Propaganda Placement

Inserting Propaganda into Entertainment Media

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Product placement, brand integration, embedded marketing are forms of advertising. One of the most spectacular success stories of product placement in cinematic endeavors was in the 1980s blockbuster Movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Mars, Inc. the manufacturer of M&Ms declined the opportunity to have its candy used in the 1982 film . Its declination opened the door for Hershey Foods to make a spectacular presentation for its Reese's Pieces, which were used to lure the friendly little extra terrestrial out of hiding. Reese's Pieces rose to prominence in the Candy aisle along with the success of the film.

Propaganda is a form of advertising and propaganda placement occurs quite frequently, more so than many are willing to admit. Talking Points are often inserted into movies and television in efforts to mold public perceptions and implant suggestions on various topics.

Gay Propaganda Placement has been one of the most common societal engineering initiatives of the past several years. Gay marketing, selling homosexuality to America has permeated every facet of the entertainment Industry up to and including Children's Entertainment.

Many of our beloved icons of animated entertainment, as well as characters of flesh and blood have been employed to implant time bombs in the minds of Children. Spongebob, Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo, X-men have become diplomats of degeneracy to societies youngest members. See - See: Gay Subtext aimed at Children

Back in 2009 - 2010 the Obama Regime embarked on a massive brainwashing program. Major networks agreed to synchronize their concerted efforts to push the Obama Agenda and organically and seamlessly insert political propaganda into prime time network television .

Positive plugs, talking points about Obamas environmental programs, Obamacare, health care and servitude agenda were to be integrated into the content of all programming, comedy. fictional and reality shows as well as News. See: Government Propaganda To Infest Network TV Shows

The 'Frame' or guise under which it was presented was volunteerism. Volunteerism is a good thing, we have volunteers providing much needed services in many communities - hospitals, volunteer fire departments, auxiliary police and so forth. The social engineers seized upon this fact to build a frame.

Framing, when properly executed in social discourse short-circuits counter arguments. No one can speak up against an effective frame and say, Why, yes, I do think women should be raped and I do think women should be sex objects. when discussing the Feminist "rape culture" frame . And no one can speak out against the Gay intrusion into public schools under the guise of tolerance and diversity and state I do think students should kill themselves, or I do think gay kids should be beat up. And theoretically noone could speak up against the Obama initiative framed as volunteerism and state that volunteerism was bad.

Subsequent investigations pointed out, that the websites being promoted by the Obama Regimes Participate program were simply gateways to organizations such as Planned Parenthood.Since the websites acting as gateways for Planned Parenthood were being pushed on shows popular with teenage girls, the agenda was obvious. Planned Parenthood a few years prior had been exposed pushing their agenda amongst Girl Scouts and the Planned Parenthood Baby Parts scandal.

In the Movies Propaganda Placement is and has been the flavor of the day for quite some time.People of liberal ideology have finally found a cultural form that they can embrace the way people of conservative ideology have embraced talk radio Robert Thompson, a Television and Pop Culture professor at Syracuse University.

One would be hard pressed to find a Movie coming out of Leftist controlled Hollywood in the past several decades that does not have propaganda placements inserted in the theme or peppered throughout the content.