Time Slips

Natural Incidents of Time Travel

..."us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one." -Albert Einstein.

Time Travel Theory

Time Travel is theoretically Possible. Technically speaking, we all travel in time. We travel through time at a 1 to 1 ratio - 1 micro-second at a time.

It was actually a few seconds earlier in linear time that I typed the first word in this paragraph than it is now, I've moved forward about 4 - 5 seconds and so have you as you read this. In actuality we travel through time at a 1 to 1 ratio - 1 micro-second at a time.

The phenomena of moving through time at varying ratios is where the complexity arrives.

As per Einsteins Special Relativity it is possible to alter the ratio when one approaches the speed of light, I'm sure most people have at one time or another heard of this theoretical phenomena.

Is it possible to transport our conscious self to different points in linear history ? And does it on rare occasions occur naturally, or super-naturally as the case may be, without a sentient technological human intervention.

I believe it can and has been done. I once experienced a sort of time warp myself, as many other people have whether they were consciously aware of it or not.

Incidents of Accidental Time Slips

Retrocognition, Time Slips

My Personal Time Slip

Quite a few years back I was employed as a driver for a small transportation company on Long Island, NY . One day, arriving for work about an hour early due to my personal transportation problems I found myself with some time to kill. I took a short walk with my coffee and bagel and sat on a hill overlooking the Long Island expressway, mentally planning my day ahead.

On the highway below I saw my assigned van coming down the road, which I found rather annoying. There was no other van like it in the fleet - it was a different model, and different color than the others and I worked diligently to maintain it. One of my co-workers had absconded with my van was my first thought - I jumped up and began waving down to the approaching van - the driver hesitated, started to pull over then took off. I was, needless to say, a tad perturbed - That was "My Van".

I stormed back to the compound - and found my van sitting exactly where I'd left it the previous night. Checking the mileage - which we were required to keep track of - I found it was unchanged. Well - I thought, the company must have bought another one like mine. I approached my boss to congratulate him on the new van and he looked at me like I had grown a third eye. "We don't have any new Vans" he stated.

I went on with my day, went home and came back the next day for my daily routine. The previous days curious incident was no longer at the forefront of my thought process as I left the compound and started down the highway. As I approached the Hill where I sometimes sat and had my morning coffee I noticed a guy on the hilltop trying to wave me down - that guy looks just like me I thought and even has the same printed T shirt as I do. I started to pull over but found it unsafe to do so as there was a truck not far behind me. I was forced to accelerate quickly to avoid a potential accident at which point I came to the realization - I was the guy on the hill waving - that was me yesterday - and I was the guy I had seen yesterday driving "My van".

Hakan Nordkvist

Hakan Nordkvist [Video] had a similar experience, and actually inter acted with himself. He made a short video with his cell phone, which none have been able to debunk.

It has been claimed that the Nordkvist incident was part of an elaborate advertising scheme for an Insurance Company, one that never saw the light of day.

Moberly Jourdain incident.

Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain were two female American educators of the early 20th Century. In August 1901 they travelled together to France and were caught in a time slip while visiting the Palace at Versailles. They claim to have seen the Palace Gardens as they were in the late 18th Century prior to the French Revolution. They also claimed to have seen what can best be described as Ghosts. Their adventure was documented in the book - An Adventure.

Robert Victor Goddard

There is also the 1935 time slip experienced by Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard over a former Royal Air Force field.

In 1935 he was dispatched to inspect a old abandoned airfield at a location known as Drem, near Edinburgh. He found it in a state of disrepair with grazing cattle on the grass growing through the old tarmac.

Later he experienced some trouble while flying in heavy rain and flew back to Drem to get his bearings straight.As he came to the airfield the torrential rain ceased abruptly and changed to bright sunlight.

On the ground he saw that the airfield had been renovated and was now in use. Personnel in blue overalls were working and there were four yellow planes parked on the runway. One of these was a model which, he completely failed to recognize despite his extensive knowledge of aircraft of the day.

Four years after Goddard reported his experience, the RAF began to paint their planes yellow and the mechanics uniforms were switched to blue. - Oh yes and the Drem airfield was open and in use again.

The Carl Jung Time Slip

Carl Jung, protege of Sigmund Freud and famous thinker in his own right had a strange experience with a time slip. According to Jung, in the 1930s while traveling through Italy he visited the tomb of a Roman Empress in Ravenna. He was quite Impressed with the artistry of the mosaics in the tomb which depicted maritime scenes done in a bizarre pale blue light. Upon leaving the mausoleum, he tried to purchase postcards of them. , there weren't any to be had.

A few years later, Jung asked a friend visiting Ravenna if he could obtain pictures for him. It was only after seeing them that he finally learned the truth. The mosaics he had seen and discussed in great detail were totally different to the mosaics now decorating the mausoleum. However, they did exist once but had been destroyed in a fire Centuries earlier.

Jane Oneill

Carl Jungs experience is very similar to several others, most notably that reported by Cambridge School Teacher Jane Oneill in 1973. Fotheringhay Church in Scotland is where Mary Queen of Scots was executed 386 years earlier. When Ms. O'Neill visited the Church she was greatly impressed by a crucifixion picture situated behind the altar. Months later O'Neill was discussing the Church with a friend and decided to call the postmistress of the Church to see if she could obtain a copy of the picture. She was informed much to her befuddlement that no such crucifixion picture existed. A few years went by and O'Neill and a friend decided to revisit the Church, when they got there her befuddlement became further exasperated as it was not the same Church she had visited in 1973. Historical research later revealed that the Church Ms. O'Neill was describing had been demolished in 1553, about 30 years before the execution of Mary Queen of Scots.

Battle of Nechtansmere

The Battle of Nechtansmere was fought between the Picts and the Northumbrians in Medieval Scotland, May 20, 685. In January 1950, Miss E.F. Smith while returning from a party drove her car into a ditch and was forced to walk home through the countryside, in the wee hours of twilight. Her journey took her roughly 8 miles.

Roughly 1/2 mile from her village she was engulfed in what can best be described as a time warp. She saw a group of lights in the distance which as she approached turned out to be a group of men carrying blazing torches. She obviously thought it quite peculiar that they weren't using flashlights, it was after all 1950 not the dark ages.... or was it ?

Another cluster of figures were off to her right in a field about 50 yards away. Her dog was with her at the time of the incident growled fearfully at the lights. Miss Smith stated she could make out what she believed to be Pictish warriors carrying the torches. They were dressed in the attire of the Picts of the Dark Ages and their torches emitted a reddish color as opposed to an Orange or yellow due to the wood and combustibles they were known to use when they were lit.

She was travelling very late in the night and was exhausted from her journey on foot. It is conceivable that her vision may have been the result of that exhaustion and the January cold. Her vision however, did occur at the exact site of the Battle of Nechtansmere. Her dog, as per Miss Smiths testimony witnessed it also. So it is quite possible she did actually experience a timeslip.

Simpsons and Grisbys

In Autumn 1979, two couples, Geoff and Pauline Simpson and Len and Cynthia Gisby were traveling through France enroute to Spain.

They had some difficulty finding lodging and wandered into a small town that was along a narrow cobblestone road. They passed buildings that seemed antiquated, as well as signs advertising a circus which appeared very old-fashioned.

They found an Inn, and yes there was a vacancy . The Inn Keeper did not speak English, but communicated that rooms were available. The furniture was antique, no locks on the doors , just wooden catches, the linen was calico - not commonly in use for many years for that purpose, no telephones, elevators, electricity or any of the conventions of modern lodging. Oh yes - and the fees were ridiculously low as opposed to what they were accustomed to paying.

A few weeks later, on their return trip from vacationing in Spain, they tried to stay at the same Inn near Montelimar. The hotel was no longer there. After returning home and developing their film, they discovered that the pictures taken at the hotel were not there. They were missing from the roll. They returned again in 1983 and were still unable to locate the Hotel. A similar place was located, but this one was modernized and the staff different. What puzzles me about this incident is why did the Inn Keeper accept Modern currency, why were none of the Hotel Staff perplexed by their out of place clothing - they were from the future and certainly why was no one amazed at their new fangled horseless carriage ?

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