Sino American News Archive 2019-2020

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This archive is a collection of headlines from assorted source and does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors. At the time they were posted all links were active, over time however some may well become inactive. We have no control over the policies of third party websites.

These headlines deal with Sino-American relations, trade matters and related topics, it does not include coverage of the Corona Virus outside of trade concerns, which is archived on a separate page See: 'Corona Virus' for relative headlines .

Taiwanese Official Declares Island Will ‘Not Bow to Intimidation of the Chinese’

Chinese Warship Targets U.S. Plane with Laser in ‘Unsafe and Unprofessional’ Provocation

China's Latest Data Fabrication: Home Prices "Increased" Even As Largest Home Developer Offers 25% Discounts

America urges Europe to join forces against China - But European leaders want to stake out an independent position between the two superpowers

U.S. Weighs Blocking GE Engine Sales For China’s New Airplane: Sources

Defense Secretary Esper: China Rising Threat to World Order

Rob Spalding: Trump’s ‘Real Challenge’ Is China Using ‘Corporate America as Proxies to Fight Their War’

Did the US just concede defeat in China tech war?

China suspends more penalties on US goods after trade truce

China’s Government Is Like Something out of 1984

US to Treat State-Owned Chinese Media as Operatives of the Communist State

State Department to Unmask Chinese Operatives Working as Journalists in the US

Adidas' China Business Activity Crashes 85% Due To Virus Shock

China Free-Rides on US-Built Security System in Middle East, Experts Say

U.S. and China Will Likely Go To War in the Next 30 Years: James Fanell

Schweizer: Bidens Have ‘Lied’ About Hunter’s China Dealings ‘Repeatedly’

Putin proposes 2020 summit with leaders of Russia, France, China, U.S. and UK

The United States could learn from China’s innovations in digital currency, says Securities and Exchange commissioner

“The Greatest Sino-American Event Since Nixon’s Trip to China” – Presidential Historian Doug Wead Cheers President Trump’s Historic US-China Trade Deal (VIDEO)

Taiwan President Wins Landslide Victory in Rebuke of Beijing

Indonesia Deploys Fighter Jets To South China Sea Amid Tensions With China

US Trade Deficit Hits 3-Year Low: ‘Trump’s China Hard Line Is Working,’ Expert Says

US Senators Raise Alarms About China’s New Encryption Law - WASHINGTON—U.S. lawmakers are increasingly concerned about China’s new cybersecurity rules that put U.S. companies at risk of losing sensitive data.
In October 2019, China passed a law that took effect on Jan. 1 to regulate cryptography in the country. The new legislation is the latest in a series of cybersecurity measures that Beijing has been rolling out in recent years to control data and communications within the country.
The new rules are potentially alarming, as foreign companies operating in China won’t be able to keep their data secret from the Chinese communist regime.

Trump to sign phase one trade deal with China, announces planned trip to Beijing

China Trying to 'Rewrite the Bible,' Force Churches to Sing Communist Anthems

Here’s how China became the world’s No. 2 economy and how it plans on being No. 1

China Using Huawei to Gain an Upper Hand Against the US in the Middle East: Experts

China Violates Disclosure Law to Publish Propaganda in NY Times, WaPo

New China carrier makes waves in South China Sea

China’s premier says HK bill turmoil damaged whole society

Hashrate Domination: China Controls Two-Thirds Of The World's Crypto Network's Processing Power

Xi Jinping calls for self-reliance as China grapples with long-term US challenge of trade war and ban on Huawei and other technology manufacturers

U.S. Navy again sails through Taiwan Strait, angering China

NYT Confirms Hunter Biden Bank of China Deal, Leaves Out Key Details

Joe Biden's son invested in Chinese app that spies on Muslims, as US condemns China over 'concentration camps'

Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden needs to testify on Ukraine, China business dealings

Government Watchdog Says Senate Should Call on Joe Biden’s Son to Testify on China, Ukraine Deals

Trump Calls for Biden-China Probe After Schweizer ‘Secret Empires’ Revelations

TREASON: Former State Dept. Official Under Trump Tells China to Quit Negotiating Until Trump is Removed in 2020

D’Souza: Pro-Abortionists Want Abortion on Demand. They Don’t Know the Consequences

Donald Trump on Trade ‘Squabble’ with China: ‘We Always Win’

FBI Should Be Looking into Hunter Biden’s ‘Billion-Dollar Deal’ with China

Not Just Ukraine; Biden May Have A Serious China Problem As Schweizer Exposes Hunter's $1bn Deal

China is raising tariffs on $60 billion of US goods starting June 1

China to slap tariffs on U.S. goods despite Trump warning

Chinese newspapers take hard line on Trump

Trump Warns China to Act on U.S. Trade Deal or Face Worse Terms

Mad magazine trolls Buttigieg on Trump nickname response

Inside Huawei’s £1.2billion ‘research and development’ campus where staff are forced to sleep under desks during hellish ‘endless’ shifts

Why US-China trade talks are about more than trade

U.S., China break off latest trade talks without announcing deal, as new tariffs rile markets

Trump Deletes Tweet Saying "No Need To Rush" China Trade Talks

US to slap tariffs on $200B in Chinese goods, WH says, but trade talks to resume Friday

President Trump thinks China is getting 'cold feet' on trade promises: Sen. John Thune

Trump threatens to raise tariffs on $200B worth of Chinese goods to 25 percent

China backtracked on nearly all aspects of US trade deal: Sources

Why China Decided to Play Hardball in Trade Talks Chinese negotiators emboldened by perception U.S. was willing to compromise

AFL-CIO Silent as Trump Hikes China Tariffs to Protect American Workers

Trump, at Florida rally, mocks 2020 field: 'I want to watch that one' when Buttigieg cuts deals with China's Xi

The U.S.-China Trade Talks Have Already Changed the World

Here's Why The China Trade Deal Fell Apart

China's top trade negotiator to visit US despite tariffs

🤔 China, the Great Equalizer: Chuck Schumer Backs Donald Trump in China Trade Talk Escalation

Markets Re-Plunge As Lighthizer Confirms Tariff-Hikes After China Reneges On Promises

China’s Algorithms of Repression

Joe Biden's son invested in Chinese app that spies on Muslims, as US condemns China over 'concentration camps'

Hillary Clinton Asks China To Steal Trump's Tax Returns

China Infiltrating U.S. Education System in Propaganda Coup

Steve Hilton: China Is ‘Funding Biden Family Businesses’ with ‘Billions of Dollars’ 👀

Pentagon Official: US Far Behind China, Russia In Modernizing Nuclear Arsenal

Newt Gingrich: China wants to replace America as THE global superpower -- Here's what we must learn

Trump soured relations in Latin America. China and Russia have welcomed the chaos.

The U.S. Is Losing a Major Front [Internet Control] to China in the New Cold War

Boeing’s Disaster Could Turn China Into Aviation Superpower