Leftist Historical Revisionism

Fantasy entertainment Masquerading as History

"The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history." George Orwell

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Pseudo Journalism

By Rick Gordon

Examples of Rewriting History by the Media are well documented. I'll ignore the recent ones - such as those relevant to Barrack Obama , as they would take more space than this page is allotted. Instead I'll delve into a few older instances covered elsewhere on this site as well.

In 1988, CBS presented "CBS Reports: The Wall Within" . Critics and Left leaning journalists highly praised the show. One Vietnam Vet claimed that he had tortured and executed whole Vietnamese families, he claimed he killed 50 men, women, and children in an hour. Another described slaughtering hordes of Vietnamese civilians, and blaming the North Vietnamese. "... you went into the village, killed people, burned part of the village, then made it appear that the other side had done this?" There were other gruesome stories from Vietnam Vets about American atrocities as well, in all the show featured 6 veterans all with similar tales of horror.

Here's where the problem lies - the stories were pure fantasy . B. G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley, in their book * Stolen Valor : How the Vietnam Generation Was Robbed of Its Heroes and Its History *, obtained the service records of all six soldiers, documenting where each was stationed throughout the Vietnam War.

Only one of the men ever served in Vietnam; he claimed he was a Navy SEAL, but the records show he was an equipment repairman , the other 5 never even set foot on Vietnamese soil. I can understand and possibly forgive One charlatan slipping through, but not 6 !

Ten years later In 1998, CNN ran a report that the 1970 Operation Tailwind used Sarin gas to kill American defectors . The Pentagon denied the story. Skeptics proved it extremely improbable that such an atrocity went unnoticed , and CNN had no facts or viable witnesses to offer the slightest bit of credibility to the story. After a short inquiry, CNN issued a retraction.

In a blatant attempt to sway the upcoming Presidential elections, CBS presented forged documents highly critical of then President George W. Bush's service, during the Vietnam War, in the Texas Air National Guard . The source of the documents, Lt. Col. Bill Burkett, states that he burned the originals after faxing copies to CBS.

The memos, alleged to have been written by Bush's squadron commander, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, indicate that Bush got preferential treatment as a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard and failed to obey a superior's order to undergo a physical . Experts suggest they were written on a computer or word processor rather than on a 1970s typewriter. "the material" had been authenticated by experts retained by CBS. CBS backed him up, he was a favorite of Big Brother somewhere high up in the controlling Hierarchy . On September 9, CBS News released a statement saying the memos were "thoroughly investigated by independent experts, and we are convinced of their authenticity."

The authenticity of the documents was challenged almost immediately. Scrutiny from REAL journalists eventually led to a public apology from CBS. Dan Rather was fired from by CBS six months later, but this did not alter the networks Penchant for rewriting history and slanting the News, it was more of a learning experience where they honed their skills on avoiding future instances of ...well... getting caught doing it.

Fantasy entertainment Masquerading as History

Roughly 75 to 80% of any fictional and documentary format films produced since the 1970s are grossly warped to suit a left wing historical slant favorable to Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory. The following are merely a few examples.

The Untold History of the United States is a recent collection of distorted History and blatant left wing propaganda derived from the warped mind of none other than the man who brought you the tripe trash films JFK, and Born on the Fourth of July - Oliver Stone. This Cinematic trash is his latest contribution to the Red Agenda of bizarre societal programming and mental manipulation coming out of the cesspool of America, Hollywood. It attempts to depict the United States as humanities nemesis, the evil avatar of Satan himself. [ See: Oliver Stone Propaganda Films ]

The Butler is the story of Eugene Allen although he is called Cecil Gaines in the film,a Black American who worked as the White House Butler from the Truman administration till the Reagan Administration. The film begins with a scene of a nine-year-old butler to be, watching his mother being raped by a white man, it continues with his father being shot dead in front of dozens of black witnesses, by a white man.

None of this ever happened. In fact , the Movie is about 90% fiction. with a nasty left wing slant . [See: The Butler and other Left Wing Media atrocities]

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