Does a surveillance video prove Georgia election fraud?

Via American Thinker

Georgia’s Fulton County, the most populous in the state, claimed it needed to stop absentee ballot overnight on November 3-4 because of a burst pipe. That was a lie. There was no burst pipe, and the counting didn’t stop. At a hearing on Thursday, surveillance footage emerged showing that the ballots being secretly counted came from suitcases hidden under a table.

Here’s what seems to have happened: In Fulton County, Georgia, the people who planned to add fake ballots to Biden’s vote count on election night had an overall good plan. First, announce that a burst pipe required everybody to vacate the building until morning and, second, count fake votes.

The planners missed two details. First, they forgot to make sure the government’s documents supported the “burst pipe” narrative. Text messages emerged showing that nothing had burst. Instead, there was a quickly contained slow leak that didn’t even generate a work order.

Second, they forgot that the State Farm Arena, where the counting took place, has surveillance cameras all over. On Wednesday, intrepid volunteers obtained the videos from the surveillance cameras in the room in which the count took place and, by doing so, may have discovered the election fraud smoking gun.

In the video below, at a hearing about election fraud in Georgia on Thursday, a volunteer narrates the video showing surveillance footage of the same room from four different angles

The video shows that, for almost two hours, these workers counted the ballots they’d retrieved from the suitcases. The machines can process roughly 3,000 ballots per hour and there were multiple machines at work during those two unsupervised hours.

The narrator explained that she and her team had only discovered the footage the evening before the hearing at which she was testifying. Therefore, they hadn’t yet had a chance to discover when those suitcases were hidden under the table.

In those surveillance videos, we’re actually watching in real time the gun being used to commit the biggest crime in American history. ...... Full Article By Andrea Widburg @ American Thinker


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