Historical Revisionism
Rewriting History to suit a Political Agenda

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By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history." George Orwell

Historical revisionism, rewriting history as it is more commonly called, is sometimes a legitimate scholarly re-examination of history based on existing or new information. Historical revisionism can also be the illegitimate distortion of the historical record to suit an agenda.

Techniques such as utilizing forged documents, inventing implausible poorly formulated and opinionated rationale for discrediting genuine documentation, attributing biased conclusions to cause and effect relationships of historical events, manipulating statistics to support the given agenda, deliberate mistranslations of non vernacular texts, omission of inconvenient truths.

Holocaust deniers, Communist/Socialist historiographers, Social Engineers - in particular modern day left wing activists who feel empowered to alter reality to suit a perverse social agenda are the most heinous offenders in the realm of Historical revisionism.

History significantly contributes to the shaping of national , cultural and religious identity and tradition. Through the study of history, individuals are impregnated with a sense of pride and identity of their heritage or religion. On the flip-side they can also be lambasted and beaten into a sense of shame and disgrace in their National or Religious identity.

Revising history enables the social engineers, in particular communists, socialists, fascists, to tailor fit an ideological identity and to force their opposition into a position of disgrace, dishonor and self loathing.

Rewriting History In The Schools

Ideally historians are supposed to be scholars who objectively pursue truth. History , like pure science requires a high level of objectivity. Objectivity is a basic philosophical concept, related to reality and truth. Objectivity means the state or quality of being true even outside of a subject's individual biases, interpretations, feelings, and imaginings.

Scientific Objectivity is a value that informs how scientific studies are conducted and how scientific truths are arrived at. It is the idea that scholars, in attempting to uncover truths about science or history, must aspire to eliminate personal biases, emotional involvement, etc ... Modern Day Historical revisionists have grossly failed this basic litmus test ,and what is worse, is that in a large percentage of cases these quasi-intellectuals and social engineers are actually empowered by a powerful academic machine.

The academia nuts, the gurus of grandiose left wing pomposity, the professors within our colleges and universities, inducted by fellow social manipulators at leading institutions and protected by tenure, train the journalists and teachers who disperse themselves throughout the systems of education.

Education being defined not only as academia / public schools- but also public re-education and indoctrination via false flag media. The Academia Nuts also write most of the textbooks that end up in Public School classrooms.

In modern Western society , the Liberal Progressive Nazis control the curriculum, by determining who the Teachers are to be, and what the textbooks are to contain. The World View transmitted to adolescents as young as Kindergarten is bizarre and horrifying, much to the delight of the Liberal-Progressive machine.

As per the Leftist School Texts the founding of the United States was not about Liberty, Freedom, Democracy and inalienable rights, but only a struggle for the best interests of powerful white property owners. Ignored is the fact that most of these powerful white property owners were Tories [British sympathizers]

Slavery, as per the leftists was a racist institution instituted by rich white men against Africans, ignored is the fact that the slavery of the 16th - 19th centuries originated with Moslem traders and the slaves were used as a currency for the transfer of goods and chattels for other goods and chattels by African chiefs and kings. The Europeans and Americans simply jumped on the band wagon. [See:Origins of American Slavery ]

The civil war was not about freeing the slaves or preservation of the union, but about economic competition between the industrial north and the agrarian south in the best interests of Rich white Industrialists and wealthy plantation owners. Ignored is the fact that the men actually doing the fighting , on both sides, fit into neither of these categories.

The epic saga of perseverance , endurance and hardships endured by Western Settlers to create a civilization from the wilderness is a moot point. Instead the Westward movement is depicted as a crazed Genocidal advance of greedy and power lusting white men.

Did we "Steal" their lands - yes the civilized people did conquer the Americas from the primitive natives - find a nation somewhere in the world that did not at some point in its history conquer its lands. Conquest certainly is not acceptable by today's standards, but the standards of the 16th - 19th Centuries - yes it was.

The Myth of a Noble Savage is perpetuated, and a false image of Native Americans living in perfect peaceful harmony with nature and symbiotic coexistence with one another is depicted.

In fact with only extremely rare exceptions Native Americans, as all primitive peoples lived in a state of continual warfare amongst themselves and other tribes. They endured a very low life expectancy 30-35 years at best, infant mortality, disease and death from inter tribal warfare drove many tribes into extinction long before the whites even arrived.

The students are basically taught if you are white, you are oppressing. If you are non white, you have been a victim. See Opression Mentality . The course, and others like it at nearly all American institutions of 'higher' learning is little more than race baiting.

The concept of White Guilt or white privilege , and minority victimization is a common theme perpetrated on students at all levels of the educational system. One prime example is an American Diversity class taught at many schools , but one that made the News was at Delavan-Darien High School in Wisconsin.

The concept of White Guilt or white privilege , and minority victimization is a common theme perpetrated on students at all levels of the educational system. One prime example is an American Diversity class taught at many schools , but one that made the News was at Delavan-Darien High School in Wisconsin.

The College Board - which administers Advanced Placement History courses taught in American High Schools is developing a new curriculum for the courses. Stanley Kurtz, at the National Review Online, wrote that -this Framework will effectively force American high schools to teach U.S. history from a leftist perspective.

Continued - Fantasy entertainment Masquerading as History - False Narrative Journalism

1619 Project

Historians Roast the 1619 Project - ..The dissenting historians are performing an important public service by making the dishonesty of The New York Times Magazine’s feature a matter of record. The reviews of the 1619 Project are in.

It is “a very unbalanced, one-sided account.” It is “wrong in so many ways.” It is “not only ahistorical,” but “actually anti-historical.” It is “a tendentious and partial reading of American history.”

This is what top historians have said of the splashy New York Times feature on slavery in the U.S. that aspires to fundamentally reorient our understanding of American history and change what students are taught in the schools.