Cryptids and Living Dinosaurs

Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience that explores the existence of entities from folklore and ancient fossil records of creatures thought to be extinct. These hypothetical creatures are known as cryptids.

Living Dinosaurs Coexistence of Man and Dinosaur

Thunderbird Legends - The possibility that winged monsters thought to be extinct for eons may have survived to modern times is supported by mounting evidence both modern and historical.

Living Pterosaurs - Evidence of Living Bio luminescent Pterosaurs. Nocturnal creatures that glow in the dark are not are product of imagination, the natural phenomena is Bio luminescence. Scattered reports of nocturnal flying lights go back Centuries. Quite frequently the regions these lights are reported in coincide with areas in which pterosuars have been sighted.

Dinosaurs and Dragons - Dragons are a recurring theme in Human Mythology. They are very ancient, very wide spread and trans cultural. The legends match the fossil record we have of Dinosaurs. Some evidence seems to indicate that not only did we co-exist with these reptilian monstrosities in the past but that scattered remnants of the Dinosaur Realm lingers on till this very day.

Sea Serpents and Lake Monsters Plesiosaurs are an order of allegedly extinct marine reptiles. The earliest historical record of them dates to 1605. This article explores the possibility that Plesiosaurs or a slightly evolved form thereof still exist in isolated pockets.

Idaho's Loch Ness Monster

Ayia Napa Sea Monster

Cornwall Sea Monster - Morgawr

China's Dragon Fossil- A 'dragon fossil' was unearthed in Anshun City, China in 1996, and has been kept well preserved. It measures just shy of 25 feet in length. It was recently exhibited in the Xinwei Ancient Life Fossils Museum in Anshun, Guizhou. The dinosaurs head is triangular shaped and bears a remarkable similarity to 'mythological' depictions of Dragons.

Spirit Walkers - Night Crawlers - There are videos which purport to show what native American legends describe as a type of spirit walker or night crawler. They are basically a pair legs with a head on top that walk very gracefully, almost as if flowing across the screen. The legs move in a non human fashion and the knees bend in a manner that human legs can not.