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A libertarian think tank petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on a years-long defamation case involving leaked emails from climate scientists that undermined the credibility of global warming predictions. ... - Story

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Climate Change has been very lucrative for Al Gore. Gore and business partner David Blood, onetime CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, co-founded Generation Investment Management (GIM). In a few short years they had produced nearly $218 million in profits.

Gore used $35 million of this to invest with Capricorn Investment Group founded by Canadian billionaire Jeffrey Skoll, who was part of the team that produced 'An Inconvenient Truth', the Global warming propaganda flick, rife with inconvenient errors and distortions. This cinematic trash won 1. A Nobel Prize 2. An Oscar and 3. Grammy.

Linking Climate Change to Racism

Those who oppose the Global Warming theory are branded as "Deniers" which on a subliminal level links Global Warming 'Deniers' with Holocaust 'deniers'. It also frames Global Warming theory as undeniable, climate change as an impending Holocaust and Deniers as implicit is this foreboding genocide.

Newspeak, is a manipulation of language created by Liberal fascists to stifle free and independent thought outside of approved guidelines. Potential Dissidents are ostracized via Jamming, a psychological tactic designed to depict opponents as Racist or any number of a multitude of undesirable traits. The anticipated end result being that dissidents are culled from the passive herd to be devoured by the socio-fascist pack.

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