Western elites Facilitate China's next power grab

After unleashing the CCP virus on the world,
the Chinese Communist Party is working to expand it power abroad.

Raegotte Report

After unleashing the CCP virus on the world, the Chinese Communist Party is working to expand it power abroad. It has vowed to use the economic chaos from the pandemic to tighten its global grip on critical industries.

The Red regime sees human suffering as a profiteering opportunity, selling shoddy medical supplies and protective gear. Canada ordered a million respirator masks only to discover they were crap.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom stepped to the front of the sucker line, placing a billion-dollar face mask order with sanctioned Chinese electric car maker BYD. Congress barred the use of federal mass transit funds to buy electric buses from the Chinese government-run enterprise on national security grounds. But that didn't stop Newsom from passing over perfectly good American companies to hand our money to a mortal enemy.

China's power grab is not limited to medical industries.

The CCP plans to take over the financial sector just as it has taken over heavy industry and advanced manufacturing. And there are plenty of Americans willing to help them do it.

The People's Bank of China is set to launch the world's first official digital currency, The Economist reports.

Its ostensible purpose is to make digital payments easier, but the utility of digital currency to central planners goes far beyond that. It will enable the communist government to not only track how money is spent, but also control how it's spent.

Without paper cash, the government will have far more effective oversight over all economic transactions and social activity.

The government will be able to attach coding to dictate how and where the digital currency is used. Doing business with any enterprises deemed "criminal" or politically unreliable would become impossible. Full Story - Curtis Ellis - WND

Western elites find new ‘China threat’ theory By Jiang Feng GLOBAL TIMES - The world has been keeping an eye on China for the past 40 years, with adulation and anxiety. Last month, Western mainstream media outlets including the US' TIME, France's Le Monde and Germany's Der Spiegel chose Chinese characters or pinyin for their cover headlines, showing the world that "China won;" China, a rising power; and "China: The Awakening Giant."

Der Spiegel used "xing lai" (wake up in English) as its cover headline to echo its article "The Awakening Giant." On the one hand, it declared that China had become an awakening giant and US President Donald Trump's visit to the country this month was a "kowtow" to China, or even a farewell tour to hand over the leadership of the world.

On the other hand, Der Spiegel urged the West to wake up as soon as possible and unitedly respond to a rising China. Unlike in the past, the German magazine admitted that China had made noticeable achievements on many fronts. However, these achievements were interpreted as threats of value and system to the West, another version of the "China threat" theory.

Bill Gates Stunningly Defends China, Immediately Gets Used By Chinese Propagandists

What is with Bill Gates and refusing to assign blame to entities like the World Health Organization and China’s communist party?

That’s certainly an open question after his latest comments, which actually praised China’s handling, not just now, but at the beginning of the crisis. This was done to take a swipe at Trump as promoting distractions, ignoring all of China’s malfeasance in the matter.

Bill Gates of course ends by saying it’s “not the time” to talk about recriminations right after he excuses a brutal regime’s lies and goes after the President. It sure is convenient that he and others can take their political shots, but when others try to start talking about the CCP’s covers up that has killed hundreds of thousands, it’s suddenly “not the time” to talk about it. When exactly is the right time to talk about it? And will Gates be critical of China and the WHO then? For some reason, I have no doubts.

Speaking of propaganda, Chinese officials immediately started used Gates’ words for their own purposes.

Well isn’t that nice.

When you watch that video, you have to wonder what office Gates was elected to in order to speak as he does. He talks as if he’s the President or a governor of a state, spewing baseless Chinese propaganda about their early testing and supposed fewer health and economic woes with absolute authority. Gates appears to accept their obviously false reports on infections and deaths at face value. Meanwhile, the ChiComs are thanking him for his contribution by sharing his words all over social media. Read More - Boniche - Red State

Get ready for the Warring Twenties

Covid-19 pandemic that spread globally from Wuhan has exposed China's 'peaceful' rise for what it really is

Warring Twenties

The world’s China delusion is over. For three decades, the global elite has assured us that China’s rise to great-power status was “peaceful.” But great powers rarely rise peacefully, and Communist China has hardly been the exception. What China did was mete out its aggression carefully enough to give our elite plausible deniability, then bought their silence. Read More