Time Travelers of the Third Reich

Hitlers Time Machine

Igor Witkowski is a Polish military journalist and a specialist in high-tech weaponry. Witkowski has researched the development by the Third Reich of High Tech Weaponry and is the Author of 'The Truth About The Wunderwaffe'

Hitler Nazi Time Travel

Witkowski as well as other researchers have stated that in many areas of scientific study, the Nazi regime was vastly superior to the Allies. They were only months away from developing their own Atomic Weapon at the end of the war. It is well documented that they developed flying craft similar to those currently ascribed to alien UFOs. What is not as well documented or publicized is their experimentation with Time Travel.

Witkowski was instrumental in exposing the Nazi Bell Project . The bell of 'Die Glocke' in German was/is a machine with counter-rotating Magnetic fields and a high frequency current powered by a mysterious substance called Xerum-525. Xerum 525 is believed by many to be a derivative of mercury.

Die Glocke produced strange effects it gave off an unnerving high frequency vibration which allegedly wreaked havoc with the Human central nervous system.

At the culmination of WWII, The Bell project vanished along with SS General Hans Kammler. That Hammler absconded with the Bell and they disappeared together, remains pure speculation.

Witkowski met with an unnamed Polish Intelligence agent in 1997, from which he was shown classified Polish Government documents detailing Nazi research projects. Die Glocke was one of those projects.

Science writer ,aviation reporter and editor at Jane's Defense Weekly, Nick Cook in The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Anti gravity Technologybook further describes the Nazi Bell

'The Nazi-Bell device consisted two of counter-rotating cylindrical containers. The containers, which were positioned one above the other measured approximately 1-meter in diameter, and were filled with cryogenically cooled and frozen Mercury metal. There was a frozen core of a metallic paste, which served as a high permeability material for the EMG (electromagnetic-gravitational) field.'

It is well documented that the Nazi scientists were developing chemical weapons and unusual unconventional flying craft, it also believed by many that the Third Reichs brightest scientific minds were developing a time machine.

The time Machine and Die Glocke were tied in together. The project went under two code names, "Laternentrager" which translates to Lantern Bearer, illuminator or in Latin, Lucifer.

It was also known as 'Chronos' In Latin Chronos is the personification of Time, or the time deity.

The Bell was a hard metallic bell, its description is very similar to the one that crashed in Kecksburg, PA in the 50s. It was filled with a mercury-like substance, similar to that ascribed by ancient vedic texts to Vimana.[1]

As per Jakob Sporrenberg, an SS general captured by the British and turned over to the Poles, The experiments were conducted under a thick ceramic cover and involved the rapid spinning of two cylinders in opposing directions. The purpose being not so much to achieve flight or ant-gravity bit to bend space. Theoretically simplified, if you create a torsion field of significant magnitude you bend space - when you bend space you also bend time. [2]

That the project the Third Reich was involved in was capable of inducing Time Travel is theoretically possible - actually more than just theoretically possible, I'll coin a new phrase and state that it is theoretically probable. Circumstantial evidence indicates that the Nazis were indeed attempting to travel in Time - did they succeed ?

It's a good possibility that they did, and that there is an Historical record of it that dates back to 1561 in Nuremberg Germany.

The Nazis viewed Nurnberg aka Nuremberg as their spiritual capital, as a classic example of a flourishing Aryan city rich in Germanic history.

The Nazi hierarchy turned Nuremberg into the city for Nazi Party rallies, it's where they held their annual extravagant Galas that attracted hundreds of thousands of fervent supporters. It is also where the Allies tried and executed the Nazi War criminals, the Nuremberg Trials. And it also where in April 1561, shortly before Adolf Hitlers Birthday that medieval residents of Nuremburg witnessed an aerial spectacular unparalleled in History.

A battle of epic proportions between warring factions featuring hundreds of "crosses, globes and tubes" fought each other above the city.

'the God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that he avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may, temporarily here and perpetually there, live as His children.' - Nuremberg Gazette [See: Battle of Nuremburg]


1. "Ancient Hindus could navigate the air, and not only navigate it, but fight battles in it like so many war-eagles combating for the domination of the clouds. To be so perfect in aeronautics, they must have known all the arts and sciences related to the science, including the strata and currents of the atmosphere, the relative temperature, humidity, density and specific gravity of the various gases...”  Colonel Henry S Olcott Colonel Henry S Olcott (1832 – 1907) American author, philosopher,  cofounder of the Theosophical Society. Nuclear Warfare in Ancient India

2. Die Glocke 1945 by Rob Arndt