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Plagiarism and False Narrative in Roots Uncovered

Hidden Agenda of the 1619 Project

Hidden Agenda of the 1619 Project

"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Alex Haleys 1967 Roots saga was popularized by a television mini-series in the 1970s. He claimed it to be a true portrayal of his families History based on his painstaking research. In fact he dedicated the last chapter at the end of the novel describing his so-called research.

Shortly after the mini series aired Haley was sued by two Authors for plagiarizing their novels. Harold Courlander author of a different 1967 novel The African claimed that roots was a thinly veiled Plagiarism of his work. Before the trial ended Haley settled with Courlander for the sum of $650,000. The presiding judge in Courlander's Plagiarism suit stated, Alex Haley perpetrated a hoax on the public. [1]

The closing chapter in which Haley describes his so-called research at various libraries and historical archives in his attempt to back up his families oral traditions has also been embarrassingly debunked. Professional genealogists, historians and assorted scholars have exposed that the Roots novel is largely unsupported by any viable facts and/or contradicted by existing evidence.

Roots by Alex Haley

The $650,000 settlement Haley was forced to pay Courlander was largely ignored by the Media. Almost nobody knows of, or even heard of the settlement.

The early 1970s saw two respectable genealogists try to expand on his work . They were pretty much dumbfounded when they discovered that many of the records Haley claims to have seen did not exist , and those that did exist were so badly misquoted and misused so as to make it almost comical.

Now remember, Haley won a Pulitzer prize for this trash - but then so did that son of a Klansman, Al Gore for his trash on Global Warming.

The man that Haley identifies as his ancestor, a slave named Toby could not possibly have been Kunta Kinte. Toby was in America in 1762, years before the ship Haley claims abducted him arrived. Toby also could not have been Haleys ancestor either, he died 8 years before Haley claims that Toby's daughter and Haley's fictitious ancestor 'Kizzy' was born.

Nor is it likely that the person Haley identifies as his ancestor - Kunta Kinte - was ever abducted in the fashion Haley portrays. Kunta Kinte allegedly went off into the woods to find wood for a drum, was captured by white slavers never to be seen in Africa again. This is not the way slaves were obtained. European and American slavers purchased Black Slaves from Moslem traders and local tribal chieftains. See -Origins of American Slavery

Investigative journalist Philip Nobile writing in the Village Voice in the early 1990s did an expose of Roots and Haley, he called it one of the great literary hoaxes of modern times. Nobile also exposed the fact that Haley had a ghost writer work with him on Roots, a Playboy editor named Murray Fisher. In his article Nobile called Roots - an elegant and complex make-it-up-as-you-go-along scam.

The Chicago Tribunes Clarence Page, a defender of False Narratives, frequent guest on [lol] MSNBC and stalwart defender of leftist ideology responded ...I think he [Nobile] missed the larger, more important truth. If Roots was a hoax, it was a hoax Americans wanted desperately to believe...

So apparently Clarence Page firmly believes that the public should be misled and lied to in order to facilitate and advance a False Narrative. It would also appear that Mr. Page is on the same page as George Soros who wrote - gathering public support takes precedence over the pursuit of truth.


1. ROOTS OF ALEX HALEY'S FRAUD NY Daily News Sunday, April 12, 1998

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