Christ and Horus
Common Ground

Similarities between Jesus and Horus

By R.A. Rajotte

The first human recording of God-like Savior born of Virgin mother and later being Resurrected from the dead is found in Egypt, 3-4,000 years before Christ. The Story focuses on Osiris, Isis, and Horus, reputably known as the original Holy family; the father, the mother, the son

Horus originates in Pre-history, we can only date him to Egyptian times because we have no real records before that period of antiquity. The Egyptian Book of Vivifying the Soul Forever, written over 5,000 years ago contains The Story of the Egyptian Horus and has remarkable similarities to the Story of Jesus Christ.

In fact if you compare the Egyptian book of knowing the Evolutions, you can see very strong parallels to the Book of Genesis which came from God to Moses, who was raised in the household of the Egyptian Pharaoh, and later became the King of the Jews.

Most later religions purporting Christ-Like saviors have their roots in the Early Egyptian religious system, which itself dates from an unknown source prior to any recorded History.

The Cult of Messiah

Egypt enters into the Historical records around the 4th millennium BC , prior to that period Egypt was not unified and the Historical record is very shaky. The followers of Horus invaded Egypt during the pre-dynastic time, possibly from Ethiopia, and probably shortly before the first records of a written language / hieroglyphics, and are largely responsible for it's rise as the Early Cradle of Civilization. In this same fashion, thousands of years later that the followers of Christ would invade The Roman Empire and bring about the rise of the Christian Church. Horus became a part of the state religion and was associated with the sun god, Ra. Horus was so important to the state religion that Pharaohs were considered his human manifestation and some even took on the name Horus.

The Egyptian pharaohs were considered to be "the word of God become flesh" or incarnations of the Egyptian Logos/God ,Horus. By making this claim the pharaohs were able to acquiesce a Divine right to rule, they considered themselves not only answerable to God and God alone, but to in essence be a God become flesh. This practice morphed through successive societies where Monarchs and rulers throughout the ages seized upon variations of this theme placing themselves and their offspring in a royal pantheon . The theory of Divine Right of Kings in Europe is a later version of the Pharaoh/Horus scenario.

This tradition continued through time . A cult of Messiah developed about Alexander the Great, he was claimed to be born of a Virgin and having had no Earthly father, although it was well known that Phillip of Macedonia was his Earthly father. A cult of Messiah also developed around Julius Cesar, it was claimed that he was born of a Virgin and had no Earthly father , although his Earthly fathers existence was well documented. The Cult of Divus Juluis became very prominent in the years following his assassination. {The Book of Mark may be a rework based on Julius Caesar and the cult of Divus Juluis

And last but not least [actually not last either] a Hebrew Revolutionary known as Yeshua {Joshua} was claimed to be born of a Virgin and had no Earthly father, although it was known that Joseph was his Earthly father. A Cult of Messiah developed around the Revolutionary leader - Joshua [Jesus}, and the rest is History.

The Annointed Ones

According to Tom Harpur, a former professor of Theology , the Christian usage of the term Christ derives from Egypt. He argues that the application of the term Christ to Jesus derives from the Egyptian term Karast (covered in embalming oil) to describe Horus, Christ in classical Greek usage could mean covered in oil, and is a literal translation of Messiah "the anointed one". The word utilized in its original classic Greek and Jewish contexts refers to the office, or status of the person. Certainly not to their actually having oil on their body.

Horus was anointed by Anubis, who was regarded as the main anointer; this anointing made Horus into Horus karast, or Horus the anointed one , an epithet which is written in Egyptian documents as HR KRST. The embalmed/anointed Horus.

In parallel , or, as some would have it, in imitation, the baptizing of Jesus made Jesus into Jesus Christ. or Jesus the anointed one / Jesus the Messiah becoming Christ by being baptized by John, who had his own cult of followers, and was especially regarded as a baptizer.

Immaculate Conception

There are several birth stories of Horus. As per one Legend , Horus was born of the virgin Isis-Me, Not a true Virgin but a widow as she had been married , but her husband was murdered , The legend states she conceived Horus from the seed of her dead Husband . Not a Virgin Birth, but an Immaculate Conception .

As per Legend two, Horus was born of the virgin Isis-Me as a Falcon, and set out immediately to avenge his fathers Death. Isis in the Ancient World

The birth of A Human Being related to God, From a Virgin birth and Immaculate conception.

Some accounts say he was born on or around December 25th, not really amazing as dozens of Pagan deities have their births celebrated on or around December 25, and this fact is related to the Winter solstice observed by primeval and primitive man. In one account I read Horus was born in the month of Khoiak which corresponds to October / November, but there are various versions. [Before giving birth to Horus Isis-Me had given birth to another Son --Seth-- who had killed his Father Osiris. ]

Inscribed about 3,500 years ago, on the walls of the Temple at Luxor were images of the Annunciation, Immaculate Conception, Birth and Adoration of Horus, with Thoth announcing to Isis that she will conceive Horus, and with the infant being attended by three kings, or magi, bearing gifts.

The fact that Pharaohs were considered the be his human manifestation of Horus and some even took on the name Horus brings us The story of Pharaoh Amenophis III. About two thousand years before the Christian era , Mut-em-ua, the virgin Queen of Egypt, was said to have given birth to this Pharaoh. The god Kneph mystically impregnated the queen by holding a cross {Ankh}, the symbol of life, to her mouth. There was an Adoration of the newly born infant by men, including three traveling kings who offer him gifts. In the catacombs at Rome are pictures of the baby Horus being held by the virgin mother Isis, as the original "Madonna and Child."

Nimrod the Babylonian version of Ra is known as Baal. Semiramis, as the female divinity, would be called Baalti. This word translated into English means "My Lady." In Latin it would be translated "Mea Domina". This name becomes the name "Madonna" which is the name by which Mary is often referred.

The same reasoning can be said of "Mediatrix", which Mary is also called. Mary received that title from "Mylitta" (mediatrix) which was one of the names of the Mother Goddess of Babylon. "The Queen of Heaven" is another name for Mary that has been adopted from the pagan Babylonian religions.

Raising Lazarus

Horus raised at least one man, Osiris, from the dead. Jesus raised Lazarus.

Some aspects of the story of Jesus' raising of Lazarus are borrowed from the Egyptian myth of the resurrection of Osiris by Horus. Horus was born at the house of bread, an historic capital of Egypt. Translated into Hebrew house of bread is Bethlehem, the city of Jesus birth. The city was also named Annu in Egyptian, translated into Hebrew is Beth-any , or house of Any/Anu. The Jewish Bethany is from where Lazarus was raised from the dead. The Egyptian Bethany [City or House of Annu ] was from Osiris was raised from the dead.

The original spelling of Lazarus was given in ancient Greek as "Lazaros", which , it has been suggested is a corruption of "El-Azar-Os". Osiris, was originally called Azar. A Hebrew prefix "EL" and a suffix "Os", and as a whole is related by derivation. The name Osiris itself has a similar etymology - The Egyptian designation for Osiris was Azar. When the Egyptians spoke of their Gods they indicated them with 'the' and so we would have had 'the Azar.' This term 'the' could also mean Lord or God, like the Greek word for God The-os or Theos. A Hebrew term for Lord was El and was applied to their many deities, such as El-Shaddai or El-hoim. So when the Hebrew writers included Osiris in their myths they put him in as El-Azar, Lord Osiris. This in the later Latin translation was changed to El-Azar-us, or the Lord Lazarus. This use of the suffix 'us' was the masculine ending for proper names in the Latin of the Roman Empire.

Osiris has two sisters - so does Lazarus. , both Egyptian and Hebrew legends tell of the two wailing sisters. Osiris, like Lazarus, was dead for four days. The similarities go on and on, but the fact remains that the raising of Lazarus is an ancient ritual which predates Christianity and is still practiced to this day, most notably in Freemasonry.

Apollonius of Tyana, a miracle worker and contemporary of Christ, is said to have undergone 'ritual initiation' in the Great Pyramid whereby he was 'crucified,' buried and rose again on the third day." - The Orthodox Christian Conspiracy Pg. 27

Miscellaneous Similarities of Jesus and Horus

The Gospels report Jesus feeding the multitude on the Mount of Olives with just 2 loaves of bread and some fish. Some versions of the Egyptian Book of the Dead report a tale of Horus feeding 5000 with just a few loaves of bread. As a deity whose worship was centered at the Egyptian capital, Heliopolis [City of the Sun], also known as the house of bread [in Hebrew would be Bethany], which was where people would amass to obtain bread from the winter grain stores.

Horus had twelve disciples , which relate to astrological origins of the Twelve astral signs , Jesus had 12 disciples, and there are indications -unproven- that some of their names and personages may have been similarly symbolic.

The sufferings and death, and resurrection of both Jesus and Horus is celebrated each year on the Vernal Equinox -- Easter.

Horus was carried off by Set- the Egyptian name for Satan- to the summit of Mount Hetep. Jesus was carried by Satan to an exceedingly high mountain and tempted.

Both bore many titles, Jesus for instance was "Way, the Truth, the Light," "Messiah," "God's Anointed Son," the "Son of Man," the "Good Shepherd," the "Lamb of God," the "Word made flesh," the "Word of Truth," . Horus also had many of the Same titles.

Eye of Horus and Similar Iconography

Eye of Horus on the American Dollar Bill

Which is actually the Masonic all seeing eye, the Eye of Providence symbol found on American money, and our modern Rx pharmaceutical symbol are all descended from the Eye of Horus.

'Novus Ordo Seclorum' , on the curled banner beneath the pyramid translates to A New order of the ages, Stretching it a bit could translate to a New World Order.

The Numerals at the base of the Pyramid are 1776 , the date of American independence.

'Annuit Coeptis' Beneath the first banner translates to "He [God] has favored our undertakings." or "He has given approval to our undertakings."

The Book of Genesis has long been held to be the primary Religious Creationist source, but take a look at the Egyptian Book of Evolutions, which pre-dates Genesis by many Centuries, There are some amazing similarities.



Thoth was the wisest of the Egyptian gods. His other names include -Djhuty, Djehuty, Dhouti, Djehuti, Tehuty, Tehuti, Thout, Zehuti, Sheps, Lord of the Khemenu. His parallel in Christianity would most likely be the Archangel Michael or the Holy Spirit. Thoth means 'Truth' and 'Time', Originally, he was a god of creation, but was later thought to be the one who civilized men, teaching them civic and religious practices, writing, medicine, music and was a master magician

There is evidence among the Maori and people of eastern Polynesia that the sun was deified as Tane and that Ra, the sun god, was the tutelary god of Borabora. The Maoris, also, made use of ancient solar observatories. "At Kerikeri, in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, there is a miniature Stonehenge, the blocks standing about 7 feet out of the ground; and near Atiamuri, north of Taupo, there are other great monumental blocks -- some fifty of these still standing erect" (Maori Symbolism , p.137).

There are two stories connected with Horus that is analogous to stories found in the Old Testament. The hiding of the infant Horus in a marsh by his mother undoubtedly parallels the story of the hiding of the infant Moses in a marsh by his mother. When Horus died, Isis implored Ra, the sun, to restore him to life. Ra stopped his ship in mid-heaven and sent down Thoth, the moon, to bring him back to life. The stopping of the sun and moon by Isis recalls the myth of the stopping of the sun and moon by Joshua.