The Chronovisor

Father Ernettis Time Machine
Portal for viewing History

Father Ernetti's Chronovisor The Creation and Disappearance of the World's First Time Machine

..."us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one." -Albert Einstein.

Marcello P. Ernetti who passed away in 1994 was a Benedictine monk, an exorcist,a linguist, a musical scholar he also had a degree in quantum physics.

In the 1950s it is claimed that he invented a 'Chronovisor' along with a group that included Nobel Laureate Enrico Fermi.

The Chronovisor, similar to one described by Andrew Basagio and company allegedly allowed for audio-visual access to the past. "The chronovisor did not transport anyone into the past, but captured images from another time period to be viewed on a screen, it supposedly worked using microwave energy that manipulated the frequency of sound and light waves in order to alter how far back in time images were coming from." - Breaking the Time Barrier: The Race to Build the First Time Machinebook by Jenny Randles

As per Ernetti, the luminous energy and sound vibrations emanated throughout history are recorded in their environment, the chronovisor he claims capitalized on this phenomena and allowed him to reconstruct the sounds and visions of a specific sequence of events from varying points in History.

Ernetti states that he got his idea while working with another monk - Father Agostino Gemelli in Milan filtering Gregorian chants when they heard the voice of Father Gemelli's dead father speaking to them on the recording device.

Agostino Gemelli was a Franciscan friar, physician and psychologist. He founded a teaching hospital in Rome, the Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic, which is now named after him. Gemelli is said to have confirmed this occurrence.

Powerful telescopes, such as the Hubble, act as chronovisors in a sense. Distant points in space, far off solar systems and galaxies we view, do not actually look like they are today, we are seeing their light path from eons ago -as they appeared when the light left them. If an alien scientist a hundred light years from Earth were able to view the Earth - he would be seeing the Earth at the time of the First World War War and reconstruction. 2000 light years away he would be seeing us during the biblical period, the further the distance, the further back in time they would receive light waves from.

The chronovisor it is claimed, warped the "time space continuum" for viewing purposes only. Space, or distance in this case, was no longer relevant, or as relevant, it was merely a focal point.

Ernetti and his collaborators allegedly built the chronovisor to tune into any place in time or space, basically any point in History. They claim to have observed the crucifixion of Jesus, Napoleon Bonaparte, Cicero, and more.

Gemelli as well as 10 other prominent scientists, names such as Enrico Fermi, a Nobel laureate, and Werner von Braun a Nazi Scientist who went on to become the father of the American Space Program were allegedly collaborators on this project.

The device, if it ever existed at all, no longer exists today. Ernetti claims that the team agreed to dismantle the device because it could peak in on any place at any time in History it left no room for privacy. In the wrong hands it could very easily lead to the "most fearsome dictatorship the world has ever seen."

Ernetti never produced the device itself or any sufficient proof of its existence. After being repeatedly badgered, he eventually produced some forms of proof. One of which was was the text of the play Thyestes. Thyestes was written circa 169 B.C. and are based on the writings of the first century author Seneca, the actual text, except for a few lines, had been lost to history until Ernetti produced what he claims was the full text of the missing play.

Not very Impressive proof. Many of the words used weren't part of the Latin language until about 200 years after the play was first performed. The composition and linguistic repetition also suggest that the manuscripts Author had very limited skills in ancient Latin.

However - Father Ernetti claims that he reconstructed the text, which was later translated.

The translator, Katherine Eldred noted in her analysis that she believed Ernetti had written the play himself rather than transcribing an original performance. Basically that he wrote down what he had viewed based on what he saw and heard [From memory ?} and utilizing his non vernacular knowledge of Latin, or in this case ancient Latin.

Being English speaking myself and having read many texts in ancient and English I can clearly state that they are barely the same language - the same can be said of Latin and ancient Latin.

Actual Image as per Ernetti  of Jesus Christ allegedly viewed from the chronovisor

A second piece of evidence submitted was what Ernetti claimed was a picture of Christ on the cross. However, Ernettis picture was almost identical to one by a Spanish artist Cullot Valera, except that is reversed left-to-right.

Ernetti was a highly respected academian and intellectual whose specialty was archaic music. He spent the majority of his life writing, researching and teaching this subject and was the author of several books.

Were it not for his involvement with the chronovisor affair, which in effect put a huge blotch on an otherwise untarnished record Ernetii would be remembered as a respected intellectual.

Atlantis Rising article on Ernettis chronovisor. Author John Chambers 26th issue of Atlantis Rising

"Why should a man of such accomplishment and recognition feel compelled to confabulate a story about a time machine? Why did Father Ernetti, in the last ten years of his life, become increasingly silent about the chronovisor? Was the Vatican gradually suppressing this brilliant man? Were yet more powerful forces suppressing his astonishing invention?

Until recently, traveling through ...time, in particular, backward in time, had been considered impossible. Today, eminent scientists are beginning to debate the conditions under which it could occur." - John Chambers - Atlantis Rising

In theory Ernettis claims are possible. There is an entire branch of study called "Paleoacoustics" which involves attempting to gather remnants of electromagnetic waves left over in the environment and reassembling them into coherent imagery. The Chronovisor - perhaps ....