18 Social Media Alternatives
Pro Free Speech and Anti Data Mining

Heil Zuckerberg

By Rick Gordon

1. Mumblit - Recently launched open forum, exciting alternative to facebook. Mumblit is a FREE speech social media network, which promotes the constitution and Bill of Rights.

2. Magabook - Social Media for Conservatives. A very similar platform to Facebook in format, caters to disenchanted conservatives who have been muffled and abused by Facebook gestapo. It limits itself by inadvertently repelling non-conservatives with its use of the term "maga". But all in all it is a new and worthwhile platform that adheres to the tenets of Free Speech.

3. Diaspora Network - Not for Profit organization, stores data on independently run servers called 'pods' all over the world. The user chooses which pod to register with, and you can then connect seamlessly with the worldwide diaspora network. You can be whoever you want to be in diaspora*. Unlike some networks, you don’t have to use your real identity. In diaspora* you own any data you upload. You don’t sign over rights to any corporation or other interest who could use it. You choose who sees what you share.

4. Vero.co, not to be confused with vero.com - a gaming network, Vero.co is based on paid subscriptions and doesn’t show ads and collect data for this purpose. They do collect usage stats which is available to you to monitor how often you use the service and it can be turned off by default.

5. Mastodon bills itself as an open source Twitter competitor. Interface is divided into columns and can be a tad confusing if you're accustomed to the Facebook or Twitter formats.

6. Gab - "A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome." The Gab Social project is based on the Mastodon project, and is licensed under the terms and conditions of AGPL-3.0

7. Plurk - Not sure what to make of this site, completely different format from any I've ever seen. A completely different approach for social networking. Maybe it'll catch on ...

8. Hello won't work on desktops, it is a mobile only app - Hello Network, Inc. was founded by well-known social pioneer Orkut Buyukkokten (creator of orkut.com) and a small group of ex-Google engineers.

9. Quora ... Ask a question on ANY topic and and get some awesome answers. You can post anonymously or under an identity. You can re-ask questions and up or down vote answers

10. Ello That's Ello.co , not to be confused with ello.com - Global social network that caters to artists. Their Motto - "Ello is a global community of artists dedicated to creative excellence. Built by artists, for artists"

11. Devianart A social site for artists or those who enjoy bizarre art is: Devian Art

12. Eyem- Photo and video sharing and licensing platform

13. Dribble A social sharing site for design artists and those who enjoy or have use for the same. Differs from other similar sites in that it is geared more towards commercial application.

14. Digg .. Social network ? Well kinda ... used for getting news, with many options available Digg stands out due to its selection From various media outlets. You can use it without creating an account.

15. Nextdoor is a private social network for neighbors. they bill themselves as "the best way to stay informed about what’s going on in your neighborhood—whether it’s finding a last-minute babysitter, planning a local event, or sharing safety tips." Basically a platform for local intra-webs.

16. Meetup Primarily used for for groups and events. Groups and events can be browsed and joined at your leisure, some require approval. Signup via Facebook, google or email

17. Amino encourages geeky niché topics that appeal to your inner geek. With over 250,000 communities anchored on assorted nerdy topics.

18. RallyPoint Current and former members of the US military gather to discuss military life, share information, and exchange stories.

Allegedly Ilhan Omar

When Facebook minons learned of Luckeys rightwing political leanings and all hell broke loose. In addition to fellow facebook minions, silicon valley developers cancelled plans to do business with the company he founded unless Luckey was fired. Luckey was not the only target of the left wing fascist mob, his girlfriend, Nicole Edelmann, also came under assault. She was forced to take down her Twitter account after a left wing rag, published a hit piece that delved into her personal life.

The Social media facebook reich forced Luckey to apologize for his political activity and it was believed he was required to claim he was a Libertarian instead of a pro-Trump Republican.

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