Gay Agenda in Public Schools

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Brainwashing our Children - changing society by capturing the the minds of youth is not a new idea, it's as old as civilization itself. It's standard operating procedure in totalitarian societies. It has been used by the Nazis, Communists and other socialist regimes. It is practiced by cults such as the Moonies, and Jim Jones 'Peoples' temple. And last but certainly not least it is used extensively by the American Progressives and Gay militants.

'It's 10 PM. Do you know where your children are? Well nowadays 'It's 1 PM Do you know what YOUR kids are studying'.

Do You Know What Your Kids are Studying.

There is a well organized criminal mob, a well oiled machine manned by perverts and useful idiots vigorously and salaciously seeking to indoctrinate and promote homosexuality to societies youngest members. Activists are well aware that if they can capture the hearts and manipulate the minds of our children at the earliest possible age they will have, for all intensive purposes, perverted society to suit their devious agenda.

Anti Bullying Charade

Bullying has been around as long as human beings have, and probably longer. It's basic human nature , part of the 'hardening' process of growing up. It's part of establishing a pecking order amongst a litter of puppies, and there's little difference in a juvenile social order.

Gay agenda groups have seized the opportunity to promote homosexuality and push for acceptance of sexual perversion and promotion of degenerate behavior among adolescents and children.  Lessons in homosexuality and homosexual glorification are being force fed to children as young as Kindergarten under the cloak of 'anti-bullying programs, tolerance, and safe school initiatives'.

A large part of the educational establishment promotes the notion that bullying is a at epidemic proportions in recent years and indicative of the violence inherent in modern times. They promote the misconception that bullying is a product of modern society, a completely False Narrative

Most adults painfully remember instances of bullying in their childhood, either as a victim, perpetrator, or bystander. Bullying has been a fact of life for all those who have not grown up inside a  bubble of seclusion - it's a normal, but sad social fact. Since the late 90s, anti-bullying curricula has been inserted into the educational system, this is a good thing - or so it would seem.

Bullying is a terrifying facet of aggressive human behavior, imposed upon the weak and vulnerable. It can be somewhat suppressed , which is a good thing, but never completely ended unless human beings somehow become pre - programmed machines.


Gay Classroom Infiltration


Kevin Jennings, masterminded a scheme of gay infiltration into the classroom using "tolerance" and anti-bullying programs as a perfect path to classroom indoctrination,

In 1995 Jennings made a speech to a Gay Group in which he somewhat outlined the agendas strategy.

'If the radical right can succeed in portraying us as preying on children, we will lose. Their language .... is laced with subtle and not-so-subtle innuendo that we are after their kids,' - He then went on to propose a strategy of how they could get at our kids.

In 2009, Obama nominated this degenerate propagandist Kevin Jennings as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education he was in charge of overseeing the Safe and Drug-Free Schools program. Now the drug education programs I personally have no problem with, but the lefts manipulation of the term safe is where the flakiness comes in

Jennings was in charge of making public schools safe for leftists and homosexuals and to disseminate pro-homosexual propaganda and indoctrination to Americas school children.

Jennings, an accused but never convicted promoter of pedophilia , was a founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network {GLSEN}. The same group that gave courses on Fisting and Spit or swallow Is it rude?

Jennings was appointed during the first Obama administration ,52 members of Congress, wrote to President Obama requesting that he rescind the appointment because Jennings had for more than 20 years, almost exclusively focused on promoting the homosexual agenda. The Obama regime refused to do so.  Jennings only lasted two years before he resigned, but in that 2 years he did possibly irreparable damage.

An important aspect of the Jennings strategy involves linking the Gay Agenda to universal values that all members of society share. Basically to latch onto tolerance, diversity, safety, and peaceful coexistence amongst children of many variations - which is a good thing.

It's a tactic referred to as Framing. From this simple dirt path, they seek to build a super-highway into the minds of our youth. Anybody who objected to the Gay Agendas planned indoctrination would heretofore be labeled a heartless bully, a homophobic demon with a complete disregard for children and students.

This framing short-circuited their arguments [heterosexuals] and left them back-pedaling from day one, .... [N]o one could speak up against our frame and say, Why, yes, I do think students should kill themselves , This allowed us to set the terms for debate.

An important goal of the framing campaign, as well as the Gay Agenda in general according to Jennings, is that eventually when normal straight people hear that someone is promoting homosexuality, they would say -Yeah, who cares ? - because they would not necessarily equate homosexuality with what it really is - evil, bad, devious and in opposition to common human morality It's a tactic known as Desensitization - See Liberal Brainwashing Techniques.

'Pederasts, [Pedophiles], gender-benders, sadomasochists and other minorities in the homosexual community with more extreme peculiarities would keep a low profile until homosexuality is in the tent. Only strong and favorable images of homosexuals should be displayed. [ Paul E. Rondeau - Selling Homosexuality in America ]


False Gay Heroes

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Dumbed Down Students

Public school students as young as Kindergarten all across North America are being indoctrinated into the demented Orwellian society. One such example is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender History Month where a different pervert {OOps did I say that ? I'm sorry - I meant Gay, Lesbian, bisexual or transgender} person is highlighted each day. You really needn't look far for worthy Gay heroes in History, considering 3 to 5 percent of the population is Gay

One such person was Edward Araujo {a/k/a Gwen Araujo} Edward was undergoing hormone therapy, basically he was a man masquerading as a woman.  At a party he tricked a number of heterosexual men into having a gay old time with him, both Oral and Anal. He was brutally beaten and murdered when it was discovered that he wasn't female .  I don't condone this type of violence against anyone , but this is certainly not a Hero for school children to emulate, no more than the victims of his charade are.

Harvey Milk - 'When decent people gag on learning that the US Post Office is issuing a Harvey Milk stamp, it is not just that Milks sole notable accomplishment was to be acknowledged as a pervert. He was a particularly disgusting type of pervert that any healthy society would strive to eradicate rather than deify. Matt Barber has enraged liberals by drawing attention to Milks 'deviant sexual appetite for underage, drug-addicted, runaway boys' - Liberal Demigod Harvey Milk Preyed on Troubled Underage Boys

Explicit Gay Sex Education


At Gorham Middle School in Maine students learned about homosexual foreplay during what was supposed to be a Diversity Day presentation.

Students in an 8th grade class were molested by a group known as Proud Rainbow Youth of Southern Maine. This pathetic performance involved assaulting students with descriptions and unsolicited advice regarding safe homosexual sex acts and suggested using saran wrap when giving a blow job if a dental dam was not available. 

Anyone wishing to contact these people and letting them know what you think of their organization can contact them at


A representative of Protect Marriage Maine, said he was not at all surprised by the content ... 'Homosexual activists rarely advertise that they are going to indoctrinate children to their point of view,.... It is done under the radar, through mandatory diversity, anti-bullying and tolerance lessons.'

Teaching The art of Fist F__king

During a workshop for 14-21 year olds , these young people were assaulted by a session that presented unsolicited lessons in fisting a homosexual practice where a persons fist is violently thrusted up the partners rectum for sexual pleasure, instead of the penis. A Gay activist also asked students, Spit or swallow?... Is it rude?

Breaking: Obama's Safe Schools Czar's Question to 14 Year Olds: 'Spit vs. Swallow ?  Is it Rude?'

In 1991, gay activists in Seattle distributed over 500 packets outside Seattle high schools. The packets contained a booklet entitled 'How to Fuck Safely', it contained nauseating and vivid photographs which included two men performing oral sex.

A New Jersey school district has apologized to parents after requiring high school students to read books that include graphic depictions of lesbian sex and a homosexual orgy. Lesbian Sex Featured on School Reading List

It's Elementary Talking About Gay Issues in School

Talking About Gay Issues in School

The homosexual mob has produced a video 'It's Elementary: Talking about Gay Issues in School aimed at the education system, Produced by Lesbians Debra Chasnoff, and Helen Cohen , funded by the Columbia Foundation, People for the American Way, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, and the California Teacher Associations Gay and Lesbian Caucus. They went into six elementary and middle schools which were already promoting the Gay Agenda. The primary theme of this film is to convince kids that their parents and any adults who don't support the gay agenda are ignorant bigots. It is a tactic known as Jamming, but taken to a whole new level.

If parents see homosexuality as immoral, how is a child to interpret contradictory messages coming from a highly respected authority figure - the recipient of all those apples, the teacher ? A seed has been sewn designed to rip a chasm between the child's two worlds: home and school; as the rebellious years of adolescence approach a doubt has been raised in the child's mind about whether or not their parents are wrong.

Mat Staver leader of Liberty Counsel states that educating students about LGBT , LGBT History Month robs '[t]he innocence of our children' and places them 'under assault'

The Kid's Guide to Social Action by Barbara Lewis, although most of the book is acceptable and well done, excerpts clearly demonstrate that she, at times, is subtlety coaching kids to defy and rebel against their parents and family values. Statements such as 'Are you tired of adults making most of the big decisions in your life?' and 'Now, some adults might disagree and say that your parents represent you'

Deerfield High School in Deerfield, Illinois, recently assigned the pornographic book Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes to students 14 and up as required reading. There is an episode where a gay man in the midst of humping another gay man finds that ha has a broken condom. The humpee screams Keep it going. Infect me. I dont care. I dont care. { The U.S. Centers for Disease Control estimates that four percent of the male population is homosexual or bisexual yet they account for 78 percent of new HIV infections }

In another excerpt suck my dick, Mother Teresa can also be found among the sticky pages. A gay man states that his nose is a sex organ and reaches for another mans pants to offer a demonstration.


Student Non-Discrimination Act

Homosexual Classrooms Act

The Homosexual Classrooms Act is a Bill allegedly designed to protect homosexual students from real or perceived discrimination in public schools. Given the History of the Left Wing the actuality of the situation is that the bill , will , under the standard deviant interpretations they introduce be an oppressive measure against heterosexuality and morality. The bill as seen by conservatives and religious groups contains a myriad of anti-family provisions.

For one thing, it requires schools to teach about homosexual acts so that gays don't feel left out during sex-ed classes. It will also exempt gay students from any form of punishment for harassment of or sexually assaulting classmates as part of their privileged rights to 'freedom of self expression' .The bill would also force private schools as well as religious schools to teach Pro-gay curriculum and delete any references to religion, be it Christian, Judaism, Islam etc..  if a student perceives that it somehow creates a 'hostile learning environment' for gays.

Neal McCluskey {Cato Institute} stated 'The definition of harassment could be so broadly interpreted that anybody who expressed a totally legitimate opinion about homosexual behavior could be made illegal. That's a violation of those kids who want to express opposition to LGBT opinions or behavior.' Another opponent said it represented Kevin Jennings radical homosexual agenda .  The legislation was introduced in the 111th Congress (2010-2011) and it died in committee, however it has been resurrected and the gay lobby is working hard to ram their homosexuality further down societies throat. In Massachusetts the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education has ordered the state K-12 public schools to permit transgender boys and girls to use the opposite sex bathrooms, and locker rooms so long as they claim to identify with that gender.


The mission of Public School Exit is to facilitate an exodus of American children and families from government-controlled education by educating the public and helping families. We are more than an organization, we are a movement.

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Sexualization, Pornography, and Grooming in the Schools

sexualizing kids

In 6th grade our school started the FLASH curriculum. I will never forget the day our MALE teacher taught us what intercourse was. That was mortifying. We had to sit and hear very personal things with boys constantly joking about it. It made me feel violated, like I was just an object. Since the sex ed curriculum started, those kinds of things go on all year long. Sexual comments are common.

Boys will even grab girls' butts at school, including mine. When addressed, they simply move on to someone else. I want it to stop but if you say anything you are made fun of and no one takes you seriously. This is wrong but everyone seems to just accept it and girls suffer in silence. Sexual harassment is being tolerated and actually encouraged by the culture that has been fueled by sex being in every day at school.

Here's what one girl described:

Girls already have a hard time being respected and having sex discussed every day just makes it hard. I, and many others, prefer to have these sensitive discussions at home with those we trust, not in front of our peers and teachers. And by the way, opting out is not really an option. Anyone who does that gets teased and bullied even more. This really should be an elective class that you CHOOSE to take. Why can't it be that way? We should have a choice.

In my other class we are learning about our first amendment rights. I am supposed to have the right to exercise my religious freedom yet every day I am being forced to go against it in order to pass a class. I am a pastor's daughter. Where are my rights? Where is my right to have safe boundaries? I don't want this mandated on me and I certainly can't imagine making younger kids go through this.

Today I ask you to guarantee that ALL kids' voices are heard. Please vote no and give us a real choice, a choice to keep our honor. Full Article - American Thinker Amy Contrada