Time Travel Theory and Practice

Natural, Technological and Theoretical Time Travel

..."us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one." -Albert Einstein.

Time Travel is theoretically Possible. Technically speaking, we all travel in time. We travel through time at a 1 to 1 ratio - 1 fraction of a nano second at a time. The phenomena of moving through time at varying ratios is where the complexity arrives. As per Einsteins Special Relativity it is possible to alter the ratio. Nikola Tesla once claimed that an experimental mishap put him outside his time-frame. He claimed that was able to see the immediate past, present and future simultaneously.

Time Slips - Retrocognition : Natural or supernaturally occurring incidents of accidental Time Travel. Is it possible to transport our conscious self to different points in linear history ? And does it on rare occasions occur naturally, or super-naturally as the case may be, without a sentient technological human intervention

Nazi Time Travelers - Igor Witkowski is a Polish military journalist and a specialist in high-tech weaponry. Witkowski has researched the development by the Third Reich of High Tech Weaponry and is the Author of 'The Truth About The Wunderwaffe'

Witkowski as well as other researchers have stated that in many areas of scientific study, the Nazi regime was vastly superior to the Allies. They were only months away from developing their own Atomic Weapon at the end of the war. It is well documented that they developed flying craft similar to those currently ascribed to alien UFOs. What is not as well documented or publicized is their experimentation with Time Travel.

Pegasus Project - As per a Seattle journalist and attorney named Andrew D. Basiago, the US Government has been engaged in time travel since at the very least the late 1960s. Basagio, as well as another man William Stillings claim that as children they were 'chrononauts' and traveled through time and space in a secretive Government project known as the 'Pegasus Project' conducted by an agency known as DARPA.

The Chronovisor - Marcello P. Ernetti who passed away in 1994 was a Benedictine monk, an exorcist,a linguist, a musical scholar he also had a degree in quantum physics.

In the 1950s it is claimed that he invented a 'Chronovisor' along with a group that included Nobel Laureate Enrico Fermi.

The Chronovisor, similar to one described by Andrew Basagio and company allegedly allowed for audio-visual access to the past. "The chronovisor did not transport anyone into the past, but captured images from another time period to be viewed on a screen, it supposedly worked using microwave energy that manipulated the frequency of sound and light waves in order to alter how far back in time images were coming from.

Scientists already have a Time Machine - It just needs some Tweaking. The Hadron Collider blasts protons at speeds approaching the speed of light. The protons propelled by the collider therefore traverse time nearly 7,000 times slower than the Human Observers. Basically, these protons are being sent 'back to the future'.

Here's where the tweaking part comes in. Allthough science can send Astronauts and subatomic particles to the future by nanoseconds, fractions of seconds and in rare instances whole seconds there is still a colossal chasm between where we are now and where we want to be in order to catch up with Marty McFly.

Professor Malletts Time Machine - Professor Ron Mallett of the University of Connecticut has been dreaming of time travel since he was knee high to a grasshopper. As per Mallett, his fathers sudden death when he was a young boy traumatized him to the point that he fantasized about traveling back in time and preventing it. Haven't we all done that, wish we could go back and fix something or prevent something that has already occurred from happening in our new version of reality ?

As he aged and traveled through time in the real world Mallett studied general relativity, gravitation, black holes, relativistic astrophysics, and quantum cosmology. He now believes that his childhood fantasy is within his grasp.

Paleoacoustics - Other than Modern History, since the inception of audible recordings in the first half of the twentieth century, Historians have never had the inclination or ability to study History utilizing audible assets. Audible history for the large part is considered lost.

We can listen to FDR speak of the day of infamy but we can't listen to Lincolns Gettysburg address, it wasn't recorded. However, a branch of theoretical science or pseudo-science as some prefer to call it, paleoacoustics, argues that we may someday be able to hear Lincolns Gettysburg address or even hear Julius Cesar utter Et Tu Brutus, because it may have conceivably been recorded by natural means which we do not fully comprehend.

Hindu Space Time - Isaac Newton proved that gravity exists even though human beings had always experienced it, he was the one who first applied reason to it and developed his three laws of motion. Inertia, Acceleration, Equal and Opposite reactions.

Centuries later Einstein in his famous theory of relativity delved into 4 dimensional physics when he determined that massive objects cause a distortion in space-time, which we experience as gravity. He basically added a new dimension to the definition of gravity as well as time and space.

Many Centuries before Newton or Einstein popped into existence, the Ancient Indians, the forebears of the Hindu and Buddhist religions had an understanding of the 4th dimension that is unexplained by conventional theories of history. They believed that the duration of time was not a constant and changed from world to world and age to age, they knew it was not an absolute value.

Tesla on Time Travel - He pondered about gravity, anti gravity, free energy, invisibility and the physics of time as well the potential of time travel.

Work on his step-up transformer and transmission of electrical energy through the atmosphere led him to believe that time and space could be manipulated by using rotating, highly charged, magnetic fields.

Tesla claimed that contact with the electromagnetic charge put him outside his time-frame. He claimed that was able to see the immediate past, present and future simultaneously,.... a few days later Teslas Lab burnt down, uninsured and with very little resources he was in effect ruined - temporarily at least.

Battle of Nuremburg - At Dawn on April 14, 1561 the residents of Nuremberg, Germany witnessed a battle of epic proportions between technologically advanced warring factions.

Some believe it was a natural pheniomena, UFO researchers believe that the Nuremberg Incident involved aliens. Perhaps this is so or perhaps it involved terrestrial time travelers.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the Nazis really did actually build the Time travel device that they were known to have been experimenting with, and perhaps, just perhaps, their adversaries perused them into the backwaters of History and precipitated the Battle of Nuremburg.

Iranian Time Machine - One time managing director of the Iranian Center for Strategic Inventions, claimed to have built a device, or an "App" that can see up to 5 years into the future. Suspicously, his initial story was wiped from the internet after only a few hours. Iran's Deputy Minister of Science, Research, and Technology dismissed Razeqi's claims. However - as per Razeqi, the Iranian Government deemed that his time machine be kept secretive for the time being out of fear that "the Chinese will steal the idea"

Chernobrov Time Machine - Vadim Alexandrovich Chernobrov passed away in 2017. He was the head of a group known as the Kosmopoisk [Spacesearch] aka "All-Russian Research Public Organization". He was a UFO and pseudo science / mystery enthusiast. One of his projects involved research in altering the flow of time, an endeavor he was involved in for the last 20 years of his life [Since 1987]. He claims to have succeeded ....

MT Tech professor: UFOs are time machines from future Dr. Michael P. Masters is a professor of biological anthropology at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana. He holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology specializing in human evolutionary anatomy, archaeology, and biomedicine. He has a diverse academic background that includes studies in astronomy, astrobiology, anthropology, and physics. He has an interesting theory and speculates that UFOs and perhaps even Aliens are distant descendants of Humans, returning to an earlier point in their History to study their own evolutionary past, we are to them what the caveman is to us.

iPhone in Colonial America - In 1937 an Italian American Emigre painter named Umberto Romano painted a mural entitled 'Mr Pynchon and the Settling of Springfield'. The Mural presently hangs in the Springfield, Massachusetts Post Office along with mug shots of Americas Most wanted.

It wasn't untill fairly recently that people began to take notice of a bizarre aspect of this painting. A native American from the 1600s appears to be holding and gazing at a modern cell phone.

World War II Cell Phone - A picture colorized by a Stuart Humphreys from Babelcolour is a picture of British War workers relaxing on a beach in 1943. So if it's World War II, how does the man in the center have what appears to be a cell phone ?

Time Travel Math - Alcubierre drive was theorized by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994. The hypothetical warp drive envisioned that a spacecraft could achieve faster than light speed travel, basically warp factor 5 and beyond

Physicists David Tsang and Ben Tippet devised a mathematical model for a theoretical time machine. This time machine they claim is a vessel, in this case a box, that can be moved through time in either direction forward and back. They dubbed their theory Traversable Acausal Retrograde Domains in Space-time [TARDIS].

Time Travel Brothers - There are a few intriguing cases of alleged time travel, some are credible and some are pretty incredible. The case of Duncan Cameron and his brother Al Bielek is an incredible case of two brothers who claimed to have traveled through time.