Definition of Libtard

Liberal Retards aka Libtards

By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

'Libtard' is a blended word, a combination of Liberal and Retard which effectively defines the typical Left wing useful idiot. Other such examples of blended words in common everyday usage are 'Smog' a blend of smoke and fog, 'Motel' - a blend of motor and hotel, Moped = Motor and Pedal, Workaholic = Work and Alcoholic suggesting an addiction to work instead of alcohol.

The blending of Liberal and Retard is a masterful meld of two distinct yet conjoined definitions that define an intellectual slovenly useful idiot - a libtard.

Thinking liberals do exist. Although the combination of Liberal and thinking seems oxymoronic, there are libtards who are capable of formulating their own opinions outside the sphere of Big Brother.

In fact some libtards actually posess a relatively High IQ. However, in reality IQ and Wisdom are two distinct arenas of higher brain function. The paradox of 'high IQ liberals' is somewhat explained by the fact that most have been heavily indoctrinated under the guise of education.

Narcissism plays a big role as well. All people have some level of Narcissistic personality disorder, a mental disorder in which victims have a highly inflated sense of self importance. They have a burgeoning need for respect and admiration yet bare little empathy for others. They need to view themselves and have others view them as informed intellectuals with all the answers, regardless of how hypocritically they live their lives. 'it is not the political and moral slogans one mouths.' [2]

The opinions and thought processes of the typical libtard is 'retarded' in that they are incapable of effectively incorporating the most basic of variables into their ludicrous ideologies.

The typical useful idiot libtard, who actually believes the fantasies they parrot is not an evil person, they are simply naive and befuddled by reality. Libtards believe that all people [except those whom disagree with them] are inherently good, they deny the basic psychological premises of human nature.

People, regardless of how noble they envision themselves , regardless of how charitable they may be, are inherently self centered and greedy. 99% of the Human race will work solely for their own interests before all else.

This is why Communism failed - Marx predicted a noble and selfless self governing communal society in which everybody worked for the greater good. Unfortunately someone has to be in charge - Human beings. Whoopi Goldberg, a oxymoronic limousine libtard summed up the fallacy of Communism and Socialism in the following quote.

'Communism Is 'a Great Concept' That 'Makes Perfect Sense' on Paper .... But once you put a human being in power, it shifts. We saw it in Russia, we've seen it all around the world'

In Democratic societies, when the public refuses to voluntarily work for what libtards view as the greater good , then laws must be passed and enforced, forced compliance with oppressive libtarded regulations is a form of early totalitarianism.

The typical libtard is opposed to corporations run by greedy businessmen, yet salaciously seeks Big all powerful Government run by greedy politicians. They fail to comprehend the that "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men" [1]

The typical libtard either fails to comprehend their own hypocrisy or lacks the ability to admit it - perhaps due to their severe narcissistic personality disorder. I was recently amazed by one despicable libtard - Michael Moore, who garnered a tad more respect in my opinion, when he spoke out in praise of Donald Trump. [3]


1. John Dalberg-Acton / Lord Acton 1834 - 1902

2. Richard Kirk

3. 5 Reasons Donald Trump will Win

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