The Untouchable Maxine Waters


Long History of Penalty Free Corruption

According to a 2004 The Los Angeles Times article, Maxine Waters’ family members made over $1 million by doing business with companies, causes and candidates that Waters had used her congressional seat to help. Mad Maxine and her hubby as well as her son and daughter have all profited handsomely form Maxine's escapades. She helped a company her husband was involved with get government bond business. Waters denied the allegations stating that “They do their business and I do mine.”

She used her position on the House Financial Services Committee to prevail upon officials to meet with OneUnited Bank even though she and her husband had substantial holdings in the company. As a key member of the Congressional Financial Services Committee she had influence over subordinate agencies as to where TARP funds would go. Bada Bing Bada Boom -Millions in TARP funds were miraculously diverted to OneUnited - pretty cool trick right ? She never disclosed that she held a sizable financial stake at the company.

As per Melanie Sloan at the time Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and a former counsel for the House Judiciary Committee. “By contacting then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to request a meeting, allegedly for a group of minority-owned banks, but then arranging for only one bank – OneUnited, in which she had a financial interest – to attend, Rep. Waters violated House conflict of interest rules,”

During the same time period Waters asked the Treasury Department to hold the initial meeting, she had spoken to Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) about OneUnited, telling him that her husband previously had served on the board. Rep. Frank advised her to stay out of matters related to OneUnited. Waters ignored his advice and her chief of staff who coincidentally happened to be her grandson, continued to work on behalf of OneUnited.

In 2008, Waters arranged meetings between Treasury Department officials and OneUnited Bank, in order for the bank to solicit federal funds. It had been heavily invested in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and its capital was “all but wiped out” after the U.S. government took them over. The bank received $12 million in Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) money thanks to Maxine.

In 2010, she came under an ethics investigation and was accused of a violation related to her efforts to help OneUnited Bank receive federal aid. Not only is Waters' husband a former director of OneUnited Bank but he retained hefty stock holdings and the bank’s executives were major contributors to Waters campaigns. The matter was 'investigated' by the House Democrats. In September, 2012 --- bada bing bada boom The House Ethics Committee completed a report clearing Waters of all ethics charges- nice hat trick.

As a congressional ethics panel, run by Democrats, prepared to launch their kangaroo court and mock trial of Maxine Waters, reports that the California lawmaker became embroiled in a different corruption scandal also involving her husband.

The story claimed that a powerful lobbyist paid Waters’ husband $15,000 in “consulting fees” and in return as she co-sponsored a law aimed at saving a business that was among the lobbyist’s top clients. The IRS had determined that firm in question was a scam . Maxine's measure would have overturned the federal ban and the scam business would continue raking in lucrative profits.

The firm in question acted as a middleman to help sellers finance down payments so that low-income buyers could qualify for mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). The lobbyist who paid Waters’ husband represented the nation’s largest such middleman which stood to lose hundreds of millions of dollars if the ban wasn’t reversed.

The federal ban was not overturned despite Waters concentrated efforts. She sponsored legislation several times to stop the ban or repeal it.

Another Maxine scandal has Mad Maxine circumventing federal elections rules with a crooked fundraising scam that allowed her to receive limitless donations from certain contributors. Instead of raising most of her campaign funds from individuals and political action committees, Waters sells her endorsement to other politicians and political causes for as much as $45,000, allowing her to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in short periods of time.

Most recently Maxine got caught with her hand in the cookie jar again, the Democrats currently run the house presently so chances are she'll get another smack on the wrist with a wet noodle but we shall see.

She paid $50,000 from campaign funds to her daughter Federal Election Commission filings show. Waters' committee disbursed two payments to her daughter, Karen. $42,000 and $8,000 from Jan. 1 to March 31. The $50,000 in payments were made to Karen for running a slate mailer, or endorsement mailer, operation from the campaign and were the highest amount paid out by the committee for any services that quarter.

Previously Maxine’s daughter, had collected more than $750,000 in “professional fees” from the campaign in 2018 .

She's Still at it ! - December 4, 2020 NY Post: Maxine Waters’ daughter collected $240K from congresswoman’s campaign

Maxine Waters' phone call with 'Greta Thunberg' was apparently the work of Russian pranksters - Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., appeared to have been tricked by Russian pranksters into thinking she was speaking on the phone with Greta Thunberg and that the teenage climate activist had dirt on President Trump.

Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, who go by the names Vovan and Lexus on YouTube, released audio of a phone conversation allegedly between Waters and people she believed to be Thunberg and her father. The audio was accompanied by illustrations poking fun at the conversation.