Psycho-Electronic Weapons

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By Joseph P. Farrell

If you've been having problems remembering things, it may not be because you're getting older, but rather because you're being more radiated, or worse, perhaps even the deliberate target of mind manipulation technology.

That may sound like we've already leaped off the end of the high octane speculation twig before we even got to today's article, an article which, in one of those occasional ironies, was shared by S.S. (All I can say is, I can assure the readers that S.S. is not a Nazi, nor a member of that infamous organization. S.S. just happen to be his or her initials.) But this article by David Grossman in Popular Mechanics is, quite literally, an eye-opener:

Government Accidentally Releases Documents on "Psycho-Electric" Weapons

Now, as fascinating as the article is, it's the accompanying diagram at the top of the article which caught my interest. Look closely:

chart psycho. weapon effects

There are a few things here that really caught my eye, especially since I've not only written a book about them (Microcosm and Medium), but have blogged about them. There are the claims that psycho-electric weapons my be able to: (1) remotely read and broadcast thoughts, (2) control dreams, (3) induce memory blanking, (4) induce erroneous actions, (5) induce waking "visions" (6) induce hypnotic trance remotely without the subject's knowing it, and (7) induction of excessive activity or energy, or conversely, sudden "drop-in-your-tracks" sleep, a phenomenon I've experience in the past few years and which I blogged about just this week.

Here comes the high octane speculation, however, and it's occasioned by the above list, and simply by watching the news lately, and the complete hysteria that seems to have gripped much of the western world, and the lack of any really good reason for it. We can cut to the core of the problem posed by these technologies by asking a simple series of questions: (1) have the mind-manipulators themselves fallen victim to their own technologies? Or (2) worse: are there unintended consequences of the use of those technologies, or even worse, are such psycho-electric consequences being accidentally induced by the random combinations of the increasing electro-magnetic pollution of the environment? . . . . . . Full Article @ Giza Death Star

Government Accidentally Releases Documents on "Psycho-Electric" Weapons

The government has all kinds of secrets, but only a true conspiracy theorist might suspect that "psycho-electric weapons" are one of them. So it's odd that MuckRock, a news organization that specializes in filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with state and federal government bodies, received mysterious documents about mind control, seemingly by accident.

Journalist Curtis Waltman was writing to the Washington State Fusion Center (WSFC), a joint operation between Washington State law enforcement and the federal government to request information about Antifa and white supremacist groups. He got responses to the questions he asked, but also a file titled “EM effects on human” Inside, where documents like this [Graphic Above].” Full Article By David Grossman @ Popular Mechanics


Rumours of governments experimenting with pyscho-electronic weapons have long abounded among conspiracy theorists.

Also known as pscyhotronic or mind-control weapons, it is claimed they use electromagnetic forces to achieve a variety of results.

This includes mind-reading and mind control, as well as torture and harassment.

The basis for these claims does have some origin in fact.

In 1953, the then director of Central Intelligence officially approved project MKUltra.

It was intended to help the US government keep up with experiments they believed the Soviets were conducting during the Cold War.

They hoped to achieve this aim through 'the use of biological and chemical materials in altering human behavior,' CIA director Stansfield Turner testified in 1977.

Footage has since emerged of experiments conducted into the potential of weaponising LSD as a method of controlling or subduing enemy forces.

Since that time, conspiracy theorists have expanded their claims about the kinds of techniques agencies like the CIA or others may have experimented with.

Some individuals say they have been targeted with pscyhotronic weapons, leading to a variety of unpleasant side effects.

That includes transmitting thoughts and sounds into people's minds, although most medical professionals agree this is likely the result of psychiatric disorders. ... Full Article @ Daily Mail