Ilhan Omar
Trained As A Jihadi Terrorist ??

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Allegedly Ilhan Omar

By Rick Gordon

Not long ago this picture purportedly of Ilhan Omar made its rounds on the internet. Claims were that it showed the Jihadi Congresswoman at an Al-Qaeda training camp in her younger days. I did some basic research and found that if it was in her younger days it would have to have been much much younger - like perhaps a previous lifetime. The picture was taken in 1978 - before she was even born.

In addition, the woman in the picture is wearing a Somali Army uniform. At the time they were our Allies. While fake news is usually the domain of the left it appears some on our side engage in the same nonsense. Big difference being the lefts fake news is main stream, while the rights is from a handful of ill prepared zealots on the fringe of the conservative movement.

While the picture most certainly is not a smoking gun linking the Minnesota Congresswoman to Islamic Jihad there are a myriad of other nuances that draw a disturbing connection between Ms. Omar [If that really is her name ] and Islamic Terrorism.

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