A Crisis Is a Terrible Thing to Manufacture

Trump critics and the media whipped up entertaining controversies
when they had the luxury to do so. Now a real crisis is here.

Raegotte Report

By Rich Lowry

On January 21, the United States confirmed its first case of the coronavirus. The nation’s political and media elite obsessed over Mitch McConnell’s just-announced resolution governing the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump.

On January 23, China locked down the city of Wuhan. Cable news in America lit up with praise for the epic, nay historic, performance by House impeachment manager Adam Schiff in the trial’s opening arguments.

Corona Modeling

On January 30, the World Health Organization declared a world health emergency. The U.S. Senate prepared to vote on impeachment witnesses.

On February 5, the cruise ship Diamond Princess quarantined thousands of passengers after a major outbreak on board. Mitt Romney announced that he’d vote to convict Trump on one of the two counts against him, and the Senate voted to acquit on both.

If the Senate had approved additional impeachment witnesses, the trial would have stretched into February at least, overlapping even more with the epidemic.

Trump closed off travel from China while the trial was still ongoing, the day after senators asked their final questions of the impeachment managers and the White House defense team. Only two and a half weeks after the trial, the White House requested $1.25 billion in emergency coronavirus funding from Congress. .... Full Article - Rich Lowry - National Review

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Oops - They Did it Again
Did the Ruling Cabal tip their Cards on Corona Like they did on 9-11

Corona 911 Paralells

Shortly before the planes flew into the World Trade Center and forever altered our reality, there were some unusual goings on. In the Financial Markets certain events appear to have foretold the disaster in 2001. Some say they are merely coincidence but the abundance of coincidence leaves that a tough pill to swallow.

The possibility of collaboration amongst a ruling Cabal is quite clear.

Shortly before the pandemic flew into the United States and forever altered our reality, there were also some unusual goings on. Certain events appear to have foretold the disaster. Some say they are merely coincidence .... Full Story - Enigmose - Rick Gordon

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