Andover Skull

What Was it and Where is it ?

By R.A. Rajotte

Andover Skull had unusually large eye sockets, the teeth were bizazre and elongated and it was larger than the average human skull

The tale of the Andover Skull is a bit shaky and its current whereabouts are unknown. Sometime in the 1950's, newlyweds F&B Morris moved to Andover, Massachusetts. The house they bought had not been fully emptied and the attic remained cluttered with odds and ends, books, broken furniture and assorted miscellania as one would expect in an old house. As they gradually sifted through the rubbage left behind, Mrs Morris found a heavy wooden box that was nailed shut. When her husband opened the box that evening they discovered the Andover Skull.

The skull had unusually large eye sockets and several fragments of the cranium were broken. There were some carvings on the front left of the skull, the teeth were bizazre and elongated. Overall it was larger than the average human skull with a domed forehead more akin to apes and primitive humans.

Where is it Now ?

Mr Morris kept the skull as a conversation piece but eventually the Mrs became spooked by its presence. The story goes that she insisted it be reburied as she believed it was possessed. Her hubby instead took the skull to the nearby Museum of Archaeology which specialized in Native American history.

None of the slightly varying tales tell of what museum it went to but odds are that it went to the Robert S. Peabody Institute of Archaeology in Andover. Repeated attempts to delve into its whereabouts have failed, but they boast of having "more than 600,000 artifacts, photographs, and documents."

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