Time Travel Brothers Part 2

What They Saw

Duncan Cameron and his brother Al Bielek claim to have been spin offs from the Montauk Project and Philadelphia experiment fiasco. Super secret Government Projects of the 1940s and 50s that allegedly delved into interdimensional travel and all sorts of futuristic quagmiracle endeavors.

After abandoning ship on the USS Eldridge durring the Philadelphia experiment they claim to have been transported to the year 2137. Upon arrival they were sufferring from radiation exposure and were forced to spent over a month in a futuristic hospital.

They state that this automated future medical center was treating them using vibrations and light and had no personnel, just machines.

As in George Orwells '1984', Televisions lined the walls and were playing news and educational programs from which the duo learned of this future world. Apparently climate change had drastically altered world geography. Ocean levels had risen and sunk most of Florida, only the panhandle remained. Atlanta, Georgia, an inland city was now only a few miles from the sea shore. Rivers such as the Mississippi had become inland waterways. The Great Lakes had become one massive body of water and Michigan was all but gone.

The Earth's magnetic poles had shifted but man made artificial poles had prevented their collapse and reversal, which would have destroyed life on Earth.

The Russians and Chinese were at war, the United States was at war with European countries. The world's population had been reduced to about 300 million from its current level of nearly 8 billion.The US population was about 50 million.

For an unknown and unexplained reason the brothers seperated with Al traveling to the year 2749, where he remained for 2 years. Here, he describes huge floating cities that could sail around the Globe.

Humanity was controlled or 'provided for' by an artificial intelligence that ran the world. Peaceful Anarchy reigned and there was no government as we know it. Every living person had their basic human needs provided for by the Artificial Intelligence, the machine, and nobody raged against the machine. After 2 years Al was transported back to 2137 where he picked up his brother and the two skedaddled back to 1943.


Most people read of this story while chuckling to themselves, assuming it is being written tonue in cheek. 'Of course it's a hoax' if this was for real why would the Government allow them to blabber this top secret information to the public ? And if it's not a hoax ? How many people are going to believe it, it would just like Andrew Basagio and the Pegasus Project.