Immigrant Welfare Statistics and Scams

Funding the Plunder

By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

Liberal media claims that undocumented / illegal aliens are ineligible for most major federally funded entitlement programs and contrary to Trumpet calls, can not therefore be abusing the welfare system. Many people naively believe this muddled trivia and think that immigrants are ineligible for public asisstance. A few years back, Congress attempted to make immigrants ineligible for most forms of welfare. However persistent pressure from immigrant advocacy groups led to cloaked Congressional backpedaling. Coupled with the Obama regime agenda most of the 1996 welfare reforms were rendered impotent. Immigrant welfare use and abuse has remained at the same per capita level.

The CIS [Center for Immigration Studies] published a study of immigration and welfare use that clearly demonstrates that more than half of immigrant households enrich themselves with at least one government welfare program compared to 30 percent of American households.

In 2015 an average immigrant household headed by either an illegal or legal immigrant costs taxpayers in excess of $6,000 in federal entitlements, while American households received slightly over $4,000.

When you take into consideration that the American households are taxpayers as opposed to illegals who are tax evaders it is evident that as a group the illegal hoard is parasitic in nature.

The average immigrant household burns through 33 percent more cash assistance, 57 percent more in food stamps, EBT, WIC and miscellaneous food assistance programs, and 44 percent more in Government funded health care [Medicaid] than the average American household.

Immigrants tend to reproduce more prolifically than American Families. This of course bogs down the school systems and puts an unnecessary, unfair and at times exorbitant burden of the local American middle class property tax payer in providing education and free lunch [as well as breakfast in many cases] for the children of illegals.

The welfare numbers increase dramatically for households with children, with 76% of immigrant led households receiving welfare, and 52% for the American households. However, the elevated reproductive habits of immigrants is not the primary reason they burn through exorbidant resources they did not contribute to creating. Even childless immigrants consume significantly more welfare dollars than childless American households. See Table 1 below.

immigrant vs native welfare immigrant vs native welfare

Los Angeles County in California is an illegal immigration mecca. It has the largest concentration of any American county as per the Migration Policy Institute Unauthorized Immigrant Population Profiles

In 2015 and 16 illegal immigrants soaked up $1.3 billion in welfare money in LA County. LA county allows illegal immigrants with anchor babies to seek welfare and food stamp benefits, even though it is in violation of federal law in many cases.

'In 2013, California spent a total of $25.3 billion on illegal immigrants, or $2,370 per U.S. citizen household, according to a 2013 study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Texas and New York were second and third, at $12.1 billion and $9.5 billion, respectively.' LA made $1.3B in illegal immigrant welfare payouts in just 2 years

In Florida, Cuban immigrants were filing for and receiving welfare benefits and continuing to receive welfare benefits even after they returned to Cuba See: Buchanan: End Welfare Fraud by Cuban Immigrants Citing disturbing new reports of fraud by Cuban immigrants claiming welfare benefits and then returning to their country, Congressman Vern Buchanan today called for passage of legislation to end this flagrant abuse. U.S. welfare flows to Cuba

In the Muslim community, those peaceful little clock makers, Welfare Fraud Has Exploded, The cases of fraud, money laundering and theft of American tax dollars by Muslim immigrants is outrageous! The list just keeps on growing...Why ? Because the punishment is just a slap on the hand and these people are NEVER deported! See: MUSLIM IMMIGRANT Welfare Fraud Has Exploded


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