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By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

The Untold History of the United States is a recent collection of distorted History and blatant left wing propaganda derived from the warped mind of none other than the man who brought you the tripe trash films JFK, and Born on the Fourth of July - Oliver Stone. .

This Cinematic trash is his latest contribution to the Red Agenda of bizarre societal programming and mental manipulation coming out of the cesspool of America, Hollywood. It attempts to depict the United States as humanities nemesis, the evil avatar of Satan himself.

Some of the heroes of this ludicrous attempt at rewriting History include Lenin, Stalin and Sadaam Hussein. Lenin the founder of the notorious "Great social experiment" that led to the extermination of more innocent Human beings than Hitler could have ever dreamed of, and his protege Stalin.

Every facet of American History in Oliver Stones perverse work of Historical fabrication is portrayed in the most sinister light imaginable. The Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center he describes as merely an excuse for America to conduct criminal wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.

He attempts, very poorly executed I might add, to paint Hussein as a victim of American aggression and totally ignores the history and genocidal tendencies of this mad man. He states that the War on Terror has caused far more damage to the United States than Osama bin Laden ever could, but ignores the fact that World War II caused far more damage than the attack on Pearl Harbor ever could have.

Typical Leftist Logic, incapable, unable or unwilling to see the Big picture or view Human History in any other light than their pre conceived cynical World View.

The Russian Revolution, The Bolshevik Revolution : he depicts the Communists as idealists whose grand and noble vision was thwarted by the Bourgeois capitalist pigs of the West. But ignores the fact that the Bolsheviks were the most prolific genocidal bastards in History, murdering possibly 2 -3 times that of the "other" failed Socialist Experiment {National Socialism} could ever boast of.

He ignores the fact that the "Noble Experiment" as he and his genre of socialist scum are so fond of calling it, led to decades of poverty, starvation, and eventual economic collapse for Russia, and it's satellite nations held under the yoke of Socialist Imperialism for decades.

Another Oliver Stone work vomited at the American Public in the early 90s was JFK , which one columnist described as "several hours of shameless propaganda". John Leo - Oliver Stones Paranoid Propaganda.

Stone utilized every form of propagandizing deceit available for this red thesis. He attempts to present a scenario where Kennedy was assassinated by the Military-Industrial Complex for attempting to ease Cold War Tensions. In recent years Stone has apparently been made aware that his portrayal of Kennedy has not jelled, he is well aware that Vietnam has faded into History and been overshadowed by 9-11 and the War on Terror. In response he has produced more tripe trash from his bag of tricks. Although the name "Oliver Stone" is a household word , most of his works have been flops -None of them blockbusters, and none lacking in blatant distortions and leftist propaganda.

Heaven & Earth- A complete flop Vietnam anti-American Propaganda. Based on several books by a Vietnamese woman Le Ly Hayslip. When Heaven and Earth Changed Places, Child of War, Woman of Peace about her experiences during and after the Vietnam War. It was a complete flop laced with over exaggerated anti- American inuendos. As per Stone - 'It was my biggest financial failure. But I dont regret it. It was an amazingly beautiful movie..'

Natural Born Killers - A satire on obsession and glorification of violence - Not a flop.

Nixon - Nixon family issued a statement calling the film "reprehensible" and that it was designed to "defame and degrade the Nixon's in the mind of the American public".

W was an anti Bush anti Republican pro liberal film. Released on October 17, 2008, just before the presidential election. The producers ran television spots for the film opposite Republican Party presidential nominee John McCain's ads in hopes of swaying the election. Like most of Stones work, it was politically correct left wing garbage and never took off.

Comandante , Alexander, Looking for Fidel, World Trade Center, South of the Border, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Savages are some of his other films. All geared toward Historical Revisionism, all peppered with anti-American propaganda.

And here's a cute little footnote for y'all - Oliver Stone Asks Vladimir Putin to Be His Daughter’s Godfather