Chicago Mayor Gave American Jobs to Illegal Aliens

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By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his plans to deny city jobs and internships to Americana and give them to illegal immigrants , the so-called "DREAMers," adolescents in the country illegally. As has been previously noted , many of these so called children who claim to be 13 or 14 have graying hair and tattoos -but hey , who are we to question their age. [1]

In the announcement, the mayor of one of Americas most crime ridden and economically depressed cities, Rahm Emanuel, proudly stated that Chicago is opening up nearly 23,000 City-funded internship, volunteer, and job opportunities for undocumented students.

This in an era when Chicago has one of the Nations highest unemployment rates. When lower income American students in Chicago and vicinity are unable to find work, and families are subsisting on welfare , food stamps and a wing and a prayer - but hey - who are we to question the mighty Rahm Emanuel ?

The Invaders will immediately be able to apply for city internships not available to American Kids, fellowships in the Mayors office and over 22,000 other coveted city posts.

The city has worked to identify and eliminate administrative barriers.. and staff has been trained.

Mayor Emmanuel has vowed to tear down a number of barriers that protect American workers and inhibit illegal aliens from taking away their jobs. Apparently, one of these so called "barriers" that Emmanuel has taken notice of is that these invaders are not U.S. citizens and not legally eligible for such opportunities.

Not to worry , though, barriers are only for the little people - The American Workers - for every barrier there is a solution firmly in place by entrenched liberal bureaucrats and empowered social engineers -Deferred Action Documentation [2] is the new speak term in the liberal lexicon that allows Emmanuel and other social engineers to circumvent legalities and further help to oppress the inner city American Youth.

Under the Obama Regime, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that certain people who came to the US illegally, as children may request consideration of deferred action for a period of two years, subject to renewal. They are also eligible for work authorization. Deferred action is a use of prosecutorial discretion to defer removal action against an individual for a certain period of time.

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2.Deferred Action Documentation INS Website