If We Want Western Civilization Revitalized,
We Can’t Leave It To Universities

We should be less concerned with getting elite universities to rededicate themselves to teaching
Western heritage, and more focused on making Western culture a reality in our lives.

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Author: Nathanael Blake

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An extensive National Review cover article by Andrew Roberts asserts that “we must teach Western Civilization.” He is correct that Western Civ should be taught, and not just as an exercise in the self-flagellation of critical theory. But studying our cultural heritage without living it is only intellectual embalming, and some champions of Western civilization may prefer it that way. Preserving Western Civilization requires living it.

This distinction between information about a tradition and living it is obvious in religion, in which study does not in itself instill belief. Unlike instruction at the local parish school, a secular college’s religious studies course is not meant to inculcate Catholic belief and behavior, even if it is accurate about Catholic doctrines.

Intellectual knowledge is severable from practice, and this applies to the rest of the Western tradition, from art and architecture to literature and philosophy. In all of these, knowledge without works is dead, and universities teaching about them may be no more than museum tours of the intellectual and artistic artifacts of the past. Wisdom becomes knowledge, and knowledge declines into information.

To be sure: studying these subjects may provide historical perspective and awaken a love for aspects of Western culture in some students. But the undifferentiated teaching of Western Civ may also endorse a Nietzschean perspective. Western Civ is full of intellectual and aesthetic arguments, and teaching about them without taking sides sets the student above them in judgment, even though the student by definition lacks the capability to judge well between them. Western culture becomes material for the self-creation and connoisseurship of the individual, a collection of parts to be used or discarded at will.

Most conservatives do not intend to endorse individualist relativism when they urge the teaching of Western Civ in higher education. They want to ensure a basic knowledge of, and appreciation for, our cultural heritage. But a generic Western Civ has limited power to inspire, and classroom instruction without an experiential connection and application is easily ignored or quickly forgotten, and the fragments that remain are fodder for idiosyncratic individual enjoyment, rather than an integrated life.

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Why We Must Teach Western Civilization

The legacy of our culture is unsurpassed in human history; to ignore it is an act of rank self-hatred

On Tuesday, December 3, 1940, Winston Churchill read a memorandum by the military strategist Basil Liddell Hart that advocated making peace with Nazi Germany. It argued, in a summary written by Churchill’s private secretary, Jock Colville, that otherwise Britain would soon see “Western Europe racked by warfare and economic hardship; the legacy of centuries, in art and culture, swept away; the health of the nation dangerously impaired by malnutrition, nervous strains and epidemics; Russia . . . profiting from our exhaustion.” Colville admitted it was “a terrible glimpse of the future,” but nonetheless courageously concluded that “we should be wrong to hesitate” in rejecting any negotiation with Adolf Hitler.

It is illuminating — especially in our own time of “nervous strains and epidemics” — that in that list of horrors, the fear of losing the “legacy of centuries” of Western European art and culture rated above almost everything else. For Churchill and Colville, the prospect of losing the legacy of Western civilization was worse even than that of succumbing to the hegemony of the Soviet Union. Full Article @ National Review

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A New American Civics Portal

Real Clear Foundation’s project will not shy away from the injustices that have taken place throughout our nation’s history—including slavery and racism those will be depicted rightly as departures from America’s founding principles.

The Real Clear Foundation has launched a new American civics education portal, dedicated to renewing civic education in the United States.

If one good thing has come out of this season of quarantine, it’s that parents, forced to homeschool, are getting to see the unpatriotic and liberal curriculum public schools are teaching. In a recent article at the Federalist, Beth Freeley wrote about a world history assignment on gender theory (parents raising “theybies”) and a physics assignment on critical race theory that her freshman received from his public school. Evidently, a supplemental source like Real Clear’s American Civics Portal could not have come at a better time.

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The 1619 Project is an ongoing abomination focused on rewriting the history of Slavery in America, it was the brainchild of leftarded New York Times journalist, Nikole Hannah-Jones and developed by The NY Times Magazine in 2019 with the stated overt goal of 're-examining the legacy of slavery in the United States'. It was timed for the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Africans in Virginia. While its overt goal seems commendable, its covert goal is evident and reprehensible. Rick Gordon - Enigmose