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'The success of globalism rides on the back of manipulating the minds of students to reflect patterns of global dogma. These students may be academically inferior to their 1970 counterparts, but scholarship was easily traded for the globalist-friendly character traits of a global citizen, traits that will not question the globalist agenda, but that will indeed welcome it as an inevitable evolution of civilization.'

Dumbed Down Students

The College Board: Dumbing Down America

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Middle Aged Career Woman

The New York Times caused an avalanche of social media anger on Sunday after publishing a report finding that the happiest of all American wives consider themselves religious conservatives.

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Tower of Babel

Every month CAIR gets someone fired for saying something that CAIR doesn’t like. It may not be racist, or bigoted, but rest assured that is exactly how CAIR will describe it.

And, the media is there to assist CAIR in the campaigns of personal destruction every step of the way, every month of the year.

One post reads: “Wondering why measles and smallpox are back? Perhaps millions of unvaccinated illegal alien kids in the public schools.”

China Social Credit 1984 Style

Imagine calling a friend. Only instead of hearing a ring tone you hear a police siren, and then a voice intoning, “Be careful in your dealings with this person.”

Would that put a damper on your relationship? It’s supposed to. Welcome to life in China’s “Social Credit System,” where a low score can ruin your life in more ways than one.

China's indoctrination app downloaded more than Gmail

Blacks For Trump

A study shows that racism has measurably decreased during President Trump’s time in the Oval Office, reports the Spectator.

Daniel J. Hopkins and Samantha Washington, two University of Pennsylvania sociologists, have been conducting a running study that measures the racial attitudes of 2,500 randomly selected Americans since 2008

In their most recent report, the academics admit they expected to see an increase in racist opinions among the group, stating, “Normalization of prejudice or opinion leadership both lead us to expect that expressed prejudice may have increased in this period, especially among Republicans or Trump supporters.”

Instead… Trump has made America less racist

Black Book American Left

The Black Book of the American Left is first of all a narrative map of the battles fought over the last 40 years and — it must be said – lost, almost every one. The Black Book contains a record as complete as any likely to be written of the struggle to resist a Communist-inspired Left that was not defeated in the Cold War but took advantage of the Soviet defeat to enter the American mainstream and conquer it, until today its members occupy the White House.

When Horowitz began his odyssey, the left had already escaped the political ghetto to which his parents’ generation and his own had been confined. Today, it has become the dominant force in America’s academic and media cultures, electing a president and achieving a position from which it can shape America’s future.

Joe and Hunter Biden

On ABC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) discussed a report from The New York Times on questions of former vice president Joe Biden’s potential conflict of interest.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Good morning, lets start where Chairman Schiff just left off right there that perhaps Congress should consider making it illegal to engage foreign governments, foreign assistance in campaigns. You agree?

PAUL: Well I think the American people will be shocked and dismayed to know that Joe Biden’s son was making $50,000 a month just a couple of months after he was dishonorably discharged from the military for drugs. $50,000 a month, I think most Americans will be dismayed that the president’s son was doing this while Joe Biden was actually lobbying to have this company, you know, go free of prosecution. My understanding, this was reported in the New York Times, Joe Biden was asking the prosecutor to lay off of the company that Hunter Biden was working for for $50,000 a month –

STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s – that’s not – that’s –

PAUL: — kicked out of the military, that’s extraordinary.

STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s not what – that’s not what was reported, in fact he was on an anti-corruption drive.

PAUL: Well actually that’s exactly what was reported, yes, that he got $50,000 a month right after he was kicked out of the military. That’s exactly true and nobody disputes that. STEPHANOPOULOS: That’s very separate from what you just said about what the vice president was saying right there.

Get Trump Grim Reaper

As Spygate proceeds to its certain conclusion -- the trials of those who engaged in this scandalous coup attempt -- we receive the details of the scheme only in dribs and drabs. Too many were involved and have too much to lose at this point by not revealing to the investigators their role in exchange for more lenient treatment, which is why I believe all will soon be revealed.

So for the moment let’s turn to the broader picture that explains in large part why so many officials were so determined to keep Donald Trump from the White House and to oust him once he won the election.

To me, it has seemed they are clinging to the privileges and benefits of an order which is dying because its underpinnings -- the post-World War II order -- no longer suit the citizens of the countries involved, or the changing world. ...In this respect, I was much taken by this article in the Claremont Review by Christopher Caldwell. 'Hungary and the Future of Europe'

Maxine Waters Cash

According to a 2004 The Los Angeles Times article, Maxine Waters’ family members made over $1 million by doing business with companies, causes and candidates that Waters had used her congressional seat to help.

In 2008, Waters arranged meetings between Treasury Department officials and OneUnited Bank, in order for the bank to solicit federal funds.

In 2010, she came under an ethics investigation and was accused of a violation related to her efforts to help OneUnited Bank receive federal aid. Not only is Waters' husband a former director of OneUnited Bank but he retained hefty stock holdings

In 2012 a powerful lobbyist paid Waters’ husband $15,000 in “consulting fees” and in return as she co-sponsored a law aimed at saving a business that was among the lobbyist’s top clients.

Not long after Mad Maxine she was caught circumventing federal elections rules with a crooked fundraising scam that allowed her to receive limitless donations from certain contributors. Instead of raising most of her campaign funds from individuals and political action committees, Waters sells her endorsement to other politicians and political causes for as much as $45,000

Most recently she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar again, she paid $50,000 from campaign funds to her daughter Federal Election Commission filings show, and it's not the first time for that either. - Maxine Waters Paid Daughter $50K from Campaign Funds for Accrued Debt

Scandal-Plagued Maxine Waters Top Dem on Banking Committee

Word Art Fake News History

In 1835 the NY Sun published a 6 part series detailing the discovery of life on the moon. In 1850 a number of newspapers in the United States reported on a plot hatched by Southerners to leave the Union and confederate with Mexico. In 1874, the New York World announced the discovery of man-eating trees.

“Such was the journalism of the 19th Century, it had an agenda to sell newspapers and produce a profit. As Journalism evolved the tactics became more sophisticated, although still 'designed to sucker gullible readers'.

Harvard Law School

Ronald Sullivan provided legal defense to Harvey Weinstein, so Harvard removed him as faculty dean. It’s a blow to due process.

We live in an unusual time. Just at the moment when federal courts — from multiple points of the ideological compass — are granting ever greater protections for key American liberties, American citizens feel far less free than they did even a few short years ago. The reason is obvious. While the law still protects individual liberty from government interference, powerful private actors are increasingly punitive against even mainstream political positions they dislike.

Judicial Watch Mexican Banking

President Trump said he would block money transfers to Mexico to fund a much-needed border wall as Mexicans in the U.S. sent a record $33.48 billion in remittances last year and a big chunk of it flowed through a government program operated by the Federal Reserve. This means that, amid an onslaught of illegal immigration, the U.S. government is largely responsible for the billions in remittances flowing south of the border from illegal aliens. Figures released by Mexico’s central bank show that 104 million transactions were executed in 2018, nearly six million more than the previous year.

Uncle Sam facilitates the process with a program called “Directo a Mexico” (Direct to Mexico), launched by the Federal Reserve, the government agency that serves as the nation’s central bank, more than a decade ago.

Laura Loomer Files Lawsuit Against Twitter and CAIR

Devin Nunes Slaps Twitter With $250M Lawsuit

Nunes faces tough odds with Twitter lawsuit

Writer Sues Twitter Over Ban

2nd Anti Transgender sues Twitter

James Woods' Twitter Defamation Win Upheld


quote gay publication

Gay and Lesbian Media Control

Trans- Privilege: Must We All Bow to It?

Transgender War on Women

Transgenders sue to change birth cert.sex

Writer Sues Twitter Over Ban for Criticizing Transgender People

2nd Anti Transgender Journalist files Lawsuit Against Twitter

Ignorance, Fear, and LGBTQ

UK: Parents Gender Transition Son, 7, and Foster Son, 3, to Female

Chips Ahoy Goes Full SJW – Promotes “Drag Moms” in Bizarre Mother’s Day Advertisement (VIDEO)

immigrant vs native welfare

Liberal media claims that undocumented / illegal aliens are ineligible for most major federally funded entitlement programs and contrary to Trumpet calls, can not therefore be abusing the welfare system. Many people naively believe this muddled trivia and think that immigrants are ineligible for public asisstance. WRONG !

Pete Buttigieg lies about illegal immigrants and welfare

Trump rule change would limit non-U.S. citizens access to welfare benefits

Get Trump Grim Reaper

When that didn't work ... if at frst you don't succeed plot plot again ... Right after the 2016 election, Green Party candidate Jill Stein—cheered on by Hillary Clinton dead-enders—sued in three states to recount votes and thereby overturn Donald Trump’s victory in the Electoral College. Before the quixotic effort imploded, Stein was praised as an iconic progressive social justice warrior who might stop the hated Trump from even entering the White House. When that did not work ...

Dr. Evil Facebook

Chris Hughes helped Mark Zuckerberg transform Facebook from a dorm-room project into a real business. Now, he's calling for the company to be broken up.

In a lengthy opinion piece published Thursday by the New York Times, Hughes says that Zuckerberg has "unchecked power" and influence "far beyond that of anyone else in the private sector or in government."

UNFRIENDED: Here are all the Mark Zuckerberg allies who have turned on Facebook

Bloomberg: Facebook Is the New ‘Big Tobacco’

Nutty Professor

A conservative organization, Turning Point USA comprised of High School and college students has begun compiling a database of college professors involved in indoctrination of students and discrimination against non-compliant students, students that fail to conform to the left wing conversion regimen being force fed to young people under the guise of education.

African American Enslavement

Democrats, the party of the KKK and generations of Black enslavement of African Americans continues to wield control over its plantations. The new slavery enslaves all equally, Black and White. To this very day, a large majority of African Americans continue to support the Democratic party. The Party which continues to enslave Blacks under an increasingly sophisticated methodology.

Trump on the Apprentice

Critics gloated over President Donald Trump’s newly revealed tax details from the New York Times. But his economic struggles in the ’90s were no surprise for fans of his hit NBC TV show The Apprentice.

“It wasn’t always so easy. About 13 years ago, I was seriously in trouble. I was billions of dollars in debt,” Donald Trump said in his opening narrative of the main titles of the show in 2004. “But I fought back and I won, big league.”

Angry Trump

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in California, there’s another surprise coming out of Sacramento. This one not only displays unprecedented overreach, but also an absolute disregard for the United States Constitution.

The California state Senate approved a bill earlier this month to require candidates appearing on the 2020 presidential primary ballot — including President Trump — to release five years' worth of income tax returns.

A timely and conveniently biased bill, which if it becomes law, means that Trump’s name may not appear on the California primary ballot during the upcoming presidential election cycle. And an especially egregious bill since the United States Constitution clearly states that there are only three requirements for holding the presidency.

California bill aims to keep Trump off the 2020 primary ballot unless he releases at least 5 years of his tax returns

Criminal Clinton

Angry Obama

A Massachusetts judge and court officer accused of helping an illegal immigrant flee an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent waiting to take him into custody were indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury for obstruction of justice and three other counts, officials said.

Judicial Watch Mexican President Tom Fitton

April 20, 2019- Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “Justice w/ Judge Jeanine” to discuss the purpose of the Mueller report–and what President Trump should do next.

All in the Family Cast

All in the Family was the CBS top-rated program for years, winning 22 Emmy's. It depicted what it's creators hoped would be a devastating blow to the foundation of the American Family. The archetype for an American working class father was Archie Bunker, a bigoted, opinionated, uneducated World War II veteran -a half wit. Episode after episode, brought to the forefront a societal issue, Women's "Lib" , gun control, gay rights, religion, racial integration, -- with Archie , and his street level Mugs Mahoney eloquence, pitching the conservative viewpoint.

Maude Sitcom

Maude, a Norman Lear Bud Yorkin sitcom aired from September 1972 till April 1978 . It depicted what it's creators hoped would further widen the chasm between American men and women, like it's parent show 'All in the Family', it was an assault on traditional American Values and the Family structure. The lead character, Maude, played by Beatrice Arthur, was an overbearing opinionated feminist.

Harvey Weinstein

Now, liberal stars are keeping their mouths shut as similar allegations fall on their side of the ideological aisle. Anyone shocked? Uber-producer Harvey Weinstein’s epic fall ushered in a new awareness of sexual abuse beyond Tinsel Town. The “Hateful Eight” producer provided the ultimate bogey man. Arrogant, powerful and able to shift Academy winds with a well-turned quote, his fall proved so precipitous even his attempt at leveraging his liberal bona fides in his defense failed.

Young Elizabeth Warren

For many years before she entered politics, the woman now at the forefront of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party was a Republican.

It was not until 1996—when Warren was 47 years old and a newly minted Harvard law professor—that she changed her registration from Republican to Democrat. This is around the same time that she began flaunting her 'faux' heritgae to gain political and career momentum. Is she a 'Liberal' based on her career aspirations rather than her actual convictions ? Doe's she actually have any convictions other than her own personal advancement ?

Distillery Hillary

Hillary Clinton recently editorialized about the second volume of special counsel Robert Mueller's massive report. She concluded of the report's assorted testimonies and inside White House gossip concerning President Trump's words and actions that "any other person engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted."

Psychologists might call her claims "projection." That is the well-known psychological malady of attributing bad behavior to others as a means of exonerating one's own similar, if not often even worse, sins.

Ben Carson Links Hillary and Luciferianism

Ben Carson made a statement that raised some eyebrows. “Now, one of the things that I have learned about Hillary Clinton is that one of her heroes, her mentors, was Saul Alinsky,” said Carson. “And her senior thesis was about Saul Alinsky. This was someone she greatly admired….”

“And let me tell you something about Saul Alinsky,” continued Carson. “He wrote a book called Rules for Radicals. It acknowledges Lucifer, the original radical who gained his own kingdom. Now think about that.” .... That certainly got a lot of people thinking.

Tower of Babel

When the 'Social Engineers' and leftarded radicals seeks to impose an agenda, they will commonly attempt to desensitize the general public as to the full extent of their conspiracy. One tactic is to commandeer a common word and by repetitious use that words definition is eventually supplanted with the new one. The objective is to superimpose a new meaning over the targeted word in public perception and thereby transfer that good feeling associated with that word. It's known as Associative Conditioning.

Satanism in Hollywood

The Satanic Temple is the perfect religion for progressives. You can believe anything you want, as long as you hate what Donald Trump, Christians and conservatives believe. Unlike the Church of Satan, the Satanic Temple doesn’t even believe in a supernatural entity called Satan. Instead, they celebrate Satan as “the ultimate rebel”, and they relish in using the symbol of Satan to greatly upset Christians. The Satanic Temple was founded in 2013, and from the very beginning it was clear that they were primarily a political movement. In fact, they openly tell prospective members that the only real requirement for joining is to believe “in the political and secular actions” of the group…

Epoch Times Infographic

"To the extent there was overreach, what we have to be concerned about is a few people at the top getting it into their heads that they know better than the American people" AG William Barr

Barr will also review whether the infamous Steele dossier - a collection of salacious and unverified claims against Donald Trump

Most Corrupt Candidate Ever

Durring the 2016 Presidential Election some of the emails lifted from Clinton and associate servers prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that large swarths of mass media are in the pocket of the Democratic Party.

Wikileaks hacked and released a large number of emails which exposed the shennanigans. For instance, ever wonder why Republican candidates for any office get slammed with loaded, defamatory and difficult questions while Democrats are permitted the skirt any difficulties ?

Democrat Ukrainian Collusion

John Solomon reported at The Hill about potential collusion between American Democrats and Ukrainian nationals, including interference with the 2016 election and the obstruction of criminal investigations.

Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Prosecutor General’s International Legal Cooperation Department, told me he and other senior law enforcement officials tried unsuccessfully since last year to get visas from the U.S. embassy in Kiev to deliver their evidence to Washington.

Twitter Poll Kavanaugh

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee wanted to demonstrate that several months after his bruising confirmation hearings, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh remains an unpopular figure in American legal and political circles.


Cartoon Basic Income

A study of UBI trials concludes that making cash payments to all is no solution to poverty and inequality

A study published this week sheds doubt on ambitious claims made for universal basic income (UBI), the scheme that would give everyone regular, unconditional cash payments that are enough to live on. Its advocates claim it would help to reduce poverty, narrow inequalities and tackle the effects of automation on jobs and income.

Ted Kwennedy looking back on Kopechne Death

I am so old, I actually remember when Chappaquiddick happened. Some years later, I looked into the facts and found that they are quite clear: Senator Ted Kennedy, then 37 years old, drove his car off a bridge and saved himself, leaving a young woman to die,

Almost 10 years after the death of Democrat Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy of Massachusetts, and 50 years after the death of Mary Jo Kopechne — and almost two years after a major Hollywood film on the incident — the media are starting to finally reveal the truth about what happened at Chappaquiddick.

Condom Accident

An accused student is suing Yale University for concluding that the brief absence of a condom 'during an otherwise consensual encounter' was sexual assault.

'John Doe' alleges that gender bias was a motivating factor in the decision against him by Dean of the College Marvin Chun, which resulted in his suspension.

Chicago DNC and Gangs

Illinois Republicans unhappy at the influence the Democrat-controlled city of Chicago holds over the state are looking at trying to blow the Windy City out of the state altogether -- despite the long odds that such a push would face.

A new report by Pew Trusts' Stateline shines light on an effort by the state’s GOP to turn the state red by turning the blue city into its own state.

Spy vs. Spy Comey and Brennan

Finger-pointing Begins: Comey & Brennan at Odds Over Who Pushed to Include Dossier in Intel Report

The panic and finger pointing have begun! You can smell the fear