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Buried facts about the Gaza war

Connect the dots: It’s America and Iran against Israel  

The extent to which the political class and media are burying facts that undermine their poisonous narrative to defame and undermine Israel’s war of survival has become simply jaw-dropping.  Read More


Only America First Can Reverse the Global Chaos Caused by the Biden Administration

It is undeniable that our world today is much more unstable and dangerous because President Biden abandoned President Trump’s successful America First national security policies.  Read More


A Time to Hate, Its not Too Late

There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under the heavens:

a time to be born and a time to die,

a time to plant and a time to uproot,

a time to kill and a time to heal ...... a time to love and a time to hate ....

Not one single slime in the swamp has been brought to justice. There is a time to love and a time to hate. This is a time to hate.  Read More


The Hamas crowd has come for Keanu Reeves!

When I was in Vietnam, in Hue, which was the heart of where the Tet Offensive was fought, our guide told us that once the Americans pulled out, the Viet Cong took their list and began the slaughter. An older man, it was clear from how he spoke that he remembered those days. ...

Not content with books, which too few Americans read, the list-makers have now gone after Hollywood—and Keanu Reeves is at the top of the list:  American Thinker


NFL’s Condemnation Of Harrison Butker Exemplifies The Left’s Anti-Christian Bigotry

In corporate America today, there’s a permission structure in place to attack, defame, and destroy anyone who dares to be publicly Christian.

It didn’t take long for the NFL to come out and condemn recent remarks from Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, saying his views, given during a commencement speech at Benedictine College over the weekend, “are not those of the NFL as an organization. The NFL is steadfast in our commitment to inclusion, which only makes our league stronger.”   .. The Federalist

Harrison Butker jersey sales explode amid leftist outrage

Missouri’s Attorney General Vows To Hold Kansas City Accountable After Doxxing Kicker - Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said on Thursday that his office is “demanding accountability” after Kansas City doxxed Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker on social media following a commencement speech he gave over the weekend.

Harrison Butker's commencement speech 'showed courage and commitment,' Legendary Coach says

The Left Wants Strong Christians Like Harrison Butker Out Of Sight And Out Of Mind

Gavin Newsom Roundly Mocked After Saying California Is ‘A National Model’ For Solving Homelessness

Judge Orders Redo Of 2022 Judicial Race In Texas After More Than 1,400 Illegal Votes Cast

RFK Jr. Says He Will Meet June Debate Qualifications, but Will He Be Included?

House Republicans Express Concern Over Sharp Uptick in Chinese Migrants Illegally Crossing Border

Anderson Cooper admits he would ‘absolutely’ have doubts about Cohen’s testimony if he were on the jury

Two Jordanians Pose As Amazon Drivers, Try to Breach Gates at Marine Base; WH and ICE Response Is Unreal


Facebook Former 'Diversity Officer' Gets 5 Years

The ex-diversity program manager for Facebook and Nike who stole more than $5 million from the mega companies to fund her “luxury lifestyle” was sentenced Monday to five years behind bars — and ordered to pay back the hefty sum.

Barbara Furlow-Smiles, 38, set up fake business deals, invoices and events — including a Juneteenth celebration — to line her own pockets, the Justice Department said. NY Post


Blockbuster Appearance From His Former Attorney
Blows Hole Through Michael Cohen's Testimony

So, say you're an attorney who decides to testify against a former client and assert he did all manner of bad things. What happens when your former attorney then testifies against you? Well, we're about to find out.  - Read More


Russia threatens to ramp up attacks across Europe

In a bid to raise awareness and resilience, European intelligence officials briefed the Financial Times that Moscow has been engaging in a more aggressive and concerted campaign of subversion throughout the continent, preparing violent acts of sabotage such as bombings, arson and attacks on infrastructure. Whether committed directly by Kremlin agents or via proxies, these hits are coordinated on a mass scale by the Russian government and show scant regard for the lives of local civilians. This is only the latest example of the West calling out Russian subversion — on Thursday, Nato published a statement expressing its concern at Russia’s “intensifying campaign of activities”, including “sabotage” and “acts of violence”.

This campaign is already well underway, with the perpetrators showing no lack of ambition in regards to the range of countries targeted and types of attack prepared. 
Read More

Master of Our Own Consciousness or Slave to the State?

George Friedrich Hegel once remarked, “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” A paradox no doubt, but the modern liberal illustrates this truth. Don’t let the opening line of this piece fool you. It is not about some 19th century Prussian philosopher who’s been dead for 193 years, and who’s views antedated and unfortunately anticipated Karl Marx’s materialistic theory of history. But he can help us with one thing, and it’s important. Our philosopher can help us understand how modern liberals have for decades been using freedom and dependency in ways that just don’t mix.  - Read More


Secret Express Lane For Importing Illegal ALiens 

If you follow news closely, you may have caught Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reveal a newly discovered scheme by the Biden administration to fly 326,000 illegal aliens to Florida cities, swamping the state in crime and welfare dependents.

“[Biden] gave us no notification on any of that” before flying huge numbers of non-Americans directly to Miami from overseas, DeSantis said—effectively “illegally legalizing” them in foreign countries. - Read More


The Democrat Party’s Antisemitism Went Mainstream With Barack Obama

For a man who has never been shy about sharing his sanctimonious opinions, former President Barack Obama has been noticeably quiet about anti-Israel anarchists’ takeover of U.S. college campuses. ...

Allegations of Obama indulging antisemitism have existed long before he became president. Last year, for example, Tablet Magazine’s David Samuels published a lengthy expose based on a question-and-answer interview with David Garrow, a longtime civil rights historian who authored a biography on Obama in 2017 titled Rising StarRead More @ The Federalist

Jewish Biden appointee resigns over president’s stance on war in Gaza: ‘Blood of innocent people on his hands’


Barack Obama and the Enemies Within


Biden Blasted After Withholding Key Intel From Israel To Keep Forces Out Of Rafah

The Biden administration is under fire after reportedly withholding intelligence on the locations of senior Hamas officials to pressure Israel into giving up its planned invasion of Rafah.  -  Daily Wire

US Offers Intel on Location of Hamas Leaders if Israel Holds Back in Rafah: Report _ Daily Wire

The US has publicly pushed back against the idea of a major ground operation in Rafah and has even warned that it could hold back military aid to Israel. - Republic

Reports of Biden White House keeping 'sensitive' Hamas intel from Israel draws outrage - Fox News

Biden Won’t Condemn Hamas Supporters Because He Needs Them

Even if the media suddenly shed their desire to protect Democrats, it’s clear that Democrats have chosen to side with Hamas supporters.        

Read More @ The Federalist

RFK Jr. and AV24 Super PAC Sue Meta, Alleging Election Interference

The lawsuit maintains that Meta censored speech supporting the Presidential candidate, including the recent documentary ‘Who Is Bobby Kennedy?’

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy and the super PAC backing him have filed a lawsuit against Meta Platforms, Inc., for election interference after it allegedly shadowbanned the documentary “Who is Bobby Kennedy?” on Facebook and Instagram. - - Epoch Times


US could see daily COVID-19 cases quadruple next month as vaccinations hit a wall, former CDC director says

Dr. Tom Frieden warned the US could see 200,000 new COVID-19 cases a day in four to six weeks. - Daily Mail

BIDEN'S ex-Covid advisor admits pandemic may have been caused by a Wuhan lab leak

Ex-CDC director says he received death threats after backing lab-leak theory


Florida Sues Biden Administration Over Attempt to Force State to Fund ‘Gender Transition’ Surgeries for Children

Florida law prohibits ’sex-reassignment prescriptions and procedures’ for minors.

Florida’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over its effort to force the Sunshine State to fund “gender transition” surgeries for children, which violates state laws.

The complaint, filed May 6 with the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, claims that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is “threatening the livelihoods” of physicians who “refuse to provide experimental, sterilizing, ‘gender-change’ interventions” for people “suffering from psychological distress,” including minors. - Epoch Times

North Carolina Restricts Gender-Affirming Care After Overriding Governor’s Veto—Here Are All The States With Similar Bans Or Restrictions - Forbes

What Medical Treatments Do Transgender Youth Get ? - PBS

NY AG Letitia James Sues Pregnancy Centers Over Life-Saving Abortion Pill Reversal

New York Attorney General Letitia James is furthering her campaign against pro-lifers by suing nearly a dozen pregnancy centers for offering women abortion pill reversals. - Federalist


Ice Cube on celebrities, rappers embracing Trump: 'It's a personal decision'

Rappers Lil Wayne, 50 Cent have made positive remarks about the former president

Rapper and actor Ice Cube thinks voting for Trump or Biden will come down to a "personal decision" for most Americans, despite indications that the former president is receiving an influx of influential supporters — including some in the entertainment industry. -Fox News

Lil Wayne becomes latest rap star to align with Donald Trump - AOL

Rapper 50 Cent admits he thinks Trump’s ‘gonna be president again’ - NY Post

Rapper Diddy warns Joe Biden African American votes will not be ‘free’ -  Yahoo


Without The SAVE Act, The Only Thing Keeping Foreigners From Voting Is The Honor System

Congressional Democrats insist that the SAVE Act — which requires proof of citizenship to establish eligibility to vote in federal elections — is unnecessary because federal law (18 USC § 611) already prohibits noncitizens from voting in federal elections.

Those making this argument ignore a glaring problem: the government officials who register voters and conduct federal elections aren’t allowed to require proof of citizenship.  - Federalist

Congressional Republicans Introduce Nationwide Proof of Citizenship Bill

‘SAVE Act’ Aimed at Election Integrity Introduced by Texas Congressman


Illegals Have More Rights Than Citizens

If you are an illegal alien, your chances of getting away with committing a crime are higher than those of an American citizen.

What’s the point of acquiring American citizenship when illegal aliens have more rights than citizens? In California, for example, if you enter the U.S. illegally, you can receive benefits that include food and housing assistance, in-state college tuition and financial aid, and a cash assistance program that is the equivalent of Social Security Income. You also are eligible for taxpayer-financed healthcare, a benefit expected to cost California taxpayers $3.4 billion this year.  Full Article @ American Greatness

If You Give A  Mouse A Cookie - If You Give a Denver Migrant a Cookie...

When my adult children were young, a favorite read-along book was called If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. It was a cute story with the premise,

If a hungry little traveler shows up at your house, you might want to give him a cookie. If you give him a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. He'll want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn't have a milk mustache, and then he'll ask for a pair of scissors to give himself a trim...

Illegal migrants to Denver have done just that. Last week they submitted a list of 13 demands to Mayor Mike Johnston that they insist the city must meet before they vacate their tent city encampments and move into city-provided shelters.  Full Story @ American Thinker

Illegal Immigrants Protest in NYC With New Demands

Hundreds of illegal immigrants gathered in Lower Manhattan to protest in front of city hall, amid anger that they aren’t receiving services they claim they deserve. This happens as the city canceled a contract with a company that runs services for around 3,600 illegal immigrants, half of whom are in the metro area.

Read More @ Epoch Times

Dozens Walk Out Of Jerry Seinfeld’s Duke Commencement Speech In Latest Graduation Protest

A group of students walked out of Duke University’s commencement ceremony on Sunday waving Palestinian flags as a Duke official introduced commencement speaker Jerry Seinfeld—the latest protest at a college graduation. Full Article @ Forbes

Jewish students across the US blame DEI, faculty for anti-Israel protests  - 'Wasting my tuition dollars'  USC, George Washington, UT-Austin, Rutgers and Cornell students said the campus environment is 'dangerous' and 'antisemitic'

Google Fires 28 Jew-Hating Employees Who Took Over CEO’s Office, Work Spaces, Destroyed Property, Physically Menaced Employees Demanding Boycott Of Jewish State

“‘They took over office spaces, defaced our property, and physically impeded the work of other Googlers,’ Google vice president of global security Chris Rackow wrote in a memo obtained by the New York Post. ‘Their behavior was unacceptable, extremely disruptive, and made co-workers feel threatened.’”

Jew-hatred is rampant throughout Google’s workforce. In February, The Daily Wire reported on internal anti-Semitic incidents taking place at Google, including the words “kill all Jews” found written on a bathroom wall inside its offices, and a Jewish employee being assaulted by pro-terror protesters on one of their campuses.

Read More @ USSA News

Trump Trial - Michael Cohen could be a star witness Monday in the landmark New York v. Trump case, but pundits and legal gurus across the political spectrum have openly questioned his credibility and the wisdom of his brazen social media presence.  Fox News

The War on Poverty Makes Poverty Worse

Government officials like to claim they are doing something about reducing poverty. The trouble is, of course, that what they are doing makes things worse. Listen @ Mises Wire

Watch: Northern Israel Is Literally On Fire After Hezbollah Attacks

Starting Friday night into Saturday a series of surreal images and videos have circulated widely showing that whole swathes of northern Israel are literally on fireFull Article @ Durden Dispatch

Ex-US prof linked to jihadis: destroying Israel will weaken ‘Western supremacy, Jewish supremacy, white supremacy’ 

The US's hypocrisy is infuriating -  To preach to Israel about civilian deaths is hypocritical - the US should know better, given its track record.

Accompanied by 2 vice principals, Berkeley public school students march to Jewish Community Center and chant slogans at preschoolers inside

Just as Hamas targeted young children, even babies, for unthinkable torture and death, pro-Hamas demonstrators in Berkeley targeted a Jewish Community Center (NOT an Israeli facility) with preschool students in class as they chanted slogans through a bullhorn and marched. Even worse, the students who walked out were reportedly accompanied by two vice principals from the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School as they intimidated the innocent toddlers, guilty solely of being Jewish.  Read more  @ AmericanThinker  

Republican Campaign Strategists See Jewish Voters Moving Right in 2024

Trump Draws Tens of Thousands, Makes History in Blue-State Rally

Despite being held in a state that has been reliably Democrat, a rally for the Republican former president set a record for New Jersey, a congressman said.  Epoch Times 

Trump holds massive beachfront campaign rally for raucous New Jersey crowd: ‘We’re going to win’  

NFL Hall Of Famer Says Trump Converted Him From Dem Party  

A wargame simulated a 2nd Trump presidency. It concluded NATO would collapse


Judge facing heat for releasing alleged DC teen shooter donated to Soros tied fund, posted about being 'woke'

Kaya Jones, a former singer for The Pussycat Dolls, has faced backlash for sharing her story of abortion regret, but has grace for her critics because she was once in their shoes. 

Boy Scout Tombstone

Killing The Boy Scouts

We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.' - CS Lewis The Abolition of Man

Liberal Progressive Fascists despise the Boy Scouts - Making men [and women] 'with chests' makes it a lot harder to impose their will. It's a lot easier to lead sheep around by the nose than it is people with their own minds and the courage to speak it.  Read More

Boy Scouts' 'tragic' mission departure left boys needing mentors, competitor says. Here are some alternatives

The Bastardization of the Boy Scouts

This week, BSA announced that it was changing its name to Scouting America. For many, the name change is only further confirmation that the Boy Scouts have abandoned their traditional role of instilling traditional masculine virtues in boys, becoming yet one more arm of a progressive culture-war blob.  Read More

Racist Secession? Conservatives Escape Democrat-Run Baton Rouge With Creation Of New City

The battle started a decade ago with conservative parents in the eastern areas of Baton Rouge, Louisiana seeking the right to send their children to better public schools.  Their requests for a redistricting to build a new school in their area was denied by the city.  Year after year Louisiana public schools have been rated some of the worst performing schools in the US, not just in education but also in safety. 

Then there was the ongoing threat of rising crime combined with persistent Democrat controlled leadership; the policies of progressives directly contributed to repeat offenders being released onto the streets.  Conservative residents, feeling that Baton Rouge leaders had no intention of representing their interests or listening to their concerns, decided they had to take drastic measures to make a change.

The result was an effort of citizens in the east to break away from Baton Rouge entirely and create their own city, called St. George.  The problem for Democrats was that citizen proponents of the new city would be taking away access to their money, their businesses and their children.  This was apparently unacceptable. Read More @ The Durden Dispatch


Embracing Communist China Was Washington's Greatest Strategic Failure

Washington first needs to see the Communist China for what it is: an aggressive great power which seeks the overthrow of the U.S. Read More @ Zero Hedge


American Elections for American Citizens: Does Anybody Care?

Republicans everywhere should realize: this is a national, all-hands-on-deck emergency. The future of America may, and probably does, depend on limiting this election to Americans.  Read More @ American Greatness

Voting Shenanigans in Michigan

Pressure Grows For Ohio Speaker To Advance Bill Keeping Foreign Cash Out Of Elections

Alabama Gov. Signs Legislation To Keep Ranked-Choice Voting From ‘Confusing’ Voters

North Carolina’s Early Voting Locations Illegally Favor Democrats

Louisiana Asks Supreme Court to Reinstate Congressional Election Map to Avoid ‘Chaos’


They Went Woke: Oscars Facing Liquidity Crisis, Launch $500 Million Fundraising Drive As Viewers Flee

University of Minnesota graduation destroyed by leftist groupthink and coercion

Watchdog: UN Staff Stealing and Selling Gaza Aid for Profit

Migrants Make Major Attempt to Cross Polish-Belarusian Border en Masse - Thousands are starting to stream over from the East

Man Sues IBM Company After They Allegedly Fired Him For Being Too White


Nonbinary is the latest transhumanist craze.

non binary pweson

Enter predatory “yeet the teets” Dr. Sidhbh (unironically pronounced “scythe”) Gallagher, who features herself dancing to pop music on TikTok or appreciatively lip smacking while commenting on her post-op patients’ scars. An Irish immigrant who came here to train for innovative genital surgeries, Gallagher epitomizes the can-do attitude of the archetypal American business leader. 

A “modern day Mengele” by her own admission, Gallagher has described the genital procedures she performs as “Frankenstein surgeries.”    Read More

Catholic, Conservative Ireland Is Now Represented by a ‘Non-Binary Queer Witch.’ What Happened?  

Trans Activists Sabotage Hotline For Girls To Report Creepy Men In Their Bathrooms 

Transgender Mows Down Elderly Man TWICE With His Car – Then Gives Him the Kiss of Death Before Stabbing Him as Neighbors Watch


Biden’s Deputy FBI Director Urges Agents To Spy on Americans

FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate is pushing agency employees to continue using the FISA Section 702 surveillance program to target American citizens. The controversial program was at the center of a heated Congressional debate earlier this year when the FISA program came up for reauthorization. Despite the objections of conservatives and some progressive lawmakers  Read More


Trump Classified Document Trial Postponed Indefinitely Days After 'Mishandled Evidence' Bombshell

One day after postponing a filing deadline in Donald Trump's classified documents case, Judge Aileen M. Cannon has postponed the whole thing indefinitely.  In a Tuesday decision, Cannon vacated (canceled) Trump's May 20 trial date, and wrote that setting a new date given the enormous stack of pre-trial matters would be "imprudent." Read More @ Durden Dispatch

House GOP Sends Michael Cohen Criminal Referral to Justice Department


Biden Comes to Hamas’s Rescue

On the menu today: President Biden announces he’s blocking the transfer of certain weapons systems to prevent Israel from sending additional forces into Rafah, a policy that amounts to an attempt to save the remaining leadership and forces of Hamas. It’s just the latest shameless flip-flop from a spineless jellyfish of a man ... Read More @ National Review

Biden Regime Makes It Unmistakable: We’re On Hamas’ Side Now

The Real Reason Pro-Hamas Protesters Wear Masks

As pro-Hamas protests sweep U.S. campuses across our nation, a curious phenomenon has surfaced: a large number of the protesters are wearing not only the keffiyeh, but also the COVID mask.  Why is this, exactly?

The keffiyeh-wearing is not much of a mystery.  The protesters are clearly making a statement of solidarity with Islamic jihad in general and with Hamas terror in particular.  But the COVID masks add an intriguing twist.  Some of the mask-wearers themselves maintain that they are trying to “stay safe” — in what they believe is the ongoing COVID “pandemic.”  Other observers have postulated, however, that this is an effort by the protesters to hide their identity.

Read More @ American Thinker

Hamas Terrorists Open Fire On Gaza Pier Being Constructed By U.S. Forces: Israeli Media

Hundreds Of Jewish Students At Columbia Sign Letter Saying ‘We Will Not Stop Standing Up For Ourselves’

A Yale Professor Wrote an Op-Ed About Anti-Semitism on Campus. The University Spent Over a Year Investigating Him.

Ilhan Omar on Biden Withholding Arms from Israel: ‘What Young People Across the Country Were Protesting For’

Ohio AG Dave Yost: Pro-Hamas Protesters Could be Prosecuted Under KKK Law

Report: Pro-Hamas Campus Agitators Trained with Communists in Cuba

Appeasing the Pro-Hamas Protesters Puts Universities in Legal Peril


House Democrats Vote UNANIMOUSLY to Give Illegal Aliens Representation in Congress and the Electoral College

Here we go… House Democrats on Wednesday night voted unanimously to give illegal aliens – including Joe Biden’s 11 million illegal border crossers – representation in Congress and the Electoral College.  Read More @ Gateway Pundit

North Carolina Student Sues School Board After Suspension for Using the Term ‘Illegal Alien’

Illegal Alien Accused of Sexually Assaulting 11-Year-Old Girl After Being Freed Into U.S. By Biden’s DHS

Illegal Immigrants Refuse To Leave Encampment Unless Dem Mayor Agrees To List Of Demands

Illegal Immigrant Suspect in Laken Riley’s Murder Indicted, Accused of Being ‘Peeping Tom’

International Jewel Thief, Freed
into U.S. from Border, Accused of Stealing
$300K of Jewelry in NYC



 Texas Cop Fired For Attending J6 Protests Receives $400,000 Settlement For Wrongful Termination

A Texas deputy who was fired from her job for attending the January 6th protests will receive a whopping settlement after she sued the county for wrongful termination. Read More @ Ft Worth Star Telegram

Letter From A Jan. 6 Political Prisoner


Planned Parenthood’s latest report shows the sickening truth about its atrocities against the unborn


Are We Destroying The Economy On Purpose?

... then told me about the “Cloward–Piven theory”, which I had never heard of before.

The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. The strategy aims to utilize "militant anti poverty groups" to facilitate a "political crisis" by overloading the welfare system via an increase in welfare claims, forcing the creation of a system of guaranteed minimum income and "redistributing income through the federal government"

The authors pinned their hopes on creating disruption within the Democratic Party,  Read More

The Fed’s Game of “Make Believe” Comes to an End


There Is No Prosperity without Private Property

Private property rights are crucial to economic prosperity. Without them, it becomes impossible to set up a system of free markets that allows for rational economic calculation. Despite this, property rights are under attack in today’s world by progressives seeking to build a more “just” society through equity. - Mises Institute

Ongoing Jihadist Infiltration into America

Alleged pundits scratch their heads in puzzlement and ask: how did all these pro-Hamas outbursts suddenly appear on American universities?

They are, in fact, not some spontaneous eruption, but clearly the product of an ongoing jihadist campaign to infiltrate America’s school system.  Hamas leaders Yahya Sinwar, Ismail Haniyeh, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, and Yasser Arafat before them have for decades educated American universities to jihad.  Recent events attest to their disturbing success. . - American Thinker

Irish Town Gets Kenyan Mayor Who Calls Irish Opposed to Mass Immigration “Terrorists.”

The newly appointed African mayor of Derry in Northern Ireland has a message for Irish patriots who oppose immigration: You are terrorists, and you must be stopped. - American Spectator


Title IX Rule Change on Gender Triggers Lawsuits From 15 States

At least 15 states have sued the Biden administration for changes to the 1972 civil rights law meant to protect females from discrimination.- Epoch Times


Judge warns Trump of jail time after finding him in contempt for gag order violation  

 Former President Trump’s hush money judge found he violated a gag order a 10th time, giving Trump his sternest warning yet, that future violations could carry jail time.  - The Hill


NYPD: Funding for Pro-Palestinian ‘Encampments’ Comes from ‘Around the World’

New York Police Department (NYPD) Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Tarik Sheppard told Fox News‘ Neil Cavuto on Thursday that pro-Palestinian “encampments” at many universities are run by “outside agitators” with funds from “around the world.” - Breitbart News

Biden Launches Investigation of Columbia U for Discriminating Against… Hamas Supporters

According to the Department of Education, celebrating the mass murder of Jews and issuing a call for "full solidarity" with a terrorist organization is "speech activity". - Front Page

George Washington Students Hold 'People's
Tribunal,' Call for Faculty's Deaths

The schemes of Democrat Party elites disenfranchise their own voters in primaries and Republican voters in the general elections.  - PJ Media

Democrats’ Election Games Have One Thing In Common: Shifting Power From Voters To Party Bosses

The schemes of Democrat Party elites disenfranchise their own voters in primaries and Republican voters in the general elections.

Just about every election cycle, Democrats spring a new voting scheme on unsuspecting voters, each one more complicated than the last, with the predictable result of confusing voters and reducing confidence in the eventual results. This is all by design. Instead of earning voters’ loyalty, leftists would rather gain or maintain power by manipulating the election process however possible. .. Full Article @ The Federalist

A group of Republicans has united to defend the legitimacy of US elections and those who run them - Associated Press

Biden Weaponizes the Federal Government for His Own Reelection Campaign

President Joe Biden has taken every part of the federal government and transformed it into his personal reelection machine, creating a hyper-partisan election apparatus out of supposedly neutral federal agencies. And American taxpayers pay for all of it.

The plan is as brazen as it is comprehensive, proving the Biden administration doesn’t want a fair election in 2024. .. Full Article @ American Greatness

‘Minor-Attracted Persons’ Advocacy NGO Lobbies to Revise DSM

Supported by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s three-party coalition and promoted and supported by the Socialist Democratic Party (SDP), the SBGG also creates the potential for citizens to be fined up to €10,000 (approx. $10,800 USD) for revealing a person’s given name and birth sex without their permission – an action that trans activists staunchly oppose and refer to as ‘deadnaming.’ .. Full Article @ The Daily Bell

Bill Maher fumes over Merrick Garland: ‘Attorney General Barney Fife’ ‘sucks’ at his job

The liberal comedian slammed the 'Attorney Genial' for slow-walking the Trump criminal cases ..   Full Story @ Fox News

EVIDENCE TAMPERING? Jack Smith Admits FBI Messed with Boxes Containing “Classified” Documents They Seized from Trump

In a May 1 filing, Walt Nauta’s attorney claimed he had difficulty in cross-referencing materials in classified and unclassified discovery because “certain items in the seized boxes he reviewed were in a different order from where they appear in the scans of the boxes’ contents produced in discovery.”
.. Full Article @ Gateway Pundit

Special Counsel Jack Smith Admits Prosecutors Misled Judge in Trump Case - Epoch Times

Death Of The American Voter

Empower Yourself with the Facts Ahead of the 2024 Election In this groundbreaking exclusive documentary, the Daily Caller traces the long history of election fraud in the US, unravels what happened in 2020, and unveils the Left’s three-step plan to secure future victories at the ballot box.

Save the 2024 election and the future of our democracy before it’s too late!  .. Article and Trailer @ The Daily Caller


The Tech Baron Seeking to
"Ethnically Cleanse" San Francisco

To fully grasp the current situation in San Francisco, where venture capitalists are trying to take control of City Hall, you must listen to Balaji Srinivasan. Before you do, steel yourself for what’s to come: A normal person could easily mistake his rambling train wrecks of thought for a crackpot’s ravings, but influential Silicon Valley billionaires regard him as a genius.

A key concept is to go cloud first, land last — but not land never — by starting with an online community and then materializing it into the physical world.

"We've started new currencies. Now The Network State shows us how to start new cities and new countries." — Vitalik Buterin, cofounder of Ethereum  Full Article

They can bankrupt or jail their enemies, but that will never legitimate their corrupt regime.

After the first day of his show trial, Donald Trump cheered himself up by taking a trip uptown to a Harlem bodega. The Sanaa Convenient Store, on Broadway at 139th Street, was the site of a notorious robbery in 2022, during which the 61-year old clerk—while being beaten up by an angry patron—stabbed and killed his assailant. Jose Alba, the clerk, was hailed as a hero by most New Yorkers, except the one who decided to arrest and charge him with murder: District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the same man currently prosecuting Trump for allegedly falsifying business records.  Full Article @ American Mind

Democrats May Regret Trying Trump in N.Y. Court After His Latest Announcement

Restore Order and Crush the Campus Jihadist Thugs

In his 1790 letter to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island, President George Washington reached a stirring conclusion: “May the Children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and fig tree, and there shall be none to make him afraid.”

Washington is rolling in his grave right now at Mount Vernon.   Full Article @ American Spectator

George Soros Paying Student Agitators To Whip Up Anti-Israel Protests

California college cancels graduation ceremony as protests over Israel's war in Gaza continue

Where are the Gaza protests at US universities?


These States Are Making It Illegal for Illegal Immigrants to Enter

Thousands of miles from the border, red states are taking matters into their own hands as the border crisis persists.

Conservative states across the country—Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and Oklahoma—are taking border security matters into their own hands, proposing or passing legislation targeting illegal immigration.

The Oklahoma legislature just passed a bill designed to prohibit illegal immigrants from entering or living in the state.   Full Article @ Epoch Times

Mean Girls Rising

Democrats are increasingly beholden to leftist radicals in their midst. 

Once the putative party of the people, the Democrats are increasingly the party of political “Mean Girls.” Epitomized by the congressional “Squad,” radicalized women are driving the party ever further to the leftist fringe on issues such as embracing Hamas, apocalyptic climate policies, mass illegal immigration, and transgenderism.

Party organs including the New Republic and the New York Times hail these activists as the “future of the Democratic Party.” Unlike traditional Democrats who won over small business owners, members of industrial unions, and aspiring middle class minorities, the Mean Girls have broken with the New Deal tradition that united the party. Rather than appealing to the aspirations of  families, in the new configuration it’s all about “the personal is political,” with lifestyle and sexual orientation as defining issues.

Jewish students told to flee Columbia campus. How does that happen in America in 2024?

Hate begets more hate, and acts of violence, intimidation, harassment and threats should be treated with seriousness and action, not statements and pandering.   USA Today

Columbia Professors Declare Solidarity With Student Protesters and Call for Shafik's Resignation - In total, more than 100 students have been arrested since the formation of an unauthorized encampment zone on the school's south lawn, which students set up Wednesday as Shafik testified before Congress on the school's response to campus anti-Semitism.

NYPD cops in riot gear arrest dozens of NYU students, faculty at anti-Israel encampment on campus

NYU anti-Israel protesters form human chain as police move in for arrests

On Monday, famed lawyer and Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz announced he no longer feels any loyalty to the Democratic Party in light of its tolerance of antisemitism. - PJ Media

The Columbia U pogrom, and the Jews’ bad gamble on the Democrats

Combating Communism in the United States

As the United States races toward the 2024 presidential election, Americans must reject communism at the ballot box — and its dangerous philosophies of human nature — and return back to God. The final battle between good and evil seems to be on the rise now than ever, according to communist expert Steven Mosher. The death toll, loss of freedom, attack on religion, and more are all hallmarks of the rise of communist China. Americans must do everything in their power to resist the communist rise in the United States. Now is the time to push back on the rise of communism before it’s too late.   Lifesite News

Report: Migrants in Germany Went on Record-Breaking 2023 Crime Spree

Coup d’Etat Against Candidate Trump

Now underway in New York City.

In 1967, I had the privilege of studying criminal law at Yale University. The teacher was a superpower in the field named Joe Goldstein.

After a short time, we got to a series of cases where a prosecutor had empaneled a grand jury and gotten an indictment against some poor soul — almost always poverty-stricken and often black — who had either no evidence against him (and he was almost always male). That poor soul usually was convicted. He went to prison and that was that.

The evidence put before the grand jury — again — was almost always trivial or nil. The convict rarely was afforded an appeal and, even if he did appeal, he rarely got any relief. This was called prosecutorial discretion or misconduct. Read More @ American Spectator

Unredacted Docs Reveal Biden, Garland, Jack Smith Collusion in Trump ‘Documents’ Case.

‘Conspiracy Theories’ Aren’t Theoretical Anymore

Not everything was sunny. We had problems that needed attention. That is the nature of human existence after all. But when Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem,” we just thought he was promoting self-reliance and highlighting government inefficiency. As I said, we were naïve.

Along with that naivete, was a belief that our government would never intentionally harm us. It might be incompetent, but we didn’t think it was malicious. Theories of vast government criminal conspiracies were considered delusional. Going to the police and claiming that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the CIA (as Robert Kennedy Jr. is suggesting), would have gotten one labeled a “conspiracy theory” nut; and more likely would trigger a psych evaluation than a criminal investigation. That was the American worldview before Barack Obama.

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Inside the disinformation industry A government-sponsored agency is censoring journalism

The verdicts of “ratings agencies” such as the GDI, within the complex machinery that serves online ads, are a little-understood mechanism for controlling the media conversation. In UnHerd’s case, the GDI verdict means that we only received between 2% and 6% of the ad revenue normally expected for an audience of our size. Meanwhile, neatly demonstrating the arbitrariness and subjectivity of these judgements, Newsguard, a rival ratings agency, gives UnHerd a 92.5% trust rating, just ahead of the New York Times at 87.5%

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Scotland Presses ‘Pause’ on Puberty Blockers, Hormone Drugs for Children

Following publication of a damning report on the dangers of gender transition procedures for children, Scotland officially is halting the prescription of puberty blockers and hormone drugs to minors.

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'We will never forgive you': Biden rules on gender identity, due process prompt legal threats

Legal scholars and parental rights, gender-critical and due-process groups, who have protested the Biden administration's proposed conflation of sex and gender identity and erasure of Trump administration protections for students accused of sexual misconduct over the past two years, are explaining the fuss.

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