Feminist Man Haters

Inside a Feminist man haters Mind

Leftist Misandry and Destruction of the Family

By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

Men, masculinity and male role models are under relentless assault. Second Wave feminism has very little to do with the rights of women and everything to do with tearing down heterosexuality and the human family structure. The initial stages of feminism, which many view as having ended in the 1980s addressed a few legitimate issues amongst their litany of lunacy. The second wave is more about emasculating and effectively castrating the common man.

Radical lesbian feminism to a large extent allies itself with the degenerate agenda, homosexual militancy and the rising transgender and pedophile aspects of the gay movement. It seeks to befuddle and confound gender roles, enhance the Opression Mentality already instilled in young women, emasculate young men, promote lesbianism among young woman wherever possible .

It seeks to create a social stigmatism against males who exercise or display their masculinity towards women. Not just aggressive behavior, but even the healthy normal heterosexual courting practices of human beings is under assault under the guise of 'Rape Culture', Sexual objectification and bolstered by for the most part False Narratives.

'The concept of sexual objectification and, in particular, the objectification of women, is an important idea in feminist theory and psychological theories derived from feminism. Many feminists regard sexual objectification as deplorable and as playing an important role in gender inequality.'[1]

Second wave feminism also seeks to advance a doctrine many minions of the morose view as gospel, a doctrine known as Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism states that oppression is a product of the male dominated/ patriarchal society.

Andrea Dworkin, one of the rare heterosexuals in the upper echelon of Radical Feminism was a misandrist. Most people known what a misogynist is - it is allegedly a male who hates women' it is something every male who has displayed or betrayed a minuscule morsel of masculinity will be accused of when in the company of a feminazi.

A misandrist is the polar opposite, it is a woman who hates men - a man hater, an admirable trait in left wing circles. Dworkin claims to have suffered an abusive relationship [violins please] and went on to become a feminazi. Heterosexual or not, she summed up the Feminazi sentiment regarding normal human mating perfectly

'the hatred of women is a source of sexual pleasure for men in its own right. Intercourse appears to be the expression of that contempt in pure form, in the form of a sexed hierarchy; it requires no passion or heart because it is power without invention articulating the arrogance of those who do the fucking. Intercourse is the pure, sterile, formal expression of mens contempt for women . [2]

Misandrists and Lesbians are the heart and soul of the feminist movement they seek to demonize masculinity.

Reverse sexism, is hypocritically blatant and the norm in feminist literature, but for the most part ignored by mainstream intelligentsia and media. Criticism of Feminism, like criticism of LGBT is heresy that will quickly lead to excommunication.

Marilyn French author of "The Womens Room", called men 'the enemy'.

Germaine Greer, a feminazi lesbian and one of the major voices of second-wave feminism wrote 'women have no idea how much men hate them'.

Betty Friedan, called suburban domestic life a 'comfortable concentration camp for women'.

Feminazi theorist Julie M. Thompson in defending a thesis by fellow feminist Kate Millet draws a correlation between misandry and Sigmund Freuds "penis envy" theory and 'overt misandry'.

An example of extreme Lesbian Misandry -

Mum and lesbian lover tear off 9-year-old son’s penis then behead him ‘as he reminded her of her dad’ - A MUM and her lesbian lover tore off her nine-year-old son's penis before beheading him because he reminded her of her dad. Mum Rosana Cândido, 27, and Kacyla Pessoa, 28, of Brazil, stabbed the boy over a dozen times and removed all the skin from his face before butchering his body.


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2. Occupation/Collaboration - A. Dworkin

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Ratification of ERA runs into opposition — from Trump, sure, but Ruth Bader Ginsburg? - When Virginia last month became the 38th state to approve the Equal Rights Amendment, the constitutional process launched by Congress in 1972 appeared to finally have what it needed for ratification.

But the celebration has been chilled by opposition -- not only from conservatives and the Trump administration, but also from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was a pioneering advocate for women's equality in the 1970s.

Opponents have argued that ratification by the required 38 states has come too late -- decades past the 1982 deadline set by Congress

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The Equal Rights Un-Amendment

Three states have gone to court to get an amendment added to the Constitution. House Democrats plan a vote in support of this scheme. What the Left is attempting to do here is to subvert Article V of the Constitution — the part that spells out the proper way to amend the Constitution — in order to make it easier for liberal judges to impose their policy preferences on the nation.

The purpose of the Equal Rights Amendment is to put seemingly innocuous language into the Constitution — declaring men and women equal before the law — that could then be used to force policy changes that the democratic process will not yield.


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