Archie Bunker Angry White Man

All in the Family Cast

By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

"The program you are about to see is All in the Family. It seeks to throw a humorous spotlight on our frailties, prejudices, and concerns. By making them a source of laughter, we hope to show -- in a mature fashion -- just how absurd they are." CBS Intro at the first showing in January 1971.

All in the Family was the CBS top-rated program for years, winning 22 Emmy's. It depicted what it's creators hoped would be a devastating blow to the foundation of the American Family. The archetype for an American working class father was Archie Bunker, a bigoted, opinionated, uneducated World War II veteran -a half wit

God, man, and Archie Bunker

Inspired by a British sitcom Till Death Do Us Part, Alf Garnet was the Archie Bunker in the BBC version. Unlike Archie, Alf was not a very likable character, Archie Bunker however , was a lovable buffoon.

Episode after episode, brought to the forefront a societal issue, Women's "Lib" , gun control, gay rights, religion, racial integration, -- with Archie , and his street level Mugs Mahoney eloquence, pitching the conservative viewpoint.

Mike aka 'meathead', played by Rob Reiner, son of the shows creator Carl Reiner, a limousine liberal and stalwart of Left wing media manipulation pitching the liberal stance.



All in the Family was regarded as the most influential sitcom in television history. It ridiculed a generation of American Fathers, depicting them as racist, ignorant, sexist opinionated jerks. Archie's friends are also portrayed in the same fashion, Barney for instance. But of course, Michael's buddies are portrayed as knowledgeable, articulate and 'enlightened. In the public mind, traditional conservative ideals became associated with ignorance and intolerance, whereas liberal opinions are associated with education, knowledge, enlightenment and tolerance.

"...Archie Bunker was the most devastating ideological scam in the cultural history of television. Archie Bunker was the conservative. He was ignorant, semi-illiterate, racist, mean, cowardly, and a sycophantic bully. Viewers were invited to assume that these were properties of everyone who resisted any civil-rights initiative, who thought favorable notice might be made of anything done by President Nixon, or thought the Vietnam War defensible." -William F. Buckley Jr.

"Archetype," as used in advertising and propaganda, is based on Carl Jung's theory that human beings have an innate tendency to visualize via symbolism -concepts, and that the subconscious plays a vital role in forming our opinions. Archetypal images represent the basis of fundamental thought, human needs and desires. They have been used extensively in advertising and by propagandists to subtly persuade the masses to purchase their goods or services, or to manipulate public opinion and thought.

The collective unconscious, according to Carl Jung, is the part of the Human psyche we all share. It contains the knowledge and experiences we share as the Human species. Including among this inherited knowledge and experience, are archetypes. "All the most powerful ideas in history go back to archetypes," Structure of the Psyche- Carl Jung

The white American Father became visualized as Archie Bunker . I recall my stepfather being referred to as an "Archie Bunker" on many occasion, and he would jest fully call my mother "dingbat" , and I'm certain this scenario repeated itself in many American households.

All in the Family successfully embedded this Archie Bunker Archetype into the American Psyche. The sub-conscious and to certain extent the conscious mind would from here on in relate any non-liberal middle aged male who dared to spout a conservative, patriotic, tribalistic or right wing view point as an "Archie Bunker".

The show also frequently employed other psychological techniques from the left wing arsenal. See - Basic Brainwashing Tactics of The Leftist Elite

Jamming - "The objective of jamming is to force opponents into silence by accusations of Racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, latent homosexual tendencies, misogyny and so forth. The purpose being to create a social stigmatization of anyone whom opposes the Agenda - whatever aspect of Liberal pomposity is being being promoted at a given time. "

"Associative Conditioning sometimes referred to as Neuro Associative Conditioning - involves a psychological process whereby, when two issues are repeatedly juxtaposed, one's feelings about one thing are transferred to the other. Juxtaposition is placing unrelated or different issues in relation to one another. It will have the tendency to draw attention to the attributes of each. When properly executed it will enhance the undesirable attributes of one by drawing upon the qualities of the other."

Generation Gap

All in the Family not only embedded an archetype image in the minds of the masses relative to the American Father, but endeavored to pour salt in one of societies open wounds - the so-called "Generation Gap" , a term coined during the Vietnam era of the 60s. The term generation gap evoked fresh memories of reefer huffing hippies in old VW Vans adorned with daisies and Peace signs. All in the Family sought to replace this image with an Archie Bunker vs. the Meathead mental visualization.

Generational gaps can be attributed to increasingly rapid cultural change . These changes are assumed to have been magnified by the unprecedented size of the pre-birth control baby boomer generation of the 60s and early 70s.

Mike {Meathead} represented the younger generation - the future, enlightenment, the light at the end of the tunnel. Youth were supposed to identify with Meathead and embrace his lust for Liberalism, they were supposed to think like Mike. While Archie was supposed to represent the Ghost of Christmas past, the bitter angry ignorant old man.

The same type of 'framing' used on All in the Family and other Norman Lear productions is used by current liberal dogma to describe their opponents - such as referring to Tea Party and similar groups as "Angry Old White Men". See - Wikipedia Article - Angry White Men

In respect to having the younger generation identify with Mike aka Michael Stivak - the show failed miserably, Rob Reiner/Meathead was a mediocre actor at best, who only landed the job because he was Carl Reiner's Son. His was the straight man to a the talented Carroll O'Connor and could never command O'Connor's / Archie's level of adoration. Perhaps this is why Reiner never pursued an acting career, although his birth right into the Royal hierarchy of Hollywood would have presented a cornucopia of opportunity not available to the multitude of vastly more talented actors and actresses struggling for recognition.

Archie, under the surface wasn't actually a racist, my definition of a racist is a hater, someone who hates another person because they are of a different tribe, religion, culture or racial stock and seeks to cause them harm or worse. Archie was no Klansman ! Archie was actually "Racially ignorant" . Jews were "hebes" Blacks were "coloreds" Polish were "Dumb-Polacks" - He didn't hate Blacks or Jews , but he didn't trust them, He didn't hate Poles, he just thought they were stupid - "Dumb Polacks". For the show to depict him as a true hater would have destroyed the association factor. Had he been a cross burner, no middle class viewer would have associated him with their Dad, Uncle or the guy next door.

This "racist" aspect of Archie's character was brilliantly executed in depicting a man ignorant of reality in relation to ethnically diverse people. Skinheads are racists, Neo-Nazis are racists, Nation of Yahweh is racist {Never heard of this group ? - not surprised, they are blacked out by the Main Stream Media}. Archie was intellectually challenged and simply repeated perpetuated racial stereotypes. Which is exactly how Norman Lear and his co-conspirators wanted their brave new generation to view him, and by default all white men of his generation.