Ancient Technology

Bizarre technologically advanced artifacts and remnants of long gone civilizations have been uncovered that hale from deeper antiquity than we thought possible. What we know of as the dawn of Humanity and even before the time frame that science has denoted as the dawn of Humanity. These anomalies have no right existing in the periods of History from whence they allegedly come. Was there a past golden age of men and civilizations before our own ?

Mysteries and Enigmas

Nuclear War in Ancient India Archaeologists uncovered the ruins of a large ancient town - Mohenjo Daro [mound of the dead]. The ancient civilization existed for 2-3,000 years and died in an instant. "When archaeologists got to the street level, people were lying dead in the street - after thousands of years." . Had a natural catastrophe, disease, or conventional war brought down Mohenjo Daro the bodies of its citizenry would have been ravaged by animals , and the city plundered by subsequent looters over the centuries. This never happened, Dozens of skeletons were found in the area of Mohenjo-Daro, their radioactivity exceeded the norm almost 50 times.

Libyan Desert Glass - Libyan Desert Glass is thought by conventional science to be a naturally occurring glass. It is comprised of silica - silicon dioxide - basically sand. There is certainly no shortage of sand in the Desert, what is mystifying is what caused the sand to fuse together and form glass. The answer of course is very elementary - heat. Only sudden and intense heat in excess of 2900 F can melt sand into glass.

Aircraft of Ancient India Ancient texts after dating back to an era so far removed from our scope of chronological knowledge exist describing intricate details of flying machines and the science behind them. Some readers however adopted a literal interpretation and basically reverse engineered vimana aircraft. An Indian Scholar built a Vimana, based largely on the ancient texts and flew it to an altitude of 1500 feet.

Adams Bridge / Rama's Bridge Rama's Bridge also known as Adam's Bridge is a controversial under sea formation that runs between the Indian Mainland and the Island of Sri Lanka [Ceylon] in the Indian Ocean. In the modern era its existence was brought to light via NASA imagery which appears to show a submerged bridge connecting the two land masses.

Maduruoya Dam - When Modern engineers wanted to build a Dam at Maduru Oya in Sri Lanka bulldozers began to unearth and scrape against the brickwork of a previous Dam that had been at the exact spot. Further investigation revealed that engineers of antiquity had made identical calculations and had built a Dam at the exact spot. The original Dam was calculated to be roughly 100 feet high and 300 feet long and is considered a masterpiece of ancient hydro engineering.

Electricity in Ancient Egypt - An impressive theory has been put forward in recent years speculating that the upper echelon of the Egyptian Priesthood had a working knowledge of electricity. Evidence of temple reliefs depicting electrical devices, legends of the Pharos Lighthouse and other contested proof is readily available to those who wish to take a gander.

Electrical Ark of the Covenant The Old Testament contains a description of a device known as a Leyden Jar, which generates electricity. The Biblical Ark of the Covenant that once stood in the Tabernacle in the Sinai wilderness , the Ark that led Moses and the Israelite's into the Promised Land and the Ark that stood in the legendary Temple of Solomon. Exodus 25:10 gives explicit instructions for construction of the Ark, follow these instructions and the end result is a very large , very powerful Leyden jar / capacitor.

Aircraft of Ancient Egypt - Unlike the aircraft of ancient India, of which there is extensive documentation - evidence of ancient Egyptian knowledge of aerodynamics and flight is shaky to say the least. Researchers point to two artifacts one is the Abydos Temple Glyphs possibly depicting unusual craft, and the second is a model aircraft found in an Egyptian tomb - the Saqqara Bird. Other arguments include 'Pharaoh's Helicopter', a relief in an Egyptian tomb that depicts what appears to be a helicopter next to several other advanced craft.

Perpetual Lamps - Archaeological records suggest that perpetual lights may have been rather common among the elite of certain antiquarian cultures.

Scotland's Vitrified Forts - Stone enclosures that have come to become called 'Vitrified forts' are scattered about in a relatively small area of Scotland where they have been best documented. They are also found on a more limited scale in other parts of Western Europe. Tourists have been told that repeated lightning strikes are the cause, which is easily and repeatedly refuted.

Archaeological Anomalies - For years, bizarre artifacts have been uncovered that hale form deep antiquity, the dawn of Humanity and even before the time frame that science has denoted as the dawn of Humanity. These anomalies have no right existing in the periods of History from whence they allegedly come.