Life on Venus

Have Venusians Visited the Earth ?

The size and basic composition of Earth and Venus are very similar. They tell us however that Venus is inhospitable to life as we know it. Surface temperatures between 800 and 900 degrees F would be a challenge even for the most advanced air conditioning system. That's hot enough to melt soft metals.

Anomaly on Venus suggestive of Intelligent design

Data on Venus has been garnered from more than 40 missions to the planet since the 1960s by the USA, Russia and European Space agency. The most extensive data comes from the Magellan orbiter which mapped most of the planets surface.

The Venusian terrain also differs significantly from that of Earth, humungous volcanoes and lava flows combined with searing solar heat have created an atmosphere inconducive to surface moisture. Out of control greenhouse gases keeps its atmosphere abundantly stocked with heat-trapping carbon dioxide, water in liquid form can not exist at those temperatures.

Although simulations suggest that Venus may have once been able to support life [1], at present science deems it unlikely. Basically, life as we know it can not exist under such brutal conditions. However, images of Venus from the Magellan spacecraft have been interpreted by some as being not only indicative of life, but of an advanced and intelligent civilization or at the very least the remnants of one.

Is there now, or was there once life on Venus and was it intelligent life capable of building the apparent structures that seem to pop out of the magellan imagery ? Until the 1960s, life on Venus was believed to be feasible. 19th Century British astronomer Richard Proctor believed the existence of life on Venus was not possible near its equator, only at its poles [2]. At present main stream science dictates that life could not exist on the surface of venus at all. At altitudes exceeding 30 miles, high in the Venusian atmosphere life as we know could conceivably exist in a microbial form.

Perhaps what we are seeing is Pareidolia, a phenomena where the human mind perceives patterns in random objects and translates them as something meaningful, perhaps not. The geometric patterns in the so called city on venus are not patterns that would normally be formed by nature, or the random configuration of stone and even lava flows, science can not explain this unusual anomaly, not that it's tried very hard.

Fringe theories

George Adamski was a Polish American who gained notoreity amongst UFO enthusiasts when he claimed to have met with and photographed aliens and their ships. He claims to have taken flights with the aliens to 'infinity and beyond' and in between, the Moon, Mars and Venus.

The first alien he met with was from Venus, his name was Orthon. The people with Adamski also claimed they saw the Venusian ship, and Adamski meeting someone in the desert, but they witnessed this meeting from a substantial distance. Orthon told Adamski that the Venusians were disturbed about our atomic 'booms'. Critics claim Adamski is a Fraud, and there is every possibility that they are correct - but hey he claimed to have met with someone from Venus, perhaps on the outside chance that his story is true this Orthon fellow may have come from the mysterious city that seems to appear in the Magellan images.

Following in Adamski's foot steps, others 'contactees' came forward throughout the 1950s and 60s They all claimed to have had encounters with light skinned nordic like people from Venus and at times other planets.

One enterprising woman who calls herself Omnec Onec actually claims to be a venusian living amongst us.

There is even a quasi religion, the Unarius Academy of Science , that states that the capital of Venus is called Azure and exists on a higher vibratory plane. So apparently the images we have from the Magellan craft are not of Azure because they just don't appear to be vibrating any faster than you or I.

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