Hillary Clinton an Alcoholic

Is Hillary a Drunk ?

Hillary Clinton Getting Drunk

The Clinton Mob

Hillary drinking again

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former First Lady

Former Senator

Former Secretary of State

Formerly Sober [at some point in her life I'm sure.] appears to have a severe drinking problem.

Hillary Clinton sipping booze

Even her coveted status as a sacred cow of the liberal media and Feminist agenda can no longer hide the fact - she's a lush !.

Mrs. Clinton, continuously, everywhere and anywhere she travels, is photographed with a brew, shot or inebriating intoxicant at her lips.

Hillary Clinton sipping booze

At times one wonders - when is she not Drinking ? And this is the person the Democratic Party wants in the Oval Office ? These are the fingers that crave to coddle the atomic button ?

 Apparently, she drank John McCain under the table in a Vodka drinking contest in Estonia when both were senators. [How Hillary Clinton beat John McCain at vodka drinking ]. 

There is a video on YouTube of her navigating her way up the stairway of the State Department's plane in Yemen and falling flat on her face near the top of the stairs, can't say 100% for sure that she's crocked, but it certainly appears so. [Hillary Clinton Falls flat on her face ].

When her testimony was needed at the Benghazi hearings , she conveniently disappeared to Australia ... for a wine tasting tour .

Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich

There is even speculation that the unfilmed trip and fall that led to her concussion was the result of another drinking binge. Dehydration caused by a stomach virus is the official excuse as to what led Clinton to pass out in December 2012. She hit her head and was diagnosed with a concussion. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have knocked any sense into her.

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Hillary Clinton Still Drinking