Gaslighting and Brainwashing

Disagree and you are Insane


By Rick Gordon


Psychological Tactics

  • Leftist Brainwashing Tactics
  • 12 Words Liberals Have Redefined
  • False Narratives
  • Newspeak
  • Oppression Mentality
  • Gaslighting
  • Neuro Toxins
  • Climate Racism
  • Liberal Narcissism
  • In-School Indoctrination

  • College Board Rewriting History
  • Rewriting History
  • Brainwashing in School
  • Professor Watchlist
  • Classroom Trump Bashing
  • Media Brainwashing

  • Archie Bunker Angry Old White Man
  • Black Listing Conservatives
  • THE BUTLER Media Atrocities
  • Oliver Stone Propaganda Films
  • Rise and Fall of Dan Rather
  • Propaganda Clearing House
  • Snopes Lies
  • Propaganda Placement

    Gaslighting is a psychological tactic generally employed by sociopaths or narcissistic individuals to manipulate and control others. Gaslighters endeavor to convince opponents or other target persons they wish to exert control over that their sanity, memory and or intelligence are in question.

    The past 30 or so years have seen the socio-fascist progressives employ tactics akin to Gaslighting against adversaries.

    Gaslighting can be considered similar to Jamming, whereas in Jamming the objective is to isolate the opponent from the pack via accusations of undesirable traits such as Racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, latent homosexual tendencies, misogyny and so forth. The purpose being to create a social stigmatization of anyone whom opposes the Agenda - whatever aspect of Liberal pomposity is being being promoted at a given time. The opponent must be made the villain, both in the eyes of the uninvolved, and when possible in their own eyes also.

    Gaslighting takes Jamming to the next level in that it seeks not only to isolate the individual[s] but bend him or her to the will of the agenda and make them into the villain not only in the eyes of others but in their own as well.

    There are multiple modes of perpetrating 'gas-lighting' but basically anything that contributes to swaying the opponent into doubting their convictions, judgment, memory and sanity will suffice to varying levels.

    Zealous and unwavering Conviction on the part of the perpetrator is essential to avoid allowing the victim to spy the wizard behind the curtain.

    Instill shame, guilt, fear, self loathing, and the weaker opponent will ultimately crumble and retreat from their initial stance. Maintain the gaslighting subtly but persistently and you not only wreak havoc on the individuals psyche but you may acquire a minion.

    Gaslighting to a lesser degree is frequently employed by socio-fascist 'educators' against students. Those who espouse views in contradiction of the official party line are made to feel a sense of inferiority via lower grades and chastisement by not only the professor or other educators but by the professors other minions, the students peers and upper classmen, who for the large are conditioned into jamming. The Peer Jamming will steadily increase in intensity till the subject either conforms or self destructs.

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