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By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

George Orwell said, 'Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.'

'How strangely will the tools of a tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words.' Sam Adams

'Radicals among us have been busy tearing down our language for more than a hundred years. They disregard the generally accepted meaning of words and use words in ways that are contrary to their intended meanings. The end result of this subterfuge is to make language ultimately meaningless.' Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

When the 'Social Engineers' and leftarded radicals seeks to impose an agenda, they will commonly attempt to desensitize the general public as to the full extent of their conspiracy. One tactic is to commandeer a common word and by repetitious use that words definition is eventually supplanted with the new one. The objective is to superimpose a new meaning over the targeted word in public perception and thereby transfer that good feeling associated with that word. It's known as Associative Conditioning.

Associative Conditioning sometimes referred to as Neuro Associative Conditioning - involves a psychological process whereby, when two issues are repeatedly juxtaposed, one's feelings about one thing are transferred to the other. Juxtaposition is placing unrelated or different issues in relation to one another. It will have the tendency to draw attention to the attributes of each. When properly executed it will enhance the undesirable attributes of one by drawing upon the qualities of the other. See: Basic Brainwashing Tactics of The Leftist Elite

"There is a reason why those who lust after power set about redefining, rather than simply eschewing, the words which properly belong to free men and women. It is because concepts like “democracy” and “liberty,” if rightly used, command a reverence that arises naturally from their true meanings. Freedom and popular sovereignty are self-evidently good and noble things, triumphs of the human spirit which Socialism seeks to crush. Since totalitarians cannot produce such triumphs, they must ape them, using the cover of falsely redefined words to lend themselves an air of undeserved gravity." - Spencer Klavan - American Minds


The word Gay is perhaps the most commonly cited example. Gay in the classical original sense of the word was defined as happy, lighthearted and carefree. In the late 1800s and early 1900s a secondary meaning evolved to mean men who frequented prostitutes. Homosexuals were later added and eventually commandeered the word, with the clintonesque whoremongers being relegated to the word Johns. In the current era calling someone who is not homosexual 'gay' can be construed to be offensive.


BC - No, not British Columbia, but the term "Before Christ" which for nearly 2,000 years was the denotion used by historians and writers to mark how we keep / kept our Julian and Gregorian calendars. Years prior to the birth of Christ BC, standing for Before Christ... after Christ birth they were denoted as AD , ano domini, which is Medieval Latin and translates to "in the year of the Lord". In the Liberal lexicon anything non secular, or that derives from a religous origin is TABOO, so hence it was deemed that BC should for ever more be referred to as CE [Common Era or Common error depending on your point of view.]

BIPARTISANSHIP – A minority faction of liberal Republicans, such as John McCain or Jeff Flake siding with Democrats in advancing the leftist agenda is the only type of 'bipartisanship' the left will tolerate.


Dreamer - The classic definition[s] of "Dreamer" has several intertwined definitions. The simplest being one who dreams, expanded it means one who lives in a fantasy world, or the positive side of that being one who envisions the impractical as reality. 'A person whose ideas or projects are considered audacious or highly speculative; A visionary. Some of the greatest inventions in history were once considered audacious and speculative and the 'visionaries' who formulated them were eccentrics. Dreamer also draws upon the phrase and philosophy of THE AMERICAN DREAM. The Obama administration hijacked the word DREAMER to apply it to illegal alien minors, many who arrived in one of the first 'spontaneous' caravans that crashed our southern border and others who ended up here through no fault of theior own. It seeks to impose the view upon the public that the American Dream, so elusive to many hard working Americans is transferrable to anyone who clandestinely manages to invade our homeland, at the expense of those who have been striving the American Dream for generations.


'Merriam-Webster defines the word fascism as 'a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.' The secondary definition is 'a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.'

This definition reflects the fact that Nazis were, in fact, both fascists and of the political left. They were the National Socialist German Workers Party, which favored a heavy-handed government in business and the personal lives of its citizens. Google defines fascism as, 'an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization' choosing to assign a right wing as opposed to left wing designation to the word.

GENDER INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE is an 'Intellegentsia' Gay and Feminist campaign to eliminate writing and speaking about people using non gender-based words and terms. Gender-neutral pronouns are pronouns which carry no association of any kind with a particular gender. The campaign uses primarily an alt-language devised by Michael Spivak [No not Michael Stivac aka meathead aka Rob Reiner]. Masculine and Feminine pronouns are replaced with a single newspeak word that that does not include a sexual identification. Example: He or She would be replaced by E. His or her would be replaced by Eir. There are several competeing formats and this particular socio-fascist campaign is likely to go the route of Esperanto, a 19th Century attempt at instilling a universal human language.


changed to Climate Change to suit the fact that the planet was not truly warming as predicted and in order to take advantage of cyclical variations in natural weather patterns as talking points. Most recently morphing to 'extreme' weather to further expolit any extreme or out of the ordinary weather patterns.


The words husband and wife are currently under assault. Democrats have proposed legislation that would eliminate both words from federal law. The gendered words would be replaced by gender-neutral words such as spouse or partner. A bill introduced by Rep. Lois Capps proposed more gender neutrality in an effort to make gay marriages seem less noticeable and more acceptable.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Adds Pro-Transgender Terms From 'Science and Medicine'


: A catch phrase to help justify implementation of a socialist agenda in relation to redistribution of wealth and forfeiture of personal property rights. It is a term leftists shield themselves with when discussing the wealth gap. This phrase reduces the complexity of the issue to little more than the “haves” vs. the “have-nots,” making the wealthy non-Democrats even easier for the left to target. When discussing 'income inequality' what is generally ignored or swept under the carpet is the fact that the lefts upper echelon is made up of almost exclusively millionaires, billionaires and assorted 'limousine liberals.


Liberal in its original non ideological context referred to someone 'marked by generosity' or a person with liberal viewpoints open to differing opinions. Several Centuries ago it began being applied to political ideology. The founding fathers were liberals that are the polar opposite of the modern pack of mongrel known as such. They supported limiting the power of government and that government powers should be checked at every turn. Basically power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In stark contrast Modern [political] liberals persistently push for the expansion of government with the effect of greatly curtailing personal liberty. Conservatives are also guilty of redefining language in that the word "Liberal" is now thought of as a four letter word.

'But it in the modern day, the American liberal is associated with an ideology that supports ever-expanding government powers intended to correct the ills of society. To the modern American liberal, there is no problem that a politician should not be able to solve. The modern American liberal believes the government is needed to even the playing field, and redistribute from those who have to those who have not. The modern American liberal foresees the government making our lives pain-free and directing society towards prosperity. Simply put, the modern American liberal has an ideology based in pure fantasy.' Adam Bitely

Being defined as a Liberal pretty much assures defeat at the polls so hence liberals started to call themselves 'progressives'.


Every 'Oppressed' class must have an identifiable villain or an adversary – for Communism, it's capitalism; for Islam, it's everyone who isn't Mulsim aka infidels, for Nazis, it was International Jewry, for feminazis, it’s the 'patriarchy'. To adequately delve into the convoluted insane logic [ or lack thereof ] that goes into this warped view of reality would take volumes. Much more than I am willing to dedicate to it in this article just be aware that this word is not one the left uses to recruit or indoctrinate the masses, it is rather more of a dog whistle for the already indoctrinated.


Other than being a football team from New England the actual definition of a Patriot is one who shows pride and patriotism in America. Liberals have been hammerring away at this ideal for decades in an attempt to catalog "Patriots" as racist angry old white men. The leftist definition of Patriot has been equated with terrorist and racist in much the same way they have [re]defined Zionism as racism, Zionism is an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish nation and later for the support of modern Israel, . UN Resolution 3379 stated Zionism is a form of racism.

White nationalist — This catch phrase has been around for quite some time and is more popular during election cycles. Liberals are repurposing in the minds of their sheeple as a way of saying 'racist'.


AS per Miriam Webster "In its original sense, pride was hardly something to be proud of, as it carried the meaning of 'inordinate self-esteem' and 'an unreasonable conceit of superiority." It later was used to denote someone's sense of pride in an accomplishment, or a place such as pride in your town. The most recent shift in the words usage copmes from it hijacking by the LGBT movement.


Progressive is another term / word which in its current ideological use is one that has been commandeered by the left. The definition of Progressive is 'characterized by such progress, or by continuous improvement'. Whereas progressive ideology for the most part focuses on tearing down the exemplary aspects inherent in Western society and supplanting them with with practices such as socialism which are proven failures.


Illegal Alien is being supplanted with Undocumented Immigrant so as to remove the astigmatism of not only being unlawful, but also being alien.


Social Engineers are currently attempting to redefine the word Life. Since the Roe v. Wade ruling, abortion supporters have been striving to convince society that a growing, developing fetus is a parasite and not alive. 'As a result, not only have semantics specialists managed to change the foundational definition of life in the minds of those inclined to agree with them, but they've also been effective at keeping the idea fluid. Far afield from where it started in 1973, 'pro-choice' has now come to mean disposing of human beings up to and including the very moment of birth' Jeannie DeAngelis

Baby: The Fetus in your womb that you intend to keep.

Fetus: The Baby in your womb that you intend to abort


Mankind, in its original context refers to humanity, it has been deemed to be sexist and misogynistic as it does not include 'womankind. In actuality huMAN is the root word and includes both woMAN and MAN, both huMAN last time I checked.


Racism is the discrimination against people or peoples based on their ethnic origin however in recent years the left has campaigned to have that definition changed to apply only to Caucasian males. All other groups are immune to being racist as per leftist jargon. When members of minority groups display racist traits it is to be defined as ethnic pride as per liberal progressive dogma. A racist in the modern newspeak can also be defined as anyone who challenges the liberal left's agenda.

Black conservative : Uncle Tom


Reproductive rights- euphemism for "abortion" "The words “healthcare” and “choice” evoke positive emotional responses. Who can be against healthcare and choice? Grotesquely, the words also conceal and conflate a morally repugnant concept with a positive one: killing a child in the womb with healing. “Healthcare” means, to most rational people, something that cures or treats an illness or wound. The Democrats’ hope is that the intentional killing of a baby in the womb will come to be seen by the American public as a form of healing. The final genius of this language is that if healthcare should be subsidized by taxpayers, and abortion is healthcare, viola! Mission accomplished. Taxpayer funding of abortion at all stages of pregnancy. Why bother debating principles when so much can be achieved via language manipulation? Thus have the Democrats made murder respectable." See: LEFT’S ORWELLIAN LANGUAGE MANIPULATION Arman Partamian

SANCTUARY CITY is a euphemism for local municipal nullification of federal law — a subversive, illegal and unconstitutional tactic that was last used by Democrats in the years leading up to the Civil War. It makes a mockery of the basic constitutional principle that city and state partisan ideologues cannot subversively pick and choose which federal laws to obey. 'The term sanctuary would never apply to conservative jurisdictions that in similar fashion sought to offer sanctuary to those dissidents who disobeyed federal gun registration, income tax, or environmental laws.' Enemies of Language Victor Davis Hanson


The act of sex was always meant to be sexual relations of varying degrees between a man and a woman. Eventually homosexuals came to be included and it evolved to mean sexual relations between any two people. In the 1990s, Bill Clinton infamously defended his looming perjury conviction and impeachment with his one liner "define Sex" in which he denied having had sex with Monica Lewinsky on the grounds that oral sex was not really sex. It seems to be a defense that only Democrats could comprehend.

In a quietly released statement issued late on a Friday afternoon, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, an agency of the state government, announced a proposal to effectively redefine the word 'sex' in the state's discrimination law to also include 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity'. This proposal wouldn't change the law, only the commission's 'guidance' on the matter. But this new 'guidance' would mean the law would be enforced as if it had changed. Michael Geer


Social justice / SJW - As per Meriam Webster Justice is 'the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments' They define Social justice as 'a state or doctrine of egalitarianism and egalitarianism as 'a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs'. Now the oxymoronic twist comes in respect to the narcissistic pampered snow flakes who consider themselves 'Social Justice Warriors' A modern day SJW [Social Justic Warrior] is a person who uses the fight for civil rights as an excuse to be obnoxious, condescending, violent and most certainly self righteous in their unwarranted sense of moral superiority. Their causes are rarely well thought out and for the most part they are incapable of comprehending the effects of their idiocy. Case in Point Ocasio-Cortez . This term / phrase is often used as a mocking term aimed at progressives, inm the same sense that liberal was once a noble word that degenerated into a four letter word which in effect was replaced by Progressive.


'To put up with someone else's opinion or practices, even though you may not like it or agree with it.' But, to the progressives being 'tolerant' means: 'You must accept their views, opinions, beliefs, and practices as being equally valid as your own.' By simply redefining the word 'tolerant' the progressives made good equal to evil, which is of course 'moral relativism'. The progressives use their grossly redefined definition of 'tolerance' to 'force' those which disagree with them to either shut-up or accept every reprehensible and immoral act they hold dear. When homosexuals demand that a Christian owned business be forced to photograph a same-sex marriage, the homosexuals are the ones being intolerant and trampling upon freedom, not the Christians. In the recent New Mexico case, all the homosexuals had to do was find another photographer (which they did), yet they still sued the Christian business owner. When a photographer objects to photographing a same-sex marriage, that is not discrimination anymore than a shop owner requiring his customers wear shoes.' Sean Kirkpatrick


The 'textbook' definition of WELFARE is : the good fortune, health, happiness, prosperity, etc., of a person, group, or organization; well-being: to look after a child's welfare; the physical or moral welfare of society. The modern version however with all its negative connotations and mental imagery of welfare queens, entitlement, and massive abuses designed to undermine the system [Cloward-Piven] has altered the definition of this word dramatically. Although this is not directly a part of Left Wing 'Newspeak' the public perception of this word has been altered by Liberal policies. In this case it has worked against them.