Ape-Men, Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Humanoid Cryptids

In a land and time far away and long ago there were other species of man that predated and coincided with homo sapiens. Many of those whose fossil records have not yet been revealed may well still live on hidden in the recesses of our gene pool or in wilderness and wastelands only making cameo appearances that stoke our curiosities.

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Vanara Ape Men- The Human Ape relationship is undeniable. We most likely have common ancestors is the overwhelming scientific consensus. Ancient Legends out of India speak of a race of ape like men who inter married and mingled with Homo sapiens eons ago. Ancient Hindu texts portray them as human so far as their language, clothing, and cultural norms, but also speaks of them as being ape-like and having tails and fur.

Alexander vs. Ape Men - Several ancient chronicles of the exploits of Alexander the Great depict him encountering creatures that were not entirely Human. These are creatures that modern people would describe as Ape Men.

Nittaewo Ape Men - On the Island of Sri Lanka, which in ancient times was linked to the mainland via the bridge which the Vanara Ape Men are said to have constructed, there are legends of a race known as the Nittaewo (or Nittevo). The Modern day Veddhas a tribal people of Sri Lanka claim that the Nittaewo engaged in war with them as recently as the 1700s and were exterminated.

Trolls and Ogres - It is a credible scholarly theory that many of the medieval fairy tales retold for countless generations date back to our primitive ancestors, at the very least the Bronze age. The magical era that lies between the Stone Age and the Iron Age. Durring the transitional period from the stone age up till the late bronze age, Homo Sapiens are known to have coexisted with homo neanderthalis aka neanderthal man. Having coexisted with modern human ancestors for so long a period it would seem appropriate that there should be some mention of them in our folk lore and mythology. And there is, but we simply failed to recognize it for what it is.

Davy Crocketts' Sasquatch - In 1835, Davy Crockett wrote a letter to his friend and brother-in-law Abner Burgin telling him of a bizarre experience with a bigfootlike creature in what was at the time the Mexican province of Texas.'.

Daniel Boones Sasquatch - Daniel Boone once claimed to have fought and killed what sounds curiously like a sasquatch, a 10 foot tall hairy ape man he called a Yahoo, not a google or bing but a yahoo.

Biblical Neanderthal - Neanderthals were originally thought to be a brutish ancestor of modern man in the hypothetical evolutionary chain, an intermediate stage between human and apes. Scientists are at odds over whether neanderthal is actually an ancestor of Homo sapiens at all or simply another branch of humanity with a common ancestor.

In Biblical accounts, other races of man are fairly common. Known as Nephilim, Rephaim, Anakites they were considered "giants" by the Hebrews. The book of Ezekiel mentions a race known as the Gammadin which were a Nation of dwarfs. The Midrash states that a tribe known as the Katforim were also pygmy like dwarfs. Very short Troglodytes were later discovered in excavations in Gezer that some believe corroborates the Biblical accounts of these Gammadin pygmies. In multiple instances fossil remains of extremely large humans, as well as human like Neanderthals and Cro Magnon have been discovered.

Barmanou Ape Men - The Barmanou is a human-ape like creature reported in the mountains of western Pakistan and Afghanistan, in particular a region known as Shishi Kuh Valley. Mountain Shepherds have reported sightings for Centuries. Some cryptozoologists consider it the local equivalent of the yeti or Central Asian Almas while others put it in a class by itself.

Battle With Bigfoot at Mt. St. Helens - Mt. St. Helens is most famous in our times for its behemoth volcanic belch in 1980, but it had a previous claim to fame. In 1924 it hosted an incident which some say gave rise to modern day sasquatch hysteria.

A group of 6 Gold prospectors claimed they came under seige from a group of Sasquatch on the night of July 12, in a place that has since been dubbed Ape Canyon. They told of 7-foot-tall ape like animals attacking them with boulders.