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  • Oppression Mentality
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  • Neuro Toxins
  • Climate Racism
  • Liberal Narcissism
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  • Feminist Man Haters
  • Lesbians Hijacked Feminism
  • Feminist Lies Learned too Late
  • Maude Feminist Propaganda
  • Women inherently Lesbian ?
  • Lesbianism in Girl Scouting
  • Gay Agenda

  • Gay Subtext aimed at Children
  • Gay Sex Ed in Public Schools
  • Gay Agenda in Public Schools
  • Is Homosexuality a Mental Illness?
  • Hollywood Pedophiles
  • Gay Agenda Defined
  • Gay APA
  • Comic Books and The Gay Agenda
  • Gay Mafia
  • Victims of the Gay Mafia
  • Gay Media Control
  • Is Sponge bob Gay ?
  • Evelyn Hookers Bad Science
  • Was Frasier Crane Gay ?
  • Anita Bryant
  • Blacks and Democrats
  • Origins of American Slavery
  • Plagiarism in Alex Haley's Roots
  • NAACP Demands Photo
  • Vietnam Era Propaganda
  • Cultural Marxism
  • Al Gores Racist Legacy
  • Noble Savage Myth
  • 2016 Election DNC Media Collusion
  • Fall Holidays
  • Hitler was a Leftist Socialist
  • Dumbing Down for Globalization
  • Cloward Piven Strategy
  • Moslems Stole American Dream
  • Hispanic Racist Radicals
  • Chicago City Jobs to Illegals
  • Drunk Driving Toll - Illegal Aliens
    African American Enslavement

    Democrats, the party of the KKK and generations of Black enslavement of African Americans continues to wield control over its plantations. The new slavery enslaves all equally, Black and White. To this very day, a large majority of African Americans continue to support the Democratic party. The Party which continues to enslave Blacks under an increasingly sophisticated methodology.

    The type of slavery has changed, it was once forced servitude where now it is a slavery to handouts. E.W. Jackson of Virginia, Black Politician, Republican Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, stated.. ..'slavery did not destroy black families, but government welfare programs launched in the 1960s caused them to deteriorate'.

    Elitist Mind Control Tactics

    The tactics employed by the progressive globalist machine were developed in the 30s and 40s by Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia, perfected by Communist China in the 50s and 60s, and utilized extensively by American Liberals. Exposed in a fictional format by George Orwell's work of Fiction entitled 1984, it was scientifically first exposed by Robert Jay Lifton in Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of 'Brainwashing' in China.

    Gay and Lesbian Media Control

    Homosexual activists claim they only seek acceptance and tolerance from mainstream society, but as per Marshall Kirk, a prophet of the Gay Agenda - "In the early states of any campaign to reach straight America, the masses should not be shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself. Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible. First let the camel get his nose inside the tent -- and only later his unsightly derriere! "

    Inside a Feminazi Mind

    Men, masculinity and male role models are under relentless assault. Second Wave feminism has very little to do with the rights of women and everything to do with tearing down heterosexuality and the human family structure. The initial stages of feminism, which many view as having ended in the 1980s addressed a few legitimate issues amongst their litany of lunacy. The second wave is more about emasculating and effectively castrating the common man.

    Maude Sitcom

    Maude, a Norman Lear Bud Yorkin sitcom aired from September 1972 till April 1978 . It depicted what it's creators hoped would further widen the chasm between American men and women, like it's parent show 'All in the Family', it was an assault on traditional American Values and the Family structure. The lead character, Maude, played by Beatrice Arthur, was an overbearing opinionated feminist.

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