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Leftist Brain Washing Techniques

Brainwashing, behavioral modification, thought control, or thought reform doesn't require advanced gadgetry, it doesn't necessarily need to employ incarceration and persistently drilling foreign concepts into your mind. Civilized human beings are already confined and chained to the flock. The only thing brain washers need to succeed is to be able to bypass the rational thinking part of your brain and implant the suggestions and commands to Obey and comply.

The behavioral modification - brainwashing and propaganda campaign, modeled to a large extent on the tactics pioneered by the Nazis and Communist Chinese employs 3 primary methods ... Desensitization, Jamming, Associative Conditioning, Direct Emotional Modeling and Framing. Read More > Psychological Tactics of The Liberal Left

Exposing Brainwashers

A conservative organization, Turning Point USA comprised of High School and college students has begun compiling a database of college professors involved in indoctrination of students and discrimination against non-compliant students

Their database available at is more than a list of bizarre leftist lunatics and pied pipers posing as professors, it is documented and factually based. Students Exposing Leftist Teachers

Liberal Brainwashing in Public Schools

Left wing indoctrination begins in grade school and continues for the life of your child. Methods of controlling the mass mind. Psychology, Propaganda, Brainwashing tactics utilized by the Elitist Left to indoctrinate and control public opinion of future generations. Liberal Brainwashing in Public Schools

Brief History of Fake News

By the 1970s most main stream journalism was controlled by corporate entities, largely uninvolved in the actual content so long as it produced revenue. Content was surrendered to quasi-intellectuals who were largely the product of academic indoctrination. News Media now had a dual agenda ... 1. Produce growth and revenue for the folks who signed the paychecks 2. Promote a left wing progressive agenda while maintaining a facade of journalistic ethics all the while still 'designed to sucker gullible readers'. Read More > Brief History of Fake News