China: Military Experts Urge Beijing
to Prepare for War with U.S.

Raegotte Report

Chinese military journalists are publicly urging the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to prepare immediately for an attack by U.S. forces in the South China Sea. One expert at Zhejiang University's National Institute for South China Sea Studies, Shi Xiaoqin, claims that the U.S. is deliberately trying to provoke China. They also suggest the regime reinforce Chinese installations on reefs claimed by China.

Wang further warns that U.S. President Donald J. Trump is likely to initiate a military conflict in the South China Sea region before the November 3 U.S. presidential election, speculating that "stirring up external frictions, especially military conflicts with China, will help the incumbent president for his re-election campaign."

The leaders of China's Communist Party (CCP) also see that nothing was done by anyone, including the U.S., to stop China's grab of Hong Kong this year -- 37 years early. This paralysis of the West must have looked to the CCP like a green light to keep on grabbing.

China, however, has been the party with the hostile intent, not only with Hong Kong, but also with an attack on northern India, an extensive military base build-up in the South China Sea, an attempted appropriation of the Japan-administered Senkaku Islands and a "fishing fleet" of 250 vessels showing up near the Galapagos Islands, off Ecuador. Another recent move from Beijing was to conduct live-fire targeting drills in the South China Sea from July 25 through August 2.

If China continues its aggressive posture toward the U.S.-allied free states of Asia, especially Taiwan, a direct confrontation between the Chinese and U.S. militaries in the South China may indeed be necessary. Full Article @ Gateway Institute

Western elites Facilitate China's next power grab

After unleashing the CCP virus on the world, the Chinese Communist Party is working to expand it power abroad. It has vowed to use the economic chaos from the pandemic to tighten its global grip on critical industries.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom stepped to the front of the sucker line, placing a billion-dollar face mask order with sanctioned Chinese electric car maker BYD. Congress barred the use of federal mass transit funds to buy electric buses from the Chinese government-run enterprise on national security grounds. But that didn't stop Newsom from passing over perfectly good American companies to hand our money to a mortal enemy.

China's power grab is not limited to medical industries. . . Read More