus. They eventually met up with the "Ant-People" who lived underground. The Ant people led the Hopi into caves where they found refuge and food. Depictions of the Ant People on rock carvings depict creatures amazingly similar to the Ubaid Lizard Men.

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Mystery of the Ubaid Lizardmen Figurines: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitors in Ancient Sumer