Hopi Ant People

Hopi Aliens and
Flying Saucers ?


The Hopi Indians are cataloged by anthropologists along with other indigenous Americans such as Taos, Acoma and Zuni as Pueblo People. The pueblo people are Amerindians of the Southwest who lived / live in pueblos and practice a largely agrarian lifestyle. The Pueblo people are believed to be descended in whole or in part from an ancient ancestral group known as the Anasazi.

The anasazi are an enigmatic people that popped into the archeological record around 1200 BC.

They built many advanced cities, an elaborate road system, practiced astronomy similar to the Maya, and totally vanished as a civilization in the 13th Century CE. Their surviving descendants are believed to be the Pueblo people, in particular the Hopi .

The Hopi have some pretty fascinating legends. One legend speaks of "Ant People", who helped the Hopi survive many of the hardships thrown at them.

The Ant People

The Hopi creation Myth describes a global cataclysm, the end of the Third age that brought us into the current 4th age, members of the Hopi tribe were led by an odd-shaped cloud by day and a moving star by night which sounds amazingly similar to the cloud that led the ancient Israelite's during their 40 year sojourn of Exodus.

This celestial beacon took them to the sky God, Sotuknang - leader of the sky people and Nephew of the Creator God - Maasaw. Sotuknang hooked them up with the Ant people.

"....he lead them to a big mound where the ant people lived, stamped on the roof and commanded the Ant people to open their home. When an opening was made on top of the anthill Sotuknang said to the people - "now you will enter this ant kiva where you will be safe when I destroy the World. When you are here I want you to learn a lesson from these ant people. They are Industrious, they gather food in the summer for the winter. They keep cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. They live peacefully with one another, they obey the plan of creation" Book of the Hopi Pg 15

The Hopi called these creatures 'Anu-Sinom" . Anu = Ant Sinom = "People"The Hopi word for 'ant' is anu, and their word naki means 'friends'. Thus Anu-Naki would be Ant friends - some theorists believe this is synonymous with the Sumerian sky people - the Annunaki.

The Ant people led the Hopi into caves where they found refuge and food.When the Hopi food supplies ran short, the Ant people taught them methods of food preservation and storage and shared their own food with their primitive wards. Native American Legends - Tapka the Second World

This happened as per legend , not just once, but twice. At the ending of the First World which was destroyed by fire and the second which was destroyed by Ice.

petrohlyphs hopi ant people

There are still cave drawings and petroglyphs depicting these ant- people of Hopi legend, they bare some resemblance to what we today refer to as "Grey" aliens, some theorists also claim a resemblance to the hypothesized Reptilian Race.

Hopi Flying Shields

Another interesting tidbit from Hopi lore is their flying shields. During the Third age that ended with a great flood, similar to Noahs flood and that of the Gilgamesh epic, the Hopi legends state that people built flying shields with the capacity to move rapidly between distant points in the World. These flying shields are quite similar to Vimanna Aircraft of Ancient India - the flying saucers of the ancient Indians on the other side of the Globe - the Indians of India. The Hopi called their flying craft 'patuwvota'.

The other people hardly heard them, under the leadership of the Bow clan they began to use their creative power in another evil and destructive way. ... some of them made patuwvota and with their creative power made it fly through the air. On this many people flew to a big city, attacked it and returned so fast no one knew where they came from.... soon the people of many cities and countries were making patuwvota and flying on them to attack one another. The Book Of Truth A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story Pg. 19

The flying shields of the Hopi vanished at the end of the third age, the Great Flood. As described by Hopi legend

"See" said Sokutnanag, "I have washed away even the footprints of your emergence, the stepping stones which I left for you. Down on the bottom of the seas lie all the proud cities and flying patuwvotas." The Book Of Truth A New Perspective on the Hopi Creation Story - Pg. 21


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