Sad Case of Palmer Luckey

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Allegedly Ilhan Omar

By Rick Gordon

Palmer Luckey is not quite a household name, nor is one of the companies he founded Occulus. He's another Silicon Valley entrepreneur and wiz kid who created a fortune. He is the founder of a defense technology company Anduril Industries which focused on autonomous drones and sensors for the military. He is also the founder of Oculus VR, a virtual reality technology operation credited with reviving the virtual reality industry. He ranked 22 on Forbes' list of America's richest entrepreneurs under 40

Facebook 'zucked' up Oculus for $2 billion. After selling Oculus, Luckey became a Facebook minion who ran afoul of the Fuhrer Heir Zuckerburg by donating $10,000 to a political cause he believed in, a pro-Trump, anti-Clinton organization called Nimble America. The Daily Beast, a left wing fake news rag got wind of this and published an article entitled " Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near-Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump’s Meme Machine".

With the propaganda hit piece, other Facebook minons learned of Luckeys political leanings and all hell broke loose. In addition to fellow facebook minions, silicon valley developers cancelled plans to do business with Oculus, Scruta Games is one - it announced it would cancel Oculus's support in their games unless Luckey was fired. Luckey was not the only target of the left wing fascist mob, his girlfriend, Nicole Edelmann, also came under assault. She was forced to take down her Twitter account after Gizmodo, another left wing rag, published a hit piece that delved into her personal life, Instagram pictures, and her political views. - an excerpt from the gizmodod hit piece "She frequently shit-talks feminist Anita Sarkeesian, mocks ‘SJWs,’ and tweets pictures of herself at Trump events."

The Social media facebook reich forced Luckey to apologize for his political activity and it was believed he was required to claim he was a Libertarian instead of a pro-Trump Republican.

Tower of Babel

When the 'Social Engineers' and leftarded radicals seeks to impose an agenda, they will commonly attempt to desensitize the general public as to the full extent of their conspiracy. One tactic is to commandeer a common word and by repetitious use that words definition is eventually supplanted with the new one. The objective is to superimpose a new meaning over the targeted word in public perception and thereby transfer that good feeling associated with that word. It's known as Associative Conditioning.

Mario Cuomo with Gangsters

Wading through scores of old news stories and columns I was amazed at how diligently the liberal press of his day endeavored to depict him as a choir boy who ascended to Sainthood. That alone aroused my suspicion, if the liberal press is promoting somebody or something - then yes, he/she/it is connected. If not connected to the classical Italian mob, then that other great organized crime cabal - The Democratic Party. Now none will deny Saint Mario's connections to the Democrats he was one of the dirt-bags, but his connections to the Mafia itself is a tad more suspect, it is largely based on guilt by association.