Coincidence of the Sun and Moon

Intelligent Design versus Chaos Theory

As per Albert Einstein 'Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous'

The diameter of the Sun is precisely 395 times greater than that of the moon, the sun is also precisely 395 times farther from the Earth than the Moon is. So the sun and moon appear the same size when viewed from the Earth.

That's basically why on Earth a total eclipse of the sun by the moon is a wondrous spectacle. The two appear Precisely the same size when seen from earth because of the exact and seemingly fine tuned ratio of the distances.

The largest other moon of any of the planetary bodies we have identified is only 5% of the parent planet's diameter. The moon's diameter is 27% of the earth's. The influence of Earth's gravitational force on the Moon is strong. It locks the Moon into a 27 day captive orbit. The Sun is 27 million times more massive than the Moon, it out-masses the Moon by 27 Million times.

The moon only shows one face to the Earth, science says this is due to fact that the moon rotates around its own axis with a velocity of 16.56 km per hour, and it also revolves around the earth at precisely the same speed.

This synchronous rotation means that the Moon spins on its axis at precisely the same rate at which it orbits the Earth, and we always see the same face of the Moon. Thus the same side always faces Earth, this situation is not true of any other known satellite. And the odds of both these ratios working out precisely as they have evolved are statistically mind boggling. In fact it almost seems as if it were designed that way.

The Intelligent design theory espouses that certain features of the universe and of all life can only be explained by an intelligent cause, as opposed to Chaos theory which argues that random and undirected processes cause phenomena such such as natural selection and the order of the Universe.

The "Coincidence" of the Sun - Moon - Earth Ratios are one of the more readily observable phenomena that is used to endorse Intelligent Design.

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