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In physics, a flow of liquids and or gases around a central axis is a vortex. In meteorology, such as weather this can be observed in tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons which flow around the eye of the storm which serves as the axis. A more powerful and concentrated version would be a tornado or even a dust devil. The flow of water down a drain or when you flush your commode is a simple vortex of sorts.

Delving outside of basic physics and into geophysics, there are geomagnetic anomalies which can also be considered a vortex. Geophysical vortexes [vortices] are a highly localized variation in the Earth's magnetic field. There are countless vortices in the world and most are barely detectable, a few however are astounding. The vast majority are gravity hills, which are locations where the layout of terrain creates an optical illusion, making a downhill slope appear to be an uphill one. A ball laid down on one of these would appear to be rolling uphill violating the law of gravity.

Delving deeper into theoretical science, other forms of a vortex include Black Holes of course but more interestingly the time space vortex. As per Einsteins theory of relativity time and space are interwoven and form a 4 dimensional reality called space-time. The space time vortex around the Earth was proven with a recent NASA experiment [See: A space-time vortex exists around the Earth, just like Einstein theorized.

On the Earths surface there may also be highly localized space time vortexes. Space Time vortices or even quantum vortices would be highly localized variations in the Earth's magnetic or space time field. There are countless geomagnetic vortices in the world and most are barely detectable, a few however are astounding in relation to their magnetic properties and perhaps a very small amount may be even more astounding in their ability to warp space time.

Gravity Hills

Although sometimes described as a vortex, gravity hills do not constitute a true vortex. They are easily explainable under our current level of understanding as locations positioned in such a way that our perception is altered and natural laws of gravity and magnetism seem to be defied.

Gravity Hill Locations in North America

Mystery Spot. Discovered in 1939 near Santa Cruz, California. It is located in the redwood forests and has since become a popular tourist attraction. Its promoters state it is 'a gravitational anomaly where you will be stunned as your perceptions of the laws of physics and gravity are questioned.' while others claim it is simply a visual illusion based tourist attraction. See :Youtube Video

The Montana Vortex is considered by some to be a visual illusion. Its promoters claim it is 'a genuine quantum or gravitational anomaly that may re-define the laws of physics and nature.'

The Oregon vortex, also a popular tourist attraction is located in Gull Hill, Oregon. It is a 'gravity hill' which produces a number of visual illusions. Although paranormal properties have been assigned to it by promoters.

Uncanny Canyon was an attraction located in the vicinity of the Oregon Vortex. It was submerged when a reservoir was completed in the 1970s.

Laurel Caverns, Pa. falls within the realm of a gravity hill. The steep slopes within some passageways creates an illusion identical to those experienced on other gravity hills, with the exception of being subterranean.

New Paris Pennsylvania Gravity Hill Road in a rural section of Bedford County. Gravity Hill Bedford County, PA.

North Carolinas Mystery Hill is another gravity hill. See: Mystery Hill Blowing Rock

Mystery Shack of Goldfield Arizona is not a gravity hill, but there is little evidence that it is actually a vortex. It is believed by some to be based on man made illusions while others claim the visual effects are caused by a 1,500 ft mineshaft in the town that creates the gravity defying anomalies. 'People walk at 45 degree angles, water runs from faucets without being connected to pipes, the ghostly pool-table refuses to let you hit the balls straight and always seem to go into the same pocket, objects hang from the ceiling at 45 degree angles and no matter how hard you push them back, they will always swing back to their ghostly, slanted position.'

New Hampshire's Mysterious Tuttle House is a tourist site built on a gravity hill and has the same visual illusions found at similar sites. 'From pool balls rolling uphill to water flowing from nowhere, Ezra Tuttle's crazy contraptions will give you a new slant on life.' See: Clark's Trading Posts

Ohio Mystery Hill was a manmade optical illusion where water ran uphill, chairs hung from the walls and tourists were able to stand at impossible gravity defying angles. Its owners / creators never claimed it was anything other than man made.

Confusion Hill - Idlewild Park PA Gravity Hill Optical Illusion Tourist Attraction

Gravity Hill on Richfield Rd in Rowan County North Carolina. Local legends suggest paranormal phenomenon. A young mother and her child were driving there when her car stalled. As she got out and tried to push the car , a truck came along and killed both Mother and Child. Local legend states that if you go to the hill and put baby powder on the hood you will find hand prints in them when you get to the top. Legend also has it that if you put your car in neutral at the hills base you will be pushed uphill. It does happen because it is a gravity hill.

South Dakota Cosmos of the Black Hills has some very stunning illusions which confuse our sensory perceptions entirely. Gravitational effects and sloping terrains combine to warp our senses into accepting seemingly physically impossible observations. But in the end it's just another gravity hill.

Spook Hill, Lake Wales, Florida

Booger hill Georgia. Local legend has it that the Ghosts of slaves from the adjacent burial ground don't want visitors, so they pull your car back up the road. And leave hand prints. Roadside America

Spook Hill, Fort Gaines, Georgia

Covington Kentucky - Strange Phenomenon In Kentucky Is Too Weird For Words

Princeton, Kentucky, junction of U.S. 62 and KY 91. along the infamous trail of tears on which Cherokee Indians were marched to reservations in Oklahoma

Casper, Wyoming Garden Creek Road

Shullsburg, Wisconsin Judgement Street near Rennick Road

Prosser, Washington North Crosby Road about 12 miles north of the town

Bartlesville Oklahoma

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Magnetic Hill in Dacre, Ontario

Space Time Vortex Locations

One potential candidate for a space time vortex is the Lordsburg Gate. This vortex allegedly opens up from time to time and allows a glimpse into another dimension. What it opens to in the space-time continuum is uncertain.

Some claim to have seen a human leg embedded in a tree stump. Others tales tell of bizarre symbols and glyphs not of Native American origin, such as an Egyptian Ankh. There are also tales of hybrid expensive Cattle disappearing and being replaced by low grade Mexican varieties. A few locals claim that there are several such 'gates' in their area, the Lordsburg gate however is the one which they seem to share a consensus on.

A March 1, 2004 Pravda article makes a startling revelation that the Western Press failed to pick up on. The author, Olga Zharina, claims that circa 1996 American and British scientists discovered a time vortex or Time Gate over the south pole. See: Antarctic Time Gate .

Doorway to the Gods, another possible space time vortex is located in the Tumacacori Mountains of Arizona. The 'doorway' as per the tales, is a natural stone archway remotely located roughly 30 miles south of Tucson.

Indians on a hunting trip circa 1850 are said to have discovered the archway and its powers when one of them went through and vanished. Fearing they may have pissed off their Gods, the remaining Indians left in a hurry. As the story spread amongst the natives, others went to the archway to appease their natural curiosity. The Indians threw rocks through the archway which landed on the opposing side just as our understanding of nature dictates, the last rock thrown vanished and hence it became known as doorway to the gods. As per legend an elder Indian threw a live rabbit through the archway multiple times and it continued to land on the opposite side, on another occasion a live lizard was tossed through and it vanished before hitting the ground.

Most who travel to this location never witness anything odd and it appears that whatever happens at this archway happens sporadically and randomly. One local who was a regular to the site stated that the only time he witnessed anything strange was in 1949.

'A big storm had blown into Arizona and the sky was completely covered with dark clouds in all directions. As he rode past the archway he noticed the sky seen through the entrance was blue, but there wasn't any break in the clouds above.' See: Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures: A Two Year Odyssey

Another potential space time vortex is Thompson Park in Watertown, NY. People vanish momentarily, when they reappear befuddled and confused some claim to have traveled through time.

Thompson Park Vortex Book

A group known as the '' conducted an investigation of the park in 2007. This groups purported expertise is more in line with that of the ghost busters. An electromagnetic sweep of the park revealed an unusual energy pattern. '.. able to track individual bands of EMF, which ran parallel to each other, and at various intervals intersected forming a grid of EMF. Exposure to high EMF can cause .. side effects, .. hallucinations, and intense illness. We weren't sure what the effects of EMF in a grid pattern would be.'

The nausea and hallucinations may well explain some of the Urban Legend, it does not however explain the disappearing factor.

In 2013, Watertown officials put up a sign dubbing the site 'Watertown's Area 51,' which refers to Nevada's infamous Area 51. The U.S. government code name for Area 51 was 'Watertown', because former CIA Director Allen W. Dulles was born in Watertown they claim.

Amaru Meru located in Peru near Lake Titicaca is a portal in legend only, there are no modern day claims of space time being warped or altered at this location. The doorway visibly leading to nowhere, is carved out of a natural rock face in a cliff side it measures 23 feet in height with an alcove at the center base measuring roughly 6 feet in height. Native legends state it is a gateway to the lands of the Gods and that with a golden key, a Golden Solar Disc, ancient rulers were transported through this gateway.

Miscellaneous Vortex Sites

Lake George Mystery Spot

In Lake George New York there is spot where some of the basic laws of physics are turned inside out. One mathematician described it as a place where 'spatial time and acoustics did not apply'

Stand in the cross hairs / bulls eye and witness a phenomena that defies the laws of acoustical physics and scientific explanation. Stand in the exact spot and holler, at the cross hairs you will hear your voice echo back with a tinny resonance unlike any other echoes.

Sedona Vortex

Sedona is another unusual location, it is considered by some to be an 'energy vortex' so powerful that you can actually sense and feel it. It is largely relished by those whom envelope themselves in New Age metaphysical self enlightenment.

Tales from the Sedona, Arizona, region include energy vortexes and fields that reportedly have affects on people in various ways. Most people claim to have experienced effects on their emotional state, mental and physical states as well as a sense of spiritual well being when exposed to these energies. Perhaps its the placebo effect at work , nobody knows for sure.

Benjamin Lonetree, an electrical engineer did some experimentation over a period of about 10 years and states he detected a measurable flow of magnetic energy in the Sedona vicinity not found elsewhere. See: Sedona Magnetic Anomaly Website


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