Time Travel Brothers

Brothers Claim They Time Traveled

There are a few intriguing cases of alleged time travel, some are credible and some are pretty incredible. The case of Duncan Cameron and his brother Al Bielek is an incredible case of two brothers who claimed to have traveled through time.

Lets start with the 'brothers' how are Cameron and Bielek brothers ? If not brothers from another mother, or perhaps father or even half brothers ? Well as per the duo, Al Bielek is the 'regressed essence of Ed Cameron' - don't ask just keep reading.

Ed Cameron was born on August 4th 1916 in Bay Shore, NY. He earned a PhD from Princeton in 1939 where he met a Dr. John Von Neumann. Ed along with his brother Duncan were put to work with the US Navy and worked with the mysterious Dr. Von Neumann on Project Invisibility. Ed claims to have met Tesla and Albert Einstein who were also involved in the project.

WWII was looming and FDR was said to be titilated and exhuburant over the successful experiment. They were asked to install the invisibility cloak on a military vessel. The test was done on the USS Eldridge, that's right, the infamous Philadelphia experiment and Ed / Al was the sole survivor.

Als brother from his past life Duncan jumped off the USS Eldridge in 1943 and landed back in the future. He landed in 1983 at Montauk and was sent back to the USS Eldridge to destroy the equipment that was keeping the ship anchored in the timespace hyperdimensional never never land.

Ed also claimed to have worked on the Manhattan project, the development of the Hydrogen Bomb where he got into a dispute with a senior researcher over the stability of the Bomb and was removed from the project. He worked on other projects for the Government and eventually went into a joint venture with another Government researcher name Jack Ridley.

Their private venture received funding from the US military and was successful. Apparently however something went wrong. They pissed off someone higher up and 'Black Ops' soldiers kidnapped Ed and sent him to the Pentagon. The Pentathlon sent him on a short trip to Alpha Centauri, only 4.3 light years away to be interrogated by Aliens.

On August 12, 1953 he was taken to Montauk and 'physically regressed' to Al Bielek from 1927 and Ed Cameron ceased to exist. So folks that's how Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek [aka Ed Cameron] are brothers.

As for his brother Duncan, in an experiment gone wrong Duncan lost his 'time lock' and began aging at an extremely accelerated rate, about 1 year per hour. Time engineers from the Montauk project went back to 1950 and convinced Duncan's original father, Alexander Cameron to sire another son. When the new son was born, they removed Duncan's soul and transplanted it into the new child who grew up to be the Duncan Cameron of today. The Montauk project was eventually ended when a big foot project that was ongoing produced a live Bigfoot that tore the place asunder. Pretty incredible huh ? Yeah that's what I thought ..... anyway the two claim to have traversed time and this what is what they saw....

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Mind Over Matter Quantum Physics

Quantum entanglement is a phenomena whereby two subatomic particles are 'entangled' and ones actions will influence the others instantaneously, regardless of the distance between the two. Taking quantum entanglement a step further there lies a truly bizarre supposition of quantum theory that states the very act of observing affects the observed reality. It's mind over matter squared. Some mysterious force apparently linked to consciousness has an effect on subatomic particles. Unexplainable is that the very act of observing the particle[s] has an effect on their reality, basically it's mind over matter.