Hollywoods Hidden Agenda
Sub plot in Rob Reiners 'Stand By Me'

Stand By Me Rob Reiner Propaganda

Many Hollywood Productions contain sub plots, some add to the literary decorum of the films main plot and some are simply subtle under the table attempts at social engineering. Social engineering in the mode perpetrated by the Cultural Marxists of Hollywood involves persistent and unrelenting cynically hammering away at all things sacred to society.

When Cultural Marxists strive towards an agenda such as promoting sexual perversions, or bringing down and denigrating the family structure they can not argue the point based on its merit, they could never win such an argument. They insert suggestions to the anesthetized brains of the masses. They shoot television shows, commercials, propaganda masquerading as News, and a myriad of False Narratives at us. The Film 'Stand By Me' directed by Meathead aka Rob Reiner is one such film.

Presented as a coming of age tribute to Childhood innocence 'Stand by Me' has a subplot that attempts to portray the family structure in the most cynical light possible, it depicts American families and parents as abusive and dysfunctional.

The year is 1959, Four small town 12 year olds Chris Chambers (River Phoenix), Teddy Duchamp (Corey Feldman) , Gordie Lachance (Wil Wheaton), and Vern Tessio (Jerry O'Connell). It depicts the admirable traits of camaraderie and friendship in the face of adversity on the part of the boys.

Although on the surface they are run of the mill pre-adolescent boys, underneath they are all sufferring at the hands of their parents in one way or another. The hidden message in this film is anti-family, anti-parent.

Rob Reiner basically picks up where he left off on his role as meathead on all in the family so far as driving a wedge between the generations.

'All in the Family not only embedded an archetype image in the minds of the masses relative to the American Father, but endeavored to pour salt in one of societies open wounds - the so-called "Generation Gap" , a term coined during the Vietnam era of the 60s. The term generation gap evoked fresh memories of reefer huffing hippies in old VW Vans adorned with daisies and Peace signs.

All in the Family sought to replace this image with an Archie Bunker vs. the Meathead mental visualization. Rob Reiner as Meat-head represented the younger generation - the future, enlightenment, the light at the end of the tunnel. Youth were supposed to identify with Meathead and embrace his lust for Liberalism, they were supposed to think like Mike. While Archie was supposed to represent the Ghost of Christmas past, the bitter angry ignorant old man.' [ Archie Bunker Angry White Man ]

The long term strategy derived from Critical Theory, the founding philosophy behind Cultural Marxism is the encouragment of cynical criticism of every major Western cultural institution - family, church, sexuality and so forth, they must all be depicted in the most negative fashion possible. The objective being wearing down Western our culture and instilling self loathing in order to precipitate their 'Glorious Revolution". Some of the literature associated with critical theory aka Cultural Marxism include ...

'anyone who believes in traditional Western culture is prejudiced, racist or sexist or fascist - - and is also mentally ill.' [2]

So is Meathead a Commie ? Probably not, he's probably just another Limousine Liberal a pawn and useful idiot as is the majority of Hollywood Icons of his era.

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